Sailor Moon R movie

劇場版 美少女戦士セーラームーンR

Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon R The Movie
played in movie theaters
1993.12.05 - 1994.01.14
  • Summary version 0.5 by Hitoshi Doi, 1994.02.06
  • Summary version 1.0 by Hitoshi Doi, 1994.07.10
I'm Tsukino Usagi. Although I don't look it, I'm on the side of justice. I use a strange brooch to transform, and I fight against the bad ones. I'm the sailor suited beautiful girl fighter for love and justice, Sailor Moon. And my friends are..

The kind and genius girl, Mizuno Ami.. Sailor Mercury.

The short tempered spiritual girl, Hino Rei.. Sailor Mars.

The master of cooking and house cleaning, Kino Makoto.. Sailor Jupiter.

The one who is also popular as Sailor V, Aino Minako.. Sailor Venus.

The five of us are the Sailor Team. Leave the world's peace to us!

[OP song Moonlight Densetsu]

On a very nice day, the girls went on a bus to a flower garden. On the bus, Rei sat next to Minako, Usagi sat with Chibi Usa, and Ami sat with Mako.

[end of OP song]

Later at the flower garden, Usagi and Mamoru were in a greenhouse.


When Mamoru was young, he gave a red rose to another young boy. The young Fiore said, "Thank you. Someday I'll bring you a lot of flowers."

[end of flashback]

Usagi was talking about the forget-me-not flower. She also said that it was the flower of true love. Then Usagi closed her eyes and waited for Mamoru to kiss her. Mamoru looked around, to see if anyone was watching them.

Chibi Usa and Rei were hiding and spying on Usagi and Mamoru. Chibi Usa started getting mad, saying that Mamo-chan was hers. Ami was with them and she told them that they shouldn't peek. Ami had her back turned toward them. Mako and Minako were there too, and trying to peek from another place.

When Usagi and Mamoru got closer, they said, "Ah.." and Ami turned to look. Chibi Usa was going to yell out, but Rei stopped her. Minako told them to be quiet. Ami said to everyone that they shouldn't peek. But when Mako asked her what she was doing there with them, Ami turned red.

Mamoru heard some noise and stepped away from Usagi. Usagi still had her eyes closed, waiting for Mamoru's kiss. When Usagi opened her eyes, there was a caterpillar right in front of her. Rei and Chibi Usa (who was holding the caterpillar laughed as Usagi fell over and rolled away in fear.

Mamoru had gone out of the green house. Then there was a sudden rain of rose petals. Usagi went out after Mamoru and saw it too.

Then the rose petals stopped and Fiore appeared in the air. Fiore said, "It's been a while, Mamoru. It's me." But Mamoru didn't recognize Fiore. Fiore also said, "Sorry to make you wait this long. But I finally found a flower that you would like." Mamoru still didn't remember who Fiore was.

Then Fiore asked if Mamoru had forgotten about their promise. Fiore went to Mamoru and grabbed his hands. Then Usagi went up to them to say that Mamoru was hers. But Fiore just knocked her away. Mako got mad at Fiore, but Fiore vanished, saying that he would make the promise with Mamoru come true. Then Mamoru finally remembered who Fiore was.

Later the girls were at Rei's house. On the TV the news talked about the large meteor that was heading toward earth. It was going to make its nearest encounter with earth the next day. But the announcer said that it wasn't going to come close enough to have any effect on the earth.

Then they turned towards Rei's computer, where Artemis had displayed the data about the meteor.

Luna and Artemis were worried about it. Although it was a big meteor in size, but the mass was very small. But Luna said that she picked up some plant energy coming from the meteor. All of the girls except for Usagi were shocked. Minako mentioned that the shape of the meteor was more like a seed than a hunk of rock.

Mako said that it was probably some moss that was growing on the meteor. Minako added that Artemis was getting too worried over a little moss.

Then Usagi shouted out, "Maybe I'm getting too worried about it." Everyone was surprised. Usagi continued, "That didn't look like a normal relationship. No, Mamo-chan wouldn't.."

Rei said that Mamoru had looked serious. Mako added that Mamoru went home right away. Minako said that Mamoru must know that person. When Mako asked if Usagi had heard anything, Usagi said that she hadn't. She also said that she didn't know that much about Mamoru.

Then Ami said that Mamoru was probably well liked by guys too. Minako said that Ami was ecchi. Mako said that it must be that kind of relationship. Luna and Artemis were disappointed in the girls and said that the meeting was over for the day. The girls kept talking about Mamoru's strange relationship.


Usagi was at Mamoru's apartment. She saw a picture of Mamoru's parents. She asked if Mamoru had lived all by himself. Mamoru said that he did. He had been lonely, but now he wasn't because of Usagi. Mamoru said, "I feel like I had been waiting alone, to meet you."

Usagi said that she would protect Mamoru from now on.

[end of flashback]

In the middle of the night, a lot of seeds came down out of the sky and caused lots of strange, evil looking plants to grow all over the city.

The next day, the girls were all walking to school together. Usagi was complaining that it was hard for her to be both a junior high student and a fighter for justice. But Luna and Artemis said that they just talked all the time and couldn't really hold a meeting.

Suddenly Rei stopped and said that she felt some evil energy. The girls ran off, but Chibi Usa tripped and fell down.

The girls came to the main street and saw all of the people lying on the ground. Artemis said that the people had gotten their energy taken away. Luna told everyone to be careful.

Suddenly one guy who had been lying on the ground grabbed Minako's leg. The guy started lifting Minako's leg up into the air. But Minako did a flip and kicked the guy away, saying, "You ecchi!" [Minako is very cool!]

Then the other people who had been lying on the ground got up and surrounded the girls. They all had plants growing all over them. Ami said that they were being controlled by the plants. The girls fought off the zombies. Then Rei used her anti-evil signs to burn off the plants from the people.

When all of the zombies were defeated, Usagi felt relieved. But Ami pointed out that the source of energy that was using the plants to control the people was still somewhere around them. Then Ami took out her computer to look for the source of energy. When she pointed to a pink flower, it turned into a youma and grew out some legs. Then the youma started moving.

Chibi Usa was by herself and turned around a corner to see the street where the fighting had taken place. The youma spotted Chibi Usa and started running for her. Just before the youma reached Chibi Usa, Usagi dove and grabbed Chibi Usa. Usagi had Chibi Usa in her arms as they crashed through a store window. [Usagi is very cool!]

Rei used her anti-evil sign, but the youma caught Ami and Rei. The youma started to steal their energy. Minako said that this youma must have been the one who took the people's energy. Luna told Minako and Mako to transform.

Sailor Venus used her venus love me chain attack, and Sailor Jupiter used her sparkling wide pressure attack. Their attack freed Ami and Rei. Then Ami and Rei transformed.

Inside the store, Usagi was lying unconscious on the ground. Chibi Usa recovered and stuck some paper in Usagi's nose (to try to wake her up). Usagi sneezed, but didn't wake up. Then Chibi Usa clogged up Usagi's nose with more paper. After around 18 seconds where Usagi couldn't breathe, she woke up, gasping for air. Usagi yelled, "Are you trying to kill me!?"

Then Usagi asked where everyone was. Chibi Usa told her that they were already fighting. Usagi struck out her arm to start her transformation. But Chibi Usa yelled out, "Usagi!"
Usagi said, "What do you want!"
Chibi Usa said, "Thank you for saving me. Ganbatte!" [Chibi Usa is very cute!]
Then Usagi transformed.

The four Sailor Senshi were fighting the youma. But the youma caught them and started stealing their energy. Then the tiara flew by and cut the Sailor Senshi loose.

Sailor Moon appeared and said that she wouldn't forgive the youma. After Sailor Mars' burning mandara attack, Sailor Mercury used the shine aqua illusion attack to freeze the youma. Then Sailor Moon used the moon princess halation to kill the youma.

When the Sailor Senshi were feeling happy that they defeated the youma, Fiore appeared. The Sailor Senshi recognized him as the person they had met the previous day. Fiore also recognized the Sailor Senshi as the girls he had met with Mamoru. Fiore was upset that his youma had died. But he said that their experiment was a success. Then Fiore transformed into his alien form, and Kisenian (a little evil flower) appeared. (Kisenian was attached to Fiore.) Artemis and Luna recognized the Kisenian flower right away.

Kisenian said that she liked the energy of the people on earth.] Fiore said that his flower would probably grow beautifully here. Then Sailor Moon asked Fiore who he was. But Fiore just blasted Sailor Mercury, Sailor Venus, and Sailor Mars. When Sailor Jupiter got mad and went after Fiore, Fiore blasted her easily. Fiore was going to finish off Sailor Moon, but a rose came flying by and Tuxedo Kamen appeared.

Tuxedo Kamen said, "A beautiful flower, if grown with a warped heart, will grow to be ugly."

Fiore recognized Tuxedo Kamen as Mamoru. He thought that Mamoru had come because he was his friend. But Tuxedo Kamen asked why Fiore was doing all of this. Fiore replied by asking, "Why are you with this girl? She will betray you and you'll be all alone."
Tuxedo Kamen said, "Fiore, please. If your friendship with me is real, believe in this girl and the people of this planet."
Fiore said that he understood. Then he lunged at Sailor Moon with his sword. "This girl is tricking you!"

Tuxedo Kamen was shocked. Luna told Sailor Moon to escape, but Sailor Moon couldn't move. Before Fiore could reach Sailor Moon, Tuxedo Kamen jumped in front of her to fight him off.

Tuxedo Kamen and Fiore fought, and Tuxedo Kamen kept asking Fiore to stop. But Fiore didn't, and accidentally stabbed Tuxedo Kamen. Sailor Moon was shocked. Fiore was shocked that Mamoru would do such a thing for Usagi. Then Fiore carried Tuxedo Kamen and disappeared.


The doctor was saying that Mamoru's parents had died. But Mamoru miraculously survived. A little Mamoru wondered if he was all alone. Then a little Fiore came and said that he was with him.

[end of flashback]

Fiore had put Tuxedo Kamen in some container to heal his wounds. Tuxedo Kamen told Fiore that he remembered him. "Fiore, I remember. You were really there, right? It wasn't just an illusion I saw when I was little."

Fiore said, "I remember it like it was yesterday. I don't know when or where I was born. I just traveled around space by myself. I was very tired and I came to your planet, earth. When I saw your eyes, I knew right then you were the one who called me. We weren't alone any more. But I couldn't stay near you. My body couldn't survive very long on earth."


When it was time for Fiore to leave, little Mamoru gave little Fiore a flower (a rose). Little Fiore said, "Thank you. I didn't know that getting a flower would make me this happy. Next time, I'll bring you a lot of flowers."

[end of flashback]

Fiore said, "Since then, I traveled to a lot of planets. I finally found a flower for you. When I found the Kisenian flower, I realized that I had to kill all of the people on earth who had made you feel so lonely."
Tuxedo Kamen said, "Fiore, I don't want that. Why?"
Fiore said, "Mamoru, you won't leave me alone right? I want to be the one to give you flowers."

Meanwhile, the Sailor Senshi were talking to Luna and Artemis about Kisenian. Luna and Artemis told everyone that Kisenian was an evil flower that went around the universe stealing energy from planets. It was the most dangerous plant in the universe. Kisenian was just a plant and couldn't do much by itself. It needed a person to be its hands and feet, so it latched onto people with weak hearts. It changed the weak hearts into hatred and created evil power.

Sailor Mercury said that the meteor that was headed toward the earth was giving off the same energy as the youma that attacked them earlier. Artemis said that Kisenian's base must be on that meteor. Sailor Venus said that they should teleport there to fight Kisenian and save the earth. But Sailor Moon said, "No, no. Let's stop doing these dangerous things. Otherwise everyone will be like Mamo-chan. It's my fault.. Mamo-chan tried to protect me and became like that."

Chibi Usa tried to cheer up Usagi. She used her Luna-P magic to create an arrow (a toy dart). Chibi Usa shot the arrow and it stuck onto Sailor Moon's forehead. Then a banner came out of the arrow that said, "Ganbare Sailor Moon."

Chibi Usa said, "A fighter for justice can't be a cry baby!"
Sailor Moon said, "Chibi Usa.."
Sailor Jupiter said, "It's as Chibi Usa says."
Sailor Venus said, "A strong energy is coming to earth."
Sailor Mercury said, "There's no time to be feeling depressed."
Sailor Mars said, "For Mamoru-san, too."
Sailor Moon said, "Ok!"

The Sailor Senshi used the "sailor teleport" to fly out to the meteor. When the Sailor Senshi got close to the meteor, the meteor changed its shape from that of a seed to a flower. They saw that there were a lot of flowers growing on it. Sailor Mercury used her computer and saw that there was something coming from behind them. A youma attacked the Sailor Senshi from behind, and flew by them. But they used the sailor planet attack to defeat the youma.

The Sailor Senshi landed on the meteor. Then Sailor Jupiter saw something in the distance. Sailor Mercury used her computer to check it out, and discovered that it was Mamoru. Sailor Moon was going to run to Mamoru, but Sailor Jupiter said that it might be a trap. Then Fiore's voice said that they didn't have to worry about that. He said that he wouldn't use Mamoru as bait. Then when the Sailor Senshi were looking around to see where Fiore was, Fiore popped out from the flowers.

Sailor Moon asked Fiore to give Mamoru back. Fiore said that he would return Mamoru to earth, but not at this moment. He said that the was going to release all the seeds of his flower to earth, and have it take all of the human energy.

Sailor Mars attacked, and Fiore disappeared back into the flowers. Sailor Mercury warned everyone that they were being surrounded by youma. The Sailor Senshi couldn't see the youma anywhere, but Sailor Mercury said that the number of youma was increasing.

Suddenly a lot of youma started popping out of the flowers. Sailor Venus told Sailor Moon to use the moon princess halation to destroy all the flowers. The other Sailor Senshi all attacked the youma with their attacks to cover for Sailor Moon. Then Sailor Moon used her moon princess halation to destroy the flower youma.

Fiore saw that his youma and flowers were being destroyed. He gathered all his youma for a different attack.

Sailor Mercury pointed out that there was a gathering of enemy energy in the 9 o'clock direction. Suddenly Sailor Mars pulled Sailor Moon down, and made her roll away. Then all of the Sailor Senshi except for Sailor Moon got surrounded by the youma. Sailor Moon was on the ground and saw the other Sailor Senshi get eaten up by the youma.

Then Fiore appeared and called Sailor Moon a coward for escaping by herself and letting her friends get caught. Sailor Moon was going to use the moon princess halation. But Fiore told her to wait. He made the other Sailor Senshi appear out of the ground. The Sailor Senshi were tied up to a large plant. Then Fiore demonstrated that he would shock the Sailor Senshi if Sailor Moon didn't throw away her cutie moon rod.

Fiore said, "If you harm my flowers any more, your friends will feel more pain. If your friends are important, throw away your weapon."

The other Sailor Senshi all struggled to tell Sailor Moon to keep fighting. But Sailor Moon dropped her cutie moon rod. Sailor Moon said, "I quit.. I'm sorry everyone. I can't fight. You're very important to me."
Sailor Mars yelled out, "You wimp!"
Sailor Moon said, "But I can't watch you in pain any more.."

Then Fiore felt a shock and released the Sailor Senshi. The Sailor Senshi all fell to the ground. Fiore didn't understand the feelings of the humans. He was beginning to soften up. But Kisenian came out and used her power to put Fiore back into a trance. Kisenian said, "Fiore, I'll lend you my power. If you defeat Sailor Moon, Mamoru will remember the friendship with you."

Kisenian's power transformed Fiore again, and gave him more power.

Meanwhile Tuxedo Kamen recovered and broke out of the container.

Using the new power acquired from Kisenian, Fiore caught Sailor Moon and started stealing her energy.

Fiore said, "My flower is happy at receiving your energy. I can't let a liar, who would leave Mamoru alone, live. How would you know the loneliness that Mamoru and I felt!"

Sailor Mercury struggled up, and had a flashback. During school she always studied by herself, and the other girls talked bad things about her.

Fiore said, "You've never felt unhappiness at being born in this world. What would you understand!"

Sailor Jupiter started to get up, and had a flashback. The other girls talked about Mako, saying that she always got into fights and that nobody should get close to her.

Fiore said, "How would you know how it feels not to have any friends!"

Sailor Venus got up, and had a flashback. The other girls talked about Minako, saying that she always left after school and never went out with friends.

Fiore said, "You don't understand how it feels to have nobody understand you!"

Sailor Mars got up, and had a flashback. The other girls talked about Rei, saying that she was the spiritual girl who had strange powers to find lost goods. They said that Rei was spooky.

After having lots of energy taken, Sailor Moon fell to the ground. Just as Fiore was going to give the final blow, Sailor Venus yelled out, "Stop! Please don't take that girl away from us!" The four Sailor Senshi were walking toward Fiore.
Sailor Jupiter said, "That girl is very important to us."
Sailor Mercury said, "Usagi-chan gave us something that is irreplaceable."
Fiore said, "What are you saying? This girl is a liar! She won't give you anything!"
Sailor Mars said, "You don't understand.. If we hadn't run into Usagi, we all would have been alone."
Fiore said, "No! You're all being tricked by this girl. Sailor Moon, I can't let you live. Die!"

Just as Fiore was going to strike Sailor Moon, a red rose came flying and stuck into Fiore's heart. Fiore couldn't believe that Mamoru would attack him. Kisenian tried to make Fiore get up again, but Fiore was still in deep shock. Then all of the flowers on the meteor vanished.

The Sailor Senshi though that the earth was saved. Then the meteor changed directions. Fiore told them that it was headed toward earth now. He wasn't going to give Mamoru to anyone. He was going to have everyone burn up and die with him. Kisenian was happy and said that she would attack the humans on earth herself after Fiore died.

Then Sailor Moon got up and put her hand to the ginzuishou (on her chest). Sailor Moon said, "I won't let you do that!"
Sailor Venus yelled out, "Stop it!"
Sailor Mars yelled out, Don't use the ginzuishou!"
Sailor Jupiter yelled out, "If you use the ginzuishou!"
Sailor Mercury yelled out, "You'll die!"
Tuxedo Kamen said, "Stop it."
Sailor Moon said, "Using the ginzuishou is the only way to save everyone. It's all right. I won't die. Let's all go back to earth together."

Fiore grabbed the ginzuishou (which was still on Sailor Moon's chest) and tried to stop Sailor Moon. Fiore said, "You're going to change the path of the meteor with that. I won't let you do it. You're going to die with me!"
Sailor Moon said in a kind voice, "What are you afraid of? Don't worry, you aren't alone."
Then Sailor Moon put her hand on Fiore's hand.


In the hospital, a little Mamoru was crying. A little girl with odango hair came up to him and told him not to cry. [Little Usagi is VERY cute!]

Little Mamoru said that his friend was going to leave soon, and there was nothing he could do about it. Then little Usagi said, "From today, I'm going to be an older sister. My mother had a baby. I brought this for present. Here. It's a happy day today." Then little Usagi gave one rose to little Mamoru.

[end of flashback]

Fiore realized that the flower Mamoru had given him was actually the one Usagi gave to Mamoru.

The ginzuishou started to activate. Usagi's clothes unraveled into strips of ribbons, just barely covering her. Kisenian got destroyed. Fiore disappeared too.

The meteor started breaking up as it started entering the earth's atmosphere.

[BGM song Moon Revenge started playing.]

Sailor Moon turned into Princess Serenity and started using her energy.
Sailor Venus yelled out, "Usagi-chan!"
Sailor Jupiter yelled out, "Usagi-chan!"
Sailor Mars yelled out, "Usagi!"
Sailor Mercury yelled out, Usagi-chan!"
Tuxedo Kamen said, "Usako."

Princess Serenity said, "I'll protect everyone!"

After struggling some more, Princess Serenity said, "Please ginzuishou, give me more strength! So I can protect everyone! So nobody will have to be alone!"

The meteor broke up more and more. Princess Serenity was struggling to change the course of the meteor.

Tuxedo Kamen turned into Endymion and went to help the princess. Then the other Sailor Senshi lined up behind the princess and Endymion to help out.

Sailor Venus said, "Everyone, we can!"
Sailor Jupiter said, "Use our remaining power to help Usagi-chan!"
Sailor Mars said, "We aren't going to die!"
Sailor Mercury said, "Let's all return to earth together!"


Usagi said, "Hey! When you play, you have to play!"
Ami said, "Yes, let's play a lot!"

[end of flashback]

Sailor Mercury said, "Usagi-chan.."


Rei was tired.
Usagi said, "Wow! I didn't know you were that determined."
Rei said, "Oh, you just realized now?"

[end of flashback]

Sailor Mars said, "Usagi!"


Usagi said, "Wow, that onigiri looks delicious."
Mako said, "Aren't you afraid of me?"
Usagi said, "Huh, why?"

[end of flashback]

Sailor Jupiter said, "Usagi-chan."


Usagi said, "I'm so happy. The V-chan that I've been dreaming about is here in front of me."

[end of flashback]

Sailor Venus said, "Usagi-chan.."

Princess Serenity said, "Everyone is always giving me power! Also courage! The ginzuishou and I can get stronger and stronger! I won't make anyone alone any more!"

Sailor Mercury said, "Mercury star power!"
Sailor Mars said, "Mars star power!"
Sailor Jupiter said, "Jupiter star power!"
Sailor Venus said, "Venus star power!"
Princess Serenity said, "Moon crystal power!"

The ginzuishou released its power and the Princess collapsed. Usagi turned back into Sailor Moon.

The meteor flew by earth, and the earth was saved.

[end BGM song]

Back on earth, Chibi Usa was wondering what everyone else was doing. Artemis said, "I hope they can return safely."
Chibi Usa said, "They will be all right. Sailor Moon is everyone's mother. She'll protect everyone."

[the instrumental Moon Revenge started as the BGM]

On the meteor, Sailor Moon was still on unconscious. Sailor Mars said, "Usagi, Usagi, wake up! Usagi! Liar.. You said that you wouldn't die.."
Sailor Mercury said, "What's the use, if we're the only ones to get saved.."
Sailor Jupiter said, "Please open your eyes, Usagi-chan!"
Sailor Venus said, "We lost the most important thing to us.."

Fiore appeared and said, "Mamoru.."
Tuxedo Kamen said, "Fiore!?"
Fiore said, "Thank you. You and Sailor Moon saved me again. Mamoru, now I'll make that promise come true. This is the flower of life that has my energy. Give the nectar of the flower to Sailor Moon."

Mamoru took the nectar of Fiore's flower to his lips. Then he kissed Sailor Moon.

The ginzuishou started to glow brilliantly again. Then Sailor Moon's eyes opened slowly.

Sailor Moon said, "Mamo-chan.. Everyone.. Didn't I tell you.. That I'll protect everything.."
The Sailor Senshi said, "Usagi-chan!" and rushed to Sailor Moon.

[ED song Moon Revenge]

The movie credits..

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