Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon Sailor Stars episode 195

Episode Title
Kakyuu Princess Shoumetsu! Galaxia Kourin
[Kakyuu Princess is Destroyed! Galaxia Descends]
Air Date
New Characters
DJ (Kouno Yoshiyuki)
reporter (Uwagawa Emi)
reporter (Nakamura Keiko)
  • Summary version 1.0 by Hitoshi Doi, 1997.01.03
Usagi: The three lights are going to break up. There is going to be a final concert, and maybe the final battle is approaching. But Galaxia came to the final concert. Help Mamo-chan!


Rei was standing outside of Usagi's house (in the rain).

Usagi was taking a bath.

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When Usagi returned to her room, Rei and Chibi Chibi were waiting for her.

Rei: What are you going to do? If you don't decide, we can't fight. Seiya will get hurt too.

Usagi went to her desk and looked at the picture of her and Mamoru. She started crying, and wondered out loud what Mamoru was doing now.

Rei: Usagi! What are you talking about! Aren't you communicating with him?
Usagi shook her head.
Rei: Why.
Usagi: There aren't any replies.
Rei: Since when?
Usagi: Ever since the beginning.
Rei: Why didn't you say anything!

Then Chibi Chibi turned on the radio. The DJ was talking about the breakup of the three lights. There was going to be a final concert.

Meanwhile, the three lights were saying that they would get the light of hope at the final concert.

The princess said that they needed to cooperate, but Taiki and Yaten said that they could do it by themselves. Seiya was still thinking about Usagi.

The next day, the four girls were at Crown. Ami had called the university in America, and found out that Mamoru had not arrived there yet. They thought that something must have happened to Mamoru.

Usagi and Chibi Chibi was walking in the rain. Haruka and Michiru spotted them and stopped her. They told her not to go see Seiya. They said that Usagi liked Mamoru, but Usagi said that she liked everyone. Then Haruka and Michiru told Usagi to say good-bye to Seiya.

It was before the final concert. Usagi, Chibi Chibi, Haruka, and Michiru went to the three lights' dressing room. Seiya asked everyone to let them be alone, and Haruka said that they would give them five minutes.

Seiya: I'm serious about yesterday. After this concert, I'll sweep you away. I like you that much. I wanted to let you know this much. Now I can go all out for the final concert. I hope you can meet your boy friend soon.
Usagi: Seiya, I'm sorry.
Seiya: You don't have to apologize. But I wish I could have met you much sooner.

Outside, Yaten and Taiki were talking to Haruka and Michiru. Yaten said that the earth would become a battlefield soon, and Haruka and the others wouldn't be able to win.

Haruka: We have something that we have to protect with our lives.

After Seiya finished talking to Usagi, the three lights ran to the stage for their final concert.

[CM break]

The three lights were having their final concert in the Tokyo Dome. All of the girls were there, enjoying the concert.

Three lights: This is our last message!

[a very long concert scene, with the three lights' song]

Then Chibi Chibi (who was in the audience with the other girls) started to glow..

The Tokyo Dome roof started to open, as the rain outside had stopped. Then there was a blast on the stage, and Tin Nyanko appeared. Nyanko was still half black and half white. Nyanko was also saying things like she wanted the star seed, and also that it was dangerous.

Sailor Neptune, Sailor Uranus, and the princess also appeared on the stage. The princess said that Galaxia's bracelet was still taking over the sailor senshi (Nyanko). But since there was only one bracelet, her memory as a sailor senshi was returning to her.

The three lights transformed. "Fighter star power, make up!" "Healer star power, make up!" "Maker star power, make up!"
[there were transformation sequences for them]

Nyanko attacked, but Sailor Star Fighter's star serious laser blasted it. Then Eternal Sailor Moon appeared.

The Sailor Star Lights were going to attack Nyanko, but Sailor Uranus and Sailor Neptune said that they would protect their own planet. But Sailor Star Fighter said that they would defeat the one who interrupted their concert. Then Sailor Mars appeared and said that they would return her to normal. The princess told them to stop fighting among each other.

Eternal Sailor Moon: We have to be as one.

Then Galaxia appeared on the stage. Galaxia took Nyanko's bracelet, killing her. Then Galaxia spotted the princess, who was the source of the tremendous energy, and blasted her. Galaxia kept blasting and blasting. But the princess used a force field to block it, protecting the Sailor Star Lights.

Princess: With your power, you can't defeat Galaxia. Escape. Hurry!

Galaxia kept blasting and blasting. Eventually, the princess couldn't hold out, and lost. The princess' star seed appeared, and Galaxia got it.

Eternal Sailor Moon used her silver moon crystal power kiss attack, but Galaxia just stood there and it didn't affect her at all. Then Galaxia left.

Princess (now nearly dead): Fighter, maker, healer, you now have to combine your powers.

When Sailor Chibi Chibi held the princess' hand, the princess felt some special energy.

Princess: A warm feeling..

Then the princess died.

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