Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon Sailor Stars episode 200

Episode Title
Usagi no Ai! Gekkou Ginga wo Terasu
[Usagi's Love! The Moon Light Illuminates the Galaxy]
Air Date
  • Summary version 1.0 by Hitoshi Doi, 1997.02.08
[Flashback type scene - when Galaxia defeated Chaos.]

Galaxia sealed Chaos, and released her star seed. The pink butterflies flew off.

Chibi Chibi [childish voice, but clear]: That was the beginning of everything.
Galaxia [nice voice]: Go fly off, my star, the light of hope. Go to someone who will wrap you gently, to the one of love and justice.

[OP - Sailor Star song]

Sailor Chibi Chibi Moon was praying, and floating in the air. There were rings of light coming out from her. Sailor Moon was on the ground. Galaxia was standing over her.

Galaxia: Is the light of hope going to awaken..

There was a big blast, with Chibi Chibi as the source.

[title page]

A girl with wings (Chibi Chibi grown up) with long hair was floating in the air, and talked to Sailor Moon.

Chibi Chibi: Sailor Moon.
Moon: Who are you?
Chibi Chibi: I was always looking for someone who would take me in.
Moon: Who are you?
Chibi Chibi: I'm the glitter that used to be in Galaxia's star, the light of hope. Please take me, my glitter of life.

A pink butterfly flew to Sailor Moon, and merged with her star seed.

Moon: A warm light.

Then Sailor Moon turned into Princess Serenity. The star seed turned into a sword, similar to the one that Galaxia was holding.

Chibi Chibi: Please take this sword, and defeat Galaxia.
Moon: But..

But Galaxia attacked. Sailor Moon and the sword started falling down.

Chibi Chibi: Don't be puzzled
Moon: But..

Sailor Moon grabbed the sword and stopped falling. She grew wings out of her back, and floated in the air.

Galaxia crashed to the ground, but quickly got up. But her eyes lit up, as another spirit was taking over. Galaxia's bracelets broke off, one by one. Her eyes became red.

Galaxia: So you're going to take that sword and fight me. But you can't beat me with power. This body belongs to the strongest senshi in the galaxy, Sailor Galaxia.

Galaxia's outfit transformed into a black outfit, and Galaxia attacked Sailor Moon.

Moon: What do you mean?

Galaxia attacked with her sword, but Sailor Moon blocked it.

Moon: Stop it. There's no point in fighting.

Galaxia grew some black wings like a devil, and floated in the air across from Sailor Moon.

Galaxia: I have to put an end to the Sailor Wars To do that I have to have all of the glitter of the stars disappear. Yours, and that light of hope.

Chibi Chibi: She's not Galaxia any more. Chaos has taken over. From the moment that she sealed Chaos inside her body, it had started taking over her body.

[flashback scene]

Galaxia released her own star seed, and it went off into the galaxy. This star seed became Chibi Chibi.

Chibi Chibi: She put her hope in her star seed and released it out to the galaxy. And, it made it to you.
Moon: That's Chibi Chibi?
Chibi Chibi: But it's too late. Please save that galaxy with this sword.

Galaxia attacked again. But Sailor Moon just tried to dodge the attacks. Chibi Chibi's voice kept asking Sailor Moon to fight, but she didn't.

Then as Galaxia got close enough to strike Sailor Moon, Sailor Moon put out her sword and stabbed Galaxia's wing. Some red blood dripped down the sword. But Galaxia just got mad and shattered Sailor Moon's sword.

Then Sailor Chibi Chibi Moon appeared where the sword used to be, and floated in front of Usagi. Chibi Chibi was unconscious.

Moon: Nothing will come out of fighting. We just hurt each other.

Sailor Moon still didn't want to fight, and she hugged Chibi Chibi. But Chibi Chibi vanished.

Moon: I'm sorry, Chibi Chibi.
Galaxia: You don't have the courage and pride of a senshi.
Moon: If the pride of a senshi means hurting each other, I don't want it. Nothing will come out of fighting. Fighting isn't the only way of solving things.

[CM break]

Galaxia and Sailor Moon were floating in the sky. Sailor Moon was totally nude except for the wings on the back of her body. The Star Lights were just watching from the ground.

Galaxia: Have you given up?
Moon: No. I love this world. There might be some sad things, but this is where I met my friends. I love this world. You should know too.
Galaxia: All of your friends disappeared.
Moon: No they haven't. The Star Lights taught me. As long as I don't give up, they are always by my side. If there is a time when they disappear, it will be when I give up. So, I'm not going to give up.
Moon [in a determined voice]: I won't give up.

[BGM - Sailor Star song - full length version!]

Sailor Moon's star seed lit up some more. Sailor Moon then flew toward Galaxia. But Galaxia grabbed her sword and blasted Sailor Moon.

Galaxia: With a glitter that is only as strong as that, you won't be able to light up the galaxy.
Moon: I'll light it up. I'll save this world.
Galaxia: It's no use!

Sailor Moon got blasted. Sailor Moon was struggling. Galaxia was overpowering Sailor Moon.

Galaxia: You've lost your pride as a senshi. What can you do now?

Sailor Moon kept struggling. She couldn't get closer to Galaxia.

Galaxia: The only thing left for you is to give me that star seed, and disappear.
Moon: I'm not giving up. I believe in this world. And the piece of hope that is still left in your heart.

[BGM - second verse of Sailor Star song]

Sailor Moon's star seed powered up again.

Galaxia: What's this light?
Usagi: I believe in the piece of hope that is in your heart. I believe.

[in an alternate dimension - Galaxia had long gold and red hair. She was in the field with lots of flowers.]

Galaxia: This light.
Moon: I love this world. I don't want to lose it, everyone, and also you.

Sailor Moon started flying toward Galaxia again.

Galaxia: Don't get close to me!

Sailor Moon got close to Galaxia, and Galaxia's sword shattered.

Galaxia: I love it too. This world. I love this world.

Sailor Moon flew to Galaxia. The star seeds came out from the flowers in the field, and floated around Galaxia.

Galaxia: I can see it Sailor Moon, your glitter. The warm and gentle light.

[end of Sailor Star song]

Sailor Moon grabbed Galaxia's hand, and Chaos left Galaxia's body.

Galaxia turned back into the real Galaxia, with long gold and red hair. Both Galaxia and Sailor Moon were nude, and floating in the sky.

Galaxia: Thank you Sailor Moon. Your light lit up this galaxy.

Galaxia: I wonder if Chaos disappeared.
Moon: I think it went back to the place it belongs.
Galaxia: Where it belongs?
Moon: In the hearts of everyone.
Galaxia: Then again..
Moon: Let's believe in the people of this world. It's all right. The light of hope is in everyone's hearts.
Galaxia: You're very strong. But what I did can't be reversed.
Moon: Let's start over. It's not too late now.

Moon: Please lead the star seeds, so they won't go astray.
Galaxia: Thank you, Sailor Moon.

Galaxia freed all of the star seeds. The star seeds went out throughout the galaxy, and Galaxia vanished too.

Sailor Moon was floating by herself. She got lonely, and started crying.

Moon: Everyone, I tried my best. But I'm so lonely by myself. I'm not that strong. I'm lonely.
Mars: You're not alone.

The star seed appeared around Sailor Moon. Then the Sailor Senshi appeared, everyone floating.

Mars: You're not alone, Usagi.
Mercury: Everyone is near you.
Moon: Rei-chan, Ami-chan.
Venus: We believed in you.
Jupiter: That you can do something.
Moon: Minako-chan, Mako-chan. This isn't a dream is it?
Uranus: This isn't a dream. You saved this world.
Neptune: With your trusting heart.
Moon: Haruka-san, Michiru-san.
Saturn: Thank you, Usagi-san.
Pluto: You did very well.
Moon: Hotaru-chan, Setsuna-san. I'm so happy.
Mamoru: Usako.
Chibi Chibi: ...

Two more star seeds appeared. Then Mamoru and Chibi Chibi appeared.

Mamoru: She lead me to you.
Moon: Mamo-chan.
Mamoru: You did well, Usako.

Usagi (crying) flew over to Mamoru.

Usagi: Mamo-chan.
Mamoru: It's all right. Everything is over.
Chibi Chibi [in a cute, baby talk]: Thank you.

Then Chibi Chibi vanished.

Moon: Thank you, Chibi Chibi.

Star Lights were watching everything from the ground.

Fighter: The light of hope is in everyone's hearts.
Maker: She taught us that.
Healer: Also to believe.
princess: The angel has come down to the earth.

The princess appeared behind the Star Lights.

Star Lights: Princess!
Healer: It's a miracle.
Fighter: I'm so happy.
Maker: Welcome back.

Later, the five girls and Mamoru were at the top of the school building, with the three lights and the princess. Luna was on Ami's shoulder, and Artemis was on Minako's shoulder.

Ami: Do you have to leave?
princess: Our friends from home are waiting.
Yaten: We'll make a new planet with our princess.
Luna: Do your best.
Yaten: Thank you, Luna.

Luna purred, very cute. Artemis is VERY jealous!

Seiya: Odango, it's great that your boyfriend returned.
Usagi: It's because of you. Because of you I was able to do my best.
Seiya: Odango, I won't forget you.
Usagi: Yes, we're friends forever.

Seiya was disappointed by Usagi's words. Everyone else made fun of Usagi, because she didn't understand Seiya's true feelings.

Seiya: Mamoru-san, you have to protect her now.. a snobbish guy was saying it.
Mamoru: I know.
Seiya: Bye, odango.

The Three Lights transformed into the Star Lights, an instantaneous transformation.

princess: Thank you very much.
Mako: We won't forget you.
Ami: Please be careful.
Minako: Come again any time.
Usagi: We're waiting for you.
Rei: Good bye.

The Star Lights and the princess left.

Usagi [to herself]: Thank you Seiya.

The shooting stars went across the sky. Hotaru, Setsuna, Haruka, and Michiru were in Haruka's car, by the ocean looking out at the stars.

Hotaru: A shooting star.
Setsuna: What did you wish for?
Hotaru: It's a secret. What about you?
Setsuna: It's a secret.
Michiru: They're going home.
Haruka: They aren't shooting stars. They are great stars that shine in the night sky.
Hotaru: What did you two wish for?
Michiru: There's nothing I need to wish for. We're happiest now. Right, Haruka?
Haruka: Yeah.

Mamoru and Usagi were alone in a park by the water.

Moon: Mamo-chan, do you like me?
Mamoru: Yeah.
Moon: Really?
Mamoru: Yeah
Usagi: How much?
Mamoru: What happened?
Usagi: How much?
Mamoru: When I'm with you, I get filled with energy.

Usagi and Mamoru were looking at each other, with the big moon in the background.

Usagi's voice: I'm Tsukino Usagi, 16 years old, in first year of high school. I'm a little clumsy, and a little bit of a cry baby. But actually, I'm the fighter for love and justice, Sailor Moon.

Usagi and Mamoru kissed.

[ED - Moonlight Densetsu (Moon Lips version)]

The ED had some "snapshot" clips: the five girls; Usagi with Haruka, Michiru, Hotaru, and Setsuna; Usagi, Luna, and Artemis sleeping.

Then there were some full screen pictures: the five Sailor Senshi; Eternal Moon; the three lights and the princess; Galaxia (good), Usagi, and Chibi Chibi all with wings, flying (of course all three of them are nude except for the wings); Mamoru and Usagi.

After the ED song, Usagi said, "It's the end."

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