Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon Sailor Stars episode 194

Episode Title
Ginga no Seisen. Sailor Wars Densetsu
[The Holy Battle in the Galaxy. The Legend of the Sailor Wars.]
Air Date
New Characters
Kakyuu Princess (Tamagawa Sakiko)
  • Summary version 1.0 by Hitoshi Doi, 1997.01.03
Usagi: Seiya's princess appeared. She's a nice person. I wish we can work together, but Haruka says we can't. Mamo-chan, I wish you were here now.

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The Sailor Star Lights were crying and kneeling, as the princess appeared.

Star Lights: We waited for this.
Princess: I made you worry. But I had an important mission. Chibi Chibi-chan, thank you. Sailor Moon, I was watching you from inside the censer.
Usagi: Us?
Princess: I'll talk about it now. There has been a holy war going on for a long time throughout the galaxy, the Sailor Wars. The Sailor Senshi had always fought against evil. But the strongest and legendary Sailor Senshi sealed the chaos, which was the source of evil in the galaxy. But now, the chaos reappeared in the galaxy.
Sailor Senshi: Is that Galaxia?
Princess: Galaxia wants to get the star seeds and put the galaxy into a state of chaos. We still have hope, as long as we have the light of hope that the legendary Sailor Senshi left.
Usagi: Light of hope?
Princess: I came to this planet secretly to find that power.
Healer: We don't need that! If you're fine, we can reclaim our planet. Let's go back.
The princess shook her head.
Princess: Unless we find the light of hope, we can't seal the chaos.

Princess: Please Sailor Moon, help us. Let's find the light of hope together.
Sailor Uranus: You're being very selfish. We felt a strong energy, so we came over..
Sailor Neptune: How dare you say something like that.

The Sailor Star Lights got angry at Uranus and Neptune. But the princess told them to be quiet.

Princess: Sailor Moon, I believe in you..

Then the Sailor Star Lights and the princess walked away.

Meanwhile Galaxia noticed that Lead Crow's energy disappeared. She also felt the energy of someone very powerful on earth. [Galaxia had long hair here.. This is probably her real appearance.]

Galaxia: Why is the energy gathering on a planet like this? I have to hurry.

Tin Nyanko came and told Galaxia that she had found the star seed. But she gave the excuses for not getting it. Galaxia didn't want to hear it, and told Nyanko to go.

Haruka and Michiru were in a car outside of Usagi's house. They were keeping an eye on Usagi, as they knew the enemy was after her.

Usagi kept calling Mamoru's apartment, and she just kept listening to the answering machine. Usagi became really sad as she wanted to hear Mamoru's voice, and talk to him.

Meanwhile, the princess was with the three lights.

Princess: Fighter, you're using this appearance on earth?
Seiya: In order to find a woman on earth, this was the best appearance.
Princess: I'm sorry. I always heard your songs. But I couldn't be spotted by Galaxia.

Then as the princess listened to the three lights' song, she fell asleep.

It was raining at night, and Seiya went out to call Usagi. But Usagi was already asleep, and didn't answer.

[CM break]

Next morning, Minako and Rei went to Usagi's house to pick her up, so they can go to school together. Usagi was embarrassed, as Minako was calling for her from outside like a grade school child. They wanted to protect Usagi, as the enemy was after Usagi's star seed, and they had no idea when they would attack.

At school, Ami, Minako, and Mako gave Usagi some self defense items, such as a gas mask, anti-criminal spray, etc. There was also a whistle. Usagi didn't know what the whistle was for, so she blew it. Then there was a thundering rumble across the city, and Rei-chan came to Usagi's classroom.

During gym class, and the other classes that day, Minako, Ami, and Mako stuck very close to Usagi. They were her bodyguards, and they never let Usagi alone, even when Usagi went to the toilet.

Usagi asked if she was that incompetent. But Minako said that they didn't want anything to happen to Usagi, while Mamoru was gone. When Usagi heard Mamoru's name, Usagi began to feel very sad, and said that she wanted to be alone. So Ami, Minako, and Mako left her alone and went to Crown, where Rei was waiting for them. Rei said it was dangerous to leave Usagi alone.

Usagi went to the roof of the school alone.

Usagi: Mamoru, why don't you contact me? I'm too sad by myself.

Then Nyanko (wearing a school sailor fuku) appeared. She quickly turned herself into Tin Nyanko.

Meanwhile Seiya was in the classroom. This was going to be his last day in school, and he remembered the times he had with Usagi. Then Rei arrived and saw Seiya. She asked if he had seen Usagi.

On the roof, Nyanko was attacking Usagi. Then Usagi transformed, "Moon eternal, make up."
[there was no transformation sequence]

Ami, Minako, Mako, Seiya, and Rei were looking all over the school for Usagi.

Nyanko and Sailor Moon were fighting. Then a red rose came flying and hit Nyanko.
[Tuxedo Kamen music in the background]

But instead of Tuxedo Kamen, it was Seiya. Seiya transformed, "Fighter star power, make up!"
[there was a transformation sequence]

Sailor Star Fighter used her star serious laser attack and hit Nyanko. Then she told Sailor Moon to use her attack. Eternal used her silver moon crystal power kiss attack, and hit Nyanko. But Nyanko managed to get into her telephone box and escape. Half of Nyanko got fixed, so she was half white and half black.

Usagi and Seiya were in the rain on the roof of the school.

Usagi: I've never been good at trying hard. I've tried to try hard studying, but I always end up eating and sleeping.
Usagi started crying.
Usagi: When I saw the rose, I remembered him. I thought that I can be all right by myself. But I can't. I can't stand it any more. I want to see Mamo-chan.
Seiya: Am I not good enough? Am I not good enough?

Usagi and Seiya stared at each other closely in the rain..

The other girls were watching from the stairs.

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