Sailor Moon Memorial LDs/Videos

There will be a set of 5 LDs/videos that summarize the Sailor Moon TV series. The narration is done by Mitsuishi Kotono and Han Keiko.

Sailor Moon Memorial 1998.08.07 90 minutes
LD: LSTD-01472, 5800 yen
VHS: VCTM-02145, 3800 yen
Sailor Moon R Memorial 1998.10.21 80 minutes
LD: LSTD-01484, 5800 yen
VHS: VCTM-02185, 3800 yen
Sailor Moon S Memorial 1999.01.21
LD: LSTD-01505, 5800 yen
Sailor Moon Supers Memorial 1999.03.21
LD: LSTD-01522, 5800 yen
Sailor Stars Memorial 1999.05.21
LD: LSTD-01531, 5800 yen

For the LD version only, there will be 9 special trading cards included.

[Sailor Moon Memorial LD information by M.Studte]

It features a compendium of the first series, first with an intro of the three initial major characters, followed by a big section dedicated to Nefrite-kun. Thereafter we have the introductions of Jupiter, Venus, the ginzuisho storyline, and all the other major elements of the series.

The LD is mostly original audio, over-dubbed with new commentary in places by the various seiyuu explaining the details.

The LD cover is a nice monochrome picture of the five senshi in front of a crescent moon, the outlines being done in shiny silver (the flashy multi-colour reflecting kind).

But the really nice thing about this LD is the sleeve of nine Sailor Moon cards that comes with the LD. These cards are very nice, slightly oversize cards, double-sided with very nice hi-quality images (no text backs).

Each series LD will have some cards in the series, the first LD comes with cards 01, 02, 03, 10, 12, 20, 23, 29 and 41. (ie. some cards from each of the five series). The cards are NOT random, if you buy all five LDs, you will have a complete set of 45 cards.

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