Ami-chan no Hatsukoi


Ami-chan no Hatsukoi
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new characters
Mercuris (Hiyama Nobuyuki)
girl (Uwagawa Emi)
teacher (Asou Tomohisa)
instructor (Masutani Yasunori)
Bonnone (Ikura Kazue)
  • Summary Jennifer Janes (, 1997.03.19
    Additions by Hitoshi Doi, 1997.03.22
Ami is sleeping in bed as the narrator (Luna's voice) begins:

"The following story unfolds amidst strange situations, while the girls were frantically studying for their high school entrance exams."

Sunlight flows into Ami's room and she wakes up, rubs her eyes and stretches. She sees some doves out on her balcony, and she opens the sliding window. "Ohayou!" she says to the birds, and they fly away.

The sun begins to rise over Tokyo.

[Title Screen]

Ami sits in the bath and reads - she narrates:

"I'm Ami Mizuno. Born September 10, a virgo, blood type A. My hobby is reading. Every morning, I get to school 40 minutes early to read."

Ami steps out of the bath, and appears in the kitchen for breakfast. She continues:

"I love sandwiches, because I can read while I eat them."

She runs to the front door, slips on her shoes, and walks out the door:

"My favorite color is blue and swimming is my favorite sport."

Walking to school:

"Math is my best subject."

Arriving at school:

"But, one thing I'm not good at receiving is......."

Opening foot locker:


Seeing a letter on top of her shoes:


Picking up the heart-sealed letter and turning bright read, heart thumping:

" letter!!!!"

A scream is heard throughout the school.

The girls, including Chibi-Usa, walk up the many steps of the shrine. Mako remarks that she'd love to have the problem of receiving a love letter. Usagi agrees. Ami replies that she just has a strange reaction to them. Minako makes another misquote as usual, Usagi drops her bag (really funny^_^), and Artemis quickly corrects her. Ami laughs and says that there is only one thing that they should be worrying about. "Studying, we take it?" they all immediately reply. Ami whips out her glasses and says that there is no such word as love in her dictionary right now! An eerie wind blows through and Chibi-Usa shivers, "Kowai.....".

Ami takes out a magazine that has national scores for the practice exams. Ami, under the code name "Mercury", is tied for the number one ranking with someone with the code name "Mercurius" which is Latin for Mercury. They both have PERFECT scores. Ami says that that person must be the new enemy! Everyone thinks that she's overanalyzing the situation.

At school Ami resolves that if she takes more practice exams and goes to more study seminars, she might meet Mercurius. She begins to float into her own world and says, "I've never felt this passionate before....It's so thrilling to have a rival!" Gong into attack mode, "All right then! I won't back down from this!!!" She spins around and poses, everyone stares...

Back at the shrine, Ami and the others are surrounded by hundreds of books. Ami exclaims that Mercurius had tied her again! Then she asks them what they think Mercurius is like. "I wish I could meet him!" Mako and Minako remark that she's acting like she's in love or something...

She quickly denies it and reminds them that he is her rival! Rei and Usagi ask how she knows it's a he, anyway. Then the girls ask Usagi what she looks for in a guy. She says that he should be like Einstein! Everyone looks at her funny and Usagi, with a puzzled look on her face, asks, "Who?"

At the Crown, the girls (besides Ami) tried to think of a plan to find out who Mercurius is, but they couldn't think of any way to do it.

But, after school the next day, Usagi the idea of asking Umino if he knew Mercurius, and of course, he did! Usagi got very happy, "Lucky!"

Meanwhile, Ami shows up at the "Number One Tutorial Seminar" and gets ready to study hard, but...she falls asleep in class. Way after class is over, she wakes up, and begins to make her way home. Two red eyes glow from outside the window, and follow her.

As Ami passes a window, some one who's studying, signs the name Mercurius...and a woman's voice says that she can feel a strange aura. The woman appears on top of a building and watches Ami. The woman has long hair, pulled into two pony-tails, one yellow and one purple. "I've been in this business for over a hundred years. Her desire will be mine!" exclaims the spirit Bonnone. She follows Ami, by riding on her head all the way home, as Ami sighs, "My head hurts, maybe I'm getting sick..." and continues home.

Then Umino appears, followed by Usagi and the rest of the girls, at Mercurius' seminar. Mercurius appears in the doorway (from the back) and all the girls stare, speechless at him. He says hello to Umino, who tries to introduce the girls, who continue to stare mutely.

The next morning, Ami is very sick in bed and can't move. "Mercurius, why are you doing this to me?!" she dizzily asks. Then Bonnone, unseen by Ami, appears above her bed and throws love letters at her that pin her to the bed. Ami sits up and screams as all the equations that she's ever learned begin to leave her head!

Chibi-usa, Mamoru, and a lagging Usagi arrive at Ami's apartment, right outside her door. Usagi wonders whether or not she should tell Ami about Mercurius or not, but then they hear her screams. Usagi rushes through the door, but falls, because the floor has disappeared, and grabs the door frame.

Ami, still very dizzy, is trying to figure out who is attacking her. Chibi-usa asks Bonnone who she is, but before she can answer, Ami yells out that she is Mercurius! Bonnone yells out that she is NOT him, but Ami won't listen. Then she transforms with Mercury Crystal Power, but with a really cool new sequence!

Bonnone screams. Ami gives her speech: "I am the Sailor Senshi of love and exams! Sailor Mercury! Stick your head in some cold water and think about what you've done!"

Usagi, still hanging, yells (unheard by Ami), "I'm telling you, she's not Mercurius!" then she yells, "Help Me!!!" but Mamoru and Chibi-usa are still dumbfounded from all that's happening ^_^.

Mercury continues to go on about Mercurius, while Bonnone insists that she is not him! "This is my equation for victory!" Mercury does a really cool (NEW) attack: "Mercury Aqua Mirage!" Water blasts Bonnone, as she screams that she's not Mercurius!

Ami's room goes back to normal, and Usagi falls to the floor (no one ever helped her up). Mamoru and Chibi-Usa stare at Mercury, who's standing on her bed. She exclaims, "I feel so much better! But I sure would have liked to have seen him!"

Back at the Crown, the girls (minus Ami) decide that they shouldn't tell Ami about Mercurius, but she sneaks up behind them, scaring Usagi and Mako.

"Then you saw him?" she asks, "What was he like?"

Minako points to a cute guy on the cover of her magazine, "Oh! He looks like the Year's Hottest Star!" offers Usagi.

"That's how I imagined him! Just like young Einstein!" exclaims Ami, as she grabs the magazine.

"But if she finds out he looks just like Umino...." Usagi says under her breath (a flashback of Mercurius, a thick glassed geek with spiky green hair!)

"But why use the name Mercurius?" wonders Makoto.

Usagi-sensei goes to the chalkboard: "Let me explain, his name is Sumi Kurume, sort of like Mercurius backwards."

"Why!?" Ami screams. Back at the shrine again, Ami can't understand how Mercurius is still tying her in the exams, when she has already defeated him!

Usagi tries to explain again, but Ami interrupts, "Don't worry, leave him to me!"

Ami runs up the stairs as the Narrator (Luna) says: "And so, the battle goes on for the high-standard Mercury!"

When she reaches the top of the stairs, she yells, "I'll keep giving it my best!"

Dozens of doves fly away into the sky as Rashiku Ikimasho begins.

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