Sailor Moon Moon Prism Power LD Box

Those who buy all 12 LDs and send in the Luna's on the wrapper can get a special box for putting the LDs inside. (The offer has already expired.)

The Box is quite well made and sturdy. Overall dimensions are approximately 12" x 12" x 2". Here is a brief description.

One face has a picture of Usagi as Sailor Moon running face towards the viewer, odango tails flying with one arm straight out from her side pointing slightly back with the other arm ahead of her and slightly bent. Her face is quite happy looking. Behind her is a silver outline of a crescent moon. Under the "straight" arm are the words "Pretty Soldier Sailor Moon", also in silver and arranged like they are on the LDs. In the lower right corner there is a multicolor kana Sailor Moon logo, with the major series credits (in English) below.

The opposite side of the case has larger versions of both logos (the English one runs almost the entire width of the case. The kana one is 2-3" long and is placed just above the English version.) The rest of the side is covered with a picture of all the major characters (no youma) which obscure parts of the English logo. Most of the characters (except for the Dark Kingdom folk) appear to be mugging for the camera to a greater or lesser extent. The Senshi and the cats are in the foreground followed by Yuuichiro, Rei's grandfather and Shingo (Shingo has his arm raised and it looks like he's shouting). The next rank is Tuxedo Kamen, Haruna-sensei, Motoki-san and Naru. The next rank is Jadeite, Usagi's mother (she has her arm wrapped around Jadeite's bicep as he's looking aloof), then Umino. The next rank is Usagi's dad (he's mostly hidden by mother), Kunzite, and Nephrite with Zoisite peaking over Kunzite's shoulder between Nephrite and Kunzite. Finally behind them all is Queen Beryl. For some weird reason (I suspect artist error) Beryl is missing her right eye i.e. it's like it wasn't drawn - looks decidely odd.

The bottom right corner is diagonally cut to allow the inner holder to be easily removed from the case (this is a big problem with the MI box) with little Lunas (like the proof-of-purchase seals visible on the bottom right of the inner box.

The inner box is white with the upper left corner diagonally cut to make the discs easy to remove but except for the Lunas it is bare. Both box spines have "Pretty Soldier Sailor Moon" in large silver letters.

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