Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon Sailor Stars episode 197

Episode Title
Ginga no Shihaisha Galaxia no Kyoui
[The Ruler of the Galaxy, Galaxia's Threat]
Air Date
  • Summary version 1.0 by Hitoshi Doi, 1997.01.20
Galaxia was looking at the golden star seed. Everyone had a star seed, but the only ones that glitter forever are the ones that belong to a senshi. This golden star seed belonged to the senshi of earth.

Sailor Moon was on the ground, recalling her friends who had died.

Galaxia was boasting about collecting all of the star seeds in the galaxy.

Moon: Why?
Galaxia: Why? The guy who had this star seed was asking the same thing.


Mamoru's plane got attacked by a strange light, and the plane went to a different dimension. Tuxedo Kamen got out onto the wing of the plane to face Galaxia.

Tuxedo Kamen: Why?
Galaxia: The galaxy belongs to me. I'm free to do as I please.

Then Tuxedo Kamen attacked Galaxia. But Galaxia easily blasted Tuxedo Kamen and took his star seed. Just as he was dying, Mamoru told Galaxia about the senshi.

Mamoru: On this planet, they (girls) are there. They are the senshi that protect the peace of everyone. They will defeat you.

Then Mamoru faded.

[end of flashback]

Sailor Moon started to cry some more. Galaxia blasted Sailor Moon, but Star Fighter jumped to block the blast with her body. Just before the blast was going to hit, there was a flash of light, and Moon and the others vanished.

Galaxia didn't understand the light that caused the senshi to escape.

Sailor Moon woke up. She was facing Sailor Saturn and Sailor Pluto. They ended up somewhere within Ginga TV. Sailor Uranus and Sailor Neptune were there too. Sailor Chibi Chibi Moon was sleeping.

Moon: It wasn't a dream..
Moon [crying]: Mamo-chan and the others are gone..

The Star Lights were in the room too. Uranus and Neptune were going to go face Galaxia. Star Fighter said that she would go too. But Neptune pointed out that they were in no condition to fight.

The Star Lights were saying that they survived again. They said that they couldn't win without the light of hope. But Sailor Saturn said that it wasn't so.

Saturn: Do you like Sailor Moon?
Star Fighter and Sailor Moon stared at each other.
Fighter: Yes.
Saturn: That's good. We have the same hope. Please believe in our princess.
Pluto: We will defeat Galaxia.

Then Pluto and Saturn ran off.

Meanwhile Sailor Neptune and Sailor Uranus were fighting Galaxia. Neptune used her deep submerge attack, but Galaxia just sat down and hit the blast away. Then Uranus attacked Galaxia with her sword. Galaxia grabbed the sword with one hand, and tossed Uranus away.

When Neptune and Uranus were down, Galaxia used her bracelets to blast Neptune and Uranus. But Sailor Saturn's silent wall blocked the attack.

Saturn: Leave this planet!
Pluto: Otherwise we will have to face off against you.

[CM break]

Chibi Chibi woke up.

Healer: We can't fight. We have nothing left to protect.

Then Chibi Chibi went to the Star Lights, and tried to talk. [VERY cute!]

Chibi Chibi: Not left?


The Star Lights recalled the other senshi dying for them.

[end of flashback]

The Star Lights got up. Sailor Moon got up. They all got ready to face Galaxia.

Meanwhile the four outer senshi were fighting Galaxia. Pluto used her dead scream, and Uranus used her world shaking. But Galaxia just hit these attacks away.

Galaxia: Even if you all attack me together, you can't hurt me.
Saturn: Then I'll kill you, even if costs me my life.

Galaxia laughed.

Galaxia: Who do you think was the one that revived you?

Galaxia told the senshi that it was her that had revived Neherenia, so that Saturn would come back. Galaxia wented all of the star seed, so she had to make Saturn reappear for that to happen.

Galaxia blasted everyone, and broke Saturn and Pluto's sticks.

Before killing the senshi, Galaxia offered them an option.

Galaxia: You're going to die, but there is still a way.
Uranus: Tell me about it.
Galaxia: If you have these bracelets that contain my power, you can live even if you don't have your star seed.

Galaxia: What are you going to do?
Pluto: If I have to take your orders, it's better to die.
Saturn: Yeah, who's going to be a servant to you.
Uranus: Interesting. If I can get that bracelet, I can live?
Galaxia nodded.
Uranus looked at Neptune: If I can be with you, I don't mind selling my soul to the devil.
Neptune: Ok.

Sailor Pluto and Sailor Saturn couldn't believe it. Sailor Uranus and Sailor Neptune got up.

Neptune: I'm with you until I die.
Uranus: Let's be together in hell.

Then Uranus and Neptune stood there to accept Galaxia's blast. Galaxia blasted them, and got their star seeds. Then Galaxia gave them the bracelets, and Uranus and Neptune didn't die.

Galaxia ordered Sailor Neptune and Sailor Uranus to take Pluto and Saturn's star seeds. Neptune and Uranus attacked Pluto and Saturn. Pluto and Saturn dodged the first round of attacks, but they felt that Neptune and Uranus were fighting for real.

When Sailor Neptune and Sailor Uranus attacked Pluto and Saturn with their bracelet blasts, Pluto and Saturn just closed their eyes and took the hit.

Meanwhile the Star Lights and Sailor Moon were running. Sailor Star Healer said that she felt the glitter of the stars disappear.

Then Sailor Moon and the Star Lights arrived in Galaxia's room. Sailor Moon saw Pluto and Saturn fading.

Pluto: It's all right.
Saturn: Please don't forget your trusting heart.

Then Setsuna and Hotaru faded.

Galaxia, Sailor Uranus, and Sailor Neptune faced Sailor Moon. Sailor Moon saw the bracelets and couldn't believe it.

Galaxia ordered Uranus and Neptune to take Moon's star seed.

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