Sailor Moon S Movie

劇場版 美少女戦士セーラームーンS

Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon S The Movie
played in movie theaters
1994.12.?? - 1995.01.??
  • Summary v.3.1415926535 by Allen Tyner
We see the Earth from above. The view continues to rise until the Moon is visible. Above the Moon, there is a spark of light. This light is a comet headed toward Earth. On this comet there is an ice woman. She says, "Beautiful Earth, let me make you more beautiful, and you will be mine..." She spreads her arms in front of her and several ice crystals fly toward the Earth.

On Earth, at an observation tower, a man is watching this comet fly toward Earth. He rushes outside and sees a bright object fall to the ground. He gets in his car and drives to the site where he saw it fall and sees one of the ice crystals that the ice woman released. It shines brilliantly and he stares at it with amazement.

[OP Song, Moonlight Densetsu, begins]

Usagi, Chibi Usa, and Luna are waving. Ami, Rei, Minako, Mako, and Artemis run to join them. The group goes out for a day of fun together.

They first travel to a store with spiritual items. Rei looks at the items carefully (with a microscope too). Chibi Usa pops up with a wooden doll with Usagi's face on it, angering Usagi.

Then they go to a clothing store where Minako models clothing for the others. First she wears a T-shirt with hearts and the words "Love Never Changes" written on it with a red long sleeve shirt under it and brown pants. She gets a nod of approval from the others. Then she models a brown plaid long-sleeve shirt with a red plaid skirt and a red vest, and again the group nods approval. Finally, she wears a purple outfit with a huge fur coat and Artemis drooping around her neck, and the group gets sweat beads.

Next, they visit the book store where Usagi, Chibi Usa, Rei, Minako, and Mako are reading and laughing at manga when Ami walks to the register with a stack of textbooks. The others drop their heads and sigh.

At an arcade, they play the KO Punch machine. Usagi barely registers with a score of 35, Rei hits it hard and gets an 80, Minako can only get a 65, whereas Mako, barely even punching it, gets a 100. Everyone claps for her.

Haruka, Michiru, and Setsuna walk down the street and see Usagi. Haruka taps her on the back and she turns around. They're surprised when they look at her. Her mouth's full of food as are both hands. She smiles and continues chewing.

[OP Song ends]

On the television, a space launch is being covered. The announcer states, "The lunar landing also includes a series of new studies on the Moon." A picture of a space shuttle is on the screen. It is replaced by the picture of a woman at a control panel. "Ms. Himeko Nayotake, a Japanese scientist who is one of the pilots of the mission, has been spending busy days at NASA, preparing for the upcoming flight." the announcer concludes. The view pans out to show that the screen is on the side of a MALTA building. Usagi and Chibi Usa are watching the screen. They're eating meatballs and Ami, Rei, Minako, and Mako are sitting on a bench behind them talking to one another. Luna and Artemis are sitting on the ground nearby.

Chibi Usa says, "Hey, that spaceship is traveling to the moon!"

Usagi gets big heart eyes and says, "Wouldn't it be lovely if Mamo-chan and I could be on that ship and make a trip to the moon together?" She pictures a spaceship in [a very happy looking ^_^] outer space with Mamo-chan and herself sitting together on top wearing little spacesuits.

"Snap out of it!" Luna yells at Usagi, "Remember, high school entrance exams are just around the corner. Most junior high students are working hard to prepare for the exams by now."

Usagi replies, "You just don't understand a woman in love. You've never been in love in the first place, have you Luna?" She eats another meatball.

Luna says sadly, "That's true," she sneezes, "Nobody loves me at all."

Chibi Usa worriedly asks, "Luna, is there something wrong?" She and Usagi both bend down to look at Luna.

"Oh, I must have gotten a cold or something," Luna says, then sneezes again, "Usagi-chan, I'll see you later."

Usagi asks, "Are you okay?" and Artemis offers to walk Luna home.

"I'm fine," Luna retorts.

"But..." Artemis offers.

"I said I'm fine. Artemis, I'd rather you not treat me like a sick person. Ja ne." Luna replies and walks off. Artemis stares at her with sad eyes as she walks away into a crowd of people.

Luna is sweating profusely as she walks home alone. She gets to a crosswalk and the walk light is green. Her vision goes cloudy and she only sees a blur. She walks onto the street and falls in the middle. The walk light turns red and she cannot move. A red sports car comes racing towards her and she stares at it wide-eyed, unable to move. A man dives and catches her and moves out of the way of the car as the car barely swerves past them. "Idiot!" the driver yells out of the car window and speeds off, leaving the man cradling Luna in his arms. She gets a glimpse of the man just before she passes out. It is the same man who saw the comet in the sky.

As Luna regains consciousness, she sees the same man that rescued her.

"You're awake." he says. She finds herself in a bed with sheets covering her up. She tries to stand up slowly. "Don't move," he cautions her, "You still have a fever." He begins to pet her. "You stay here tonight and take it easy." She smiles as he tucks her back under the covers.

He then reaches for a rag in a bucket of ice water. He dabs her head with the soft cloth to make her head feel better. She meows [very cutely ^_^] and slowly falls to sleep.

In the morning, as the light shines on the observation house, Luna is awakening as the light shines through the window shades onto the bed. She awakens to find the man who saved her asleep in a chair facing the bed.

'He took care of me all night,' Luna thinks to herself as she looks at the man with big, loving eyes, 'Staying up for me...' She remembers him diving to save her from the car, 'For me...' She continues to lovingly look at the man.

Meanwhile Usagi, Chibi Usa, Ami, Rei, Minako, Makoto, and Artemis are together outside discussing the missing feline.

"Luna?" Artemis asks solemnly.

"She didn't come home yesterday, either." Usagi replies sadly.

"What happened to her?" Ami asks.

"Maybe her cold was really bad and she fainted somewhere along the way." Rei offers, causing Usagi to gasp.

"I knew something like this would happen!" Artemis states.

Usagi gets teary-eyed, "Where could she be?"

Minako turns to Ami and says, "Could this be a case of running away?" making both Usagi and Ami gasp.

"Usagi-chan, did something happen between you two?" Makoto asks sternly.

"You didn't abuse her, did you?" Rei asks coldly.

Usagi makes a goofy face and yells, "Why would I abuse her?"

Rei points a finger at her and says, "Did you say something mean to her?"

Usagi freaks out, wildly flailing her arms and legs [with a goofy looking cow and some stars in the background for effect ^_^!]. "Stupid!" she screams as the word appears to her right [in Japanese of course] in a word balloon with an evil-looking Luna face hovering above the word. "Careless!" she yells as again the word appears to her left [once again, in Japanese] in a word balloon with an angry Luna face by it. "Cry baby!" she yells as the word falls on top of her causing her to cry [Yes, a demonic Luna face hovers above this word, too!]. "It's always her who calls me these mean things!" She turns to Rei, "And you're even meaner!" she says, and sticks her tongue out at her.

"Oh, yeah!" Rei replies, sticking her tongue out at her. A tongue war ensues.

"That's enough!" Artemis yells, getting both of their attention. "Everyone, let's split up and look for Luna."

Everyone agrees, and they go different ways; Ami, Rei, Minako, Makoto, and Artemis go one way and Usagi and Chibi Usa go the other way.

Back at the observation house, Luna is awed by all of the astrological pictures on the walls. The man who is taking care of her walks in with a three course meal on a tray and sets it on the floor. "I hope you have an appetite," he says to her. She meows and walks over to the food, sniffing it. She begins eating.

"It looks like you've gotten better," he comments. "I'm glad." She looks up at him and meows, causing him to smile.

The doorbell rings and he goes to answer it. Luna resumes eating.

"Kakeru, good morning!" a female voice says [Yes, the man's mysterious identity has finally been revealed ^_^!]. Luna looks up from her food.

"Hime, you're back!" Kakeru answers. They walk into the room where Luna is eating. "When did you get here?" he asks Himeko.

"I just arrived this morning," she replies and smiles. She turns back to face Kakeru, "So, have you been following the news of the Lunar Frontier Project?" she asks him.

"Yes, congratulations," he answers.

"That's all?" she asks, making him gasp. She sees the look on his face and looks down, "Nothing," she states and turns away from him, looking out the glass back door. "I was away from here for a year..." She quickly turns around and smiles at him. "So what's new?" she asks, shocking him with the question.

"Two nights ago, I found a new comet," he replies.

"Really?" she asks with a doubting look in her eyes.

"Yes. I saw it right next to the Moon so I called it Princess Kaguya." he says.

"So you were watching the Moon again," she states with a hint of disappointment. "But that's strange... NASA didn't find a new comet. Are you sure?"

"I'm sure!" he replies emotionally, "I saw it with my own eyes!" He walks over to a shelf and picks up something. "And this may even be a piece of the comet. The night I found the comet, this fell from the sky." He shows her the ice crystal he found two nights ago. It sparkles brightly.

"Beautiful," she comments, her eyes filled with amazement.

"Then the comet disappeared," he says. Luna walks up to their feet and stares up at them. "Yes, I checked with the Space Science Authority, and they won't recognize my discovery. But you believe me, don't you?" She looks down and doesn't answer. "I saw it!" he says loudly.

She looks him in the eyes, "You once announced that there was a goddess living on the Moon and everyone laughed at you. Don't you think the way that you view the universe is a bit romantic?" Luna looks up worriedly at the two, sensing tension.

"But when I watch the Moon, I feel a mysterious energy within my body!" he says rapidly.

She looks down and puts her head in her hand. "You're a scientist for goodness sake."

"If you don't believe me, fine then, don't believe me!" he says, putting down the ice crystal.

"Kakeru," she says worriedly, "You've been known as a genius ever since you were a child. Physics, biology, medicine, space engineering. You've earned doctorate degrees in many fields. Everyone thought you'd be a prominent astronaut one day. How did you end up being such a superstitious person?"

The ice crystal glows slightly and Kakeru grabs his head, feeling intense pain. Luna and Himeko look at him with worry on their faces. The crystal stops glowing and he relaxes some. Himeko walks over to him.

"Are you okay?" she asks him.

He pushes her away. "I don't feel well. Would you mind leaving me alone?" She looks at him blankly. "Please?" he adds weakly.

"This is my first vacation in a year," she says sorrowfully, "and I flew here all the way from America just to see you..."

"Go!" he says firmly and turns away from her.

"All right." she says and runs out of the room.

He looks down at the ice crystal with a feeling of melancholy. Luna walks up to him and meows. He reaches down and picks her up. "I don't know why I can't be happier for her." he says to Luna, "Going to space.. is her lifelong dream come true." Unknown by the two, Himeko is listening from the next door room. "By the way, what's your name?" he asks Luna.

"Lu..." Luna begins. He looks at her and she gasps and looks down. 'I can't talk.' she tells herself.

He thinks for a moment, "Kuro.. Tama.. Mike? These names don't sound right." He looks at her closely, "You've got a funny shape on your forehead, so.. crescent.. Moon.. Luna.." Luna meows as he says her name [Man, is he good or what ^_^!]. "That's it, your name is Luna!"

She meows again and blushes [cute ^_^!]. 'Yes it is!' she thinks to herself with that loving look in her eyes.

"Luna, that's a fancy name. Your owner is a very sophisticated person, I bet." Luna bugs out at this statement as she pictures Usagi doing a goofy laugh.

He reaches down to where Luna's food is and picks up a plate, "Luna, do you like star candies?" She meows approval and eats one. "Star candies are shaped like shooting stars, aren't they?" She looks up at him while chewing. "Maybe if you wish upon them while eating, Princess Kaguya will come into my life. I used to think about these things all of the time. Ridiculous, right? There are no mysterious beings on the Moon, right?" Luna meows and shakes her head, no. "That's right! You're here with me."

Outside the room, Himeko looks down depressed. "There's this ancient fairy tale about a Moon Princess called 'The Tale of the Bamboo Cutter'," Kakeru begins. "You know, I can't help but believe that there is a lady like Princess Kaguya up there. He and Luna hear a noise outside the room and go to investigate. They just see Himeko walking out of the house. "Himeko..." he says, looking at the door as it closes. Luna watches from below with a sad face.

Luna sits outside the glass back door, looking at the ocean. She has a distant look in her eyes. She remembers looking at Kakeru's face for the first time. "What is this feeling?" she thinks to herself. She remembers him sleeping in the chair after watching over her all night. She begins blushing slightly. "I'm having a strange feeling..." She thinks of him as he talks to her. "for the first time." She sighs and looks down at the ocean.

In space near the Moon, there is a flash of light. It is the ice comet carrying the ice woman. "The beautiful Earth..." she says as she looks at it from her comet, "the treasure I have been wanting since ancient times. The time has come."

She then appears in the sky above the Earth and blows a freezing wind at the surface. Many creatures form in this breath. "Loyal snow dancers, it is time for you to freeze this planet." she commands. She laughs maniacally as the snow dancers swarm the surface.

Meanwhile, Chibi Usa and Usagi are looking for Luna. It begins snowing. "Snow!" Chibi Usa declares. Everyone stops what they are doing to look at the snow. Suddenly, a snow dancer comes swirling down from the sky. She lands on the ground as with a sweep of her arms freezes many innocent bystanders. She makes a high-pitched [very annoying!] squeal. Chibi Usa and Usagi gasp as she continues freezing people and squealing.

In another part of town, a snow dancer is also freezing people. Ami, Rei, Mako, Minako, and Artemis spot her.

"Mercury Star Power, Make Up!"
"Mars Star Power, Make Up!"
"Jupiter Star Power, Make Up!"
"Venus Star Power, Make Up!"

The snow dancer spins toward them, squealing, and shoots ice at them, causing them to scatter.

In another part of town, Haruka, Michiru, and Setsuna are eating in a cafe when a man and a woman run by the window in panic. Another man is frozen solid right in front of the window. They run outside to investigate and see a snow dancer.

"Uranus Planet Power, Make Up!"
"Neptune Planet Power, Make Up!"
"Pluto Planet Power, Make Up!"

They face off against the snow dancer who throws ice at them. Pluto jumps and hits her with her staff.

"World Shaking!" The attack destroys the snow dancer, who explodes in a squealing death.

Back with the Inner Senshi, the snow dancer throws ice at Jupiter and Venus, who both dodge out of the way and counter.

"Supreme Thunder!" The attack hits the dancer's head and chips a piece off.

"Crescent Beam!" Both of the snow dancer's arms are knocked off and she falls to the ground. "What a weird monster," Venus comments.

The dancer jumps back up and flies toward Venus and Jupiter again.

"Shabon Spray!" The snow dancer is engulfed in bubbles, unable to move.

"Fire Soul!" The creature melts and dies in squealing anguish.

Back to the first snow dancer, Usagi and Chibi Usa are running like mad away from it. Usagi urges on Chibi Usa to run faster. Suddenly they both turn around and point to the sky. The snow dancer stops and looks up to see what is so interesting above her. Usagi and Chibi Usa quickly dart into a nearby building, leaving an utterly confused snow dancer behind.

"Moon Prism Power, Make Up!"
"Moon Cosmic Power, Make Up!"

The snow dancer, having lost interest in Usagi and Chibi Usa, is chasing other people around, freezing them.

"Stop right there!" Moon yells at the dancer, getting her attention again. "It's a happy winter day. People on the street are not meant to be frozen. I won't forgive you!"

"I won't forgive you!" Chibi Moon echoes.

"Fighting for love and justice..."
"We're the Pretty Soldiers..."
"Sailor Moon!"
"And Sailor Chibi Moon!"
"In the name of the Moon..."
"We'll punish you!" they finish together.

The snow dancer begins spinning and many mirages of her appear, circling the Senshi and moving around them, causing Moon and Chibi Moon to both become dizzy. Moon closes her eyes and holds the Spiral Heart Moon Rod above her head. She opens her eyes. "The real one is right there!" she says, pointing at one with the Rod. All of the fake ones fade out, which of course includes the one Moon is pointing at. She freaks out, "The wrong one!" The real one behind her strikes her, knocking the Spiral Heart Moon Rod out of her hands. The dancer hovers over the Rod, preparing to deliver the final blow to Moon and Chibi Moon.

A red rose flies from the sky and hits the dancer. "That's..." Moon and Chibi Moon say together. They look up at the sky to see.. Santa Claus?! St. Nick is riding in his sleigh pulled by his reindeer [with nice La, la, la "Jingle Bells" music in the background ^_^]. Moon and Chibi Moon gasp in awe. "Santa-san?" Chibi Moon questions. On second inspection, it is actually a blimp carrying a sleigh with blow-up reindeer in front. The Santa in the sleigh is real though.

"Merry Christmas..." he says as he reaches to pull off his clothing [Santa, how could you? ^_^]. He rips off his clothing to reveal that he is, in fact, Tuxedo Kamen, "and a Happy New Year!" he finishes. [cue the cool Tuxedo Kamen BGM.]

"Tuxedo Kamen-sama!" Moon and Chibi Moon yell in unison.

"Winter is the time when everyone has to endure cold weather. But the reward is beautiful silver snow, not the chill of fear!" The snow dancer just stares at him with a confused look and shrugs. She launches ice at him. He dodges and hits her in the face with a spinning top. He lands on the ground near Moon. "Sailor Moon, now!" he says.

"Yes," she replies, picking up the Spiral Moon Heart Rod.

"Moon Spiral Heart Attack!" The snow dancer is utterly destroyed by the attack and squeals to death. Everything and everyone thaws. The people begin their activities as if nothing at all happened. Moon, Chibi Moon, and Tuxedo Kamen look on from above. "We did it!" Moon says.

Back on the ice comet, the ice woman is angered by the Senshi's appearance. "Such meddlesome creatures on this planet." she says.

"Snow dancers!" she commands and four dancers report to her. "Have you found the missing crystal yet?" she asks of them. They all squeal in dissent. "It has the power to freeze the entire planet! You must find it!" she commands to them harshly. They squeal assent and fly off to search.

"Long ago," she says to herself, remembering her past, "When I first came to Earth, I was struck by a brilliant bolt of light. Then I went through a long journey enduring unbearable pain. I can't wait any longer. All I must do is slightly change my plans. Without anyone noticing, I will slowly take over this planet." Maniacal laughter ensues.

Back at the observation house, the ice crystal glows again, causing Kakeru to grab his chest in pain. Luna looks at him with extreme worry. Then the glowing slowly fades and the crystal returns to normal.

On a walking bridge over a busy street, the eight senshi have reverted back to normal and are discussing the snow dancers.

"Who were they anyway?" Minako asks.

"New invaders from space?" Mako suggests.

"I guess we'll have to keep an eye out for them." Haruka states, not bothering to look up at the others. Michiru and Setsuna nod in agreement.

Chibi Usa, looking down at the street, gets excited and yells, "Hey, it's Luna!" The Inner Senshi and Chibi Usa rush to the edge of the bridge to look.

Luna is walking on the sidewalk below, wearing a large yellow ribbon tied in a bow around her neck. The Inner Senshi rush down to meet her [The Outer Senshi go somewhere else, probably to finish eating their food or something ^_^]. Luna jumps into Usagi's arms.

"You worried me!" Usagi says, turning on the water works.

Chibi Usa points at the ribbon, "Hey, where did you get that ribbon?" she asks. Usagi stops crying and looks at it, too.

"Oh, this..." Luna stutters.


Kakeru is tying the ribbon around Luna's neck. "Come back any time you like," he says, smiling at her.

[End Flashback]

Luna shakes her head, "Er.. anyway, there's a mysterious comet approaching the Moon. We need to check it out."

"A comet?" Usagi asks as everyone stares at Luna.

Some time later, Usagi, Chibi Usa, Ami, Rei, and Makoto are at Rei's shrine. They are gathered around a fire.

"I did some checking and there's no report of the comet that Luna mentioned," Ami reports.

"Ami's computer is pretty thorough." Rei adds.

"Well, there's no new developments since the other day. Maybe that was just a strange incident," Makoto says.

"Sorry I'm late!" Minako says as she and Artemis run to meet the others.

"You just can't be on time, can you?" Rei asks.

"Well, I saw a really cute guy on the way and he distracted me." Minako says exuberantly.

Artemis is looking around. "Luna?" he asks.

"She said she had business to take care of, " Usagi responds, cooking something on a stick in the fire while Chibi Usa eats one behind her contentedly.

"She's been acting strange lately," Chibi Usa adds, "She keeps on reading medicine books and eating star candies."

"That's true," Ami says, "Luna came to my place to borrow my medical encyclopedia."

"Yesterday, I saw her near the Space Science Authority's observatory." Minako says, "I said 'Hi!' to her but I don't think she heard me. She looked preoccupied."

"I wonder where that yellow ribbon came from?" Rei asks.

"In addition to all that she stopped bossing me around and telling me 'Study, study, study!'." Usagi says. "Something's strange!" she adds and then bites into the food. She proceeds to make one of those faces that only Usagi can make and screams in pain as she burns her mouth.

At Usagi's house, Luna is on the floor looking through a big book. "I don't know.. nothing in this book tells what he's suffering from.

She returns to the observation house and looks through the glass back door. She sees Kakeru in bed and Himeko taking care of him. Luna pushes open the door, making Himeko look up in fright. Luna starts to make her way through the door. Himeko walks over to her. "I'm sorry, kitty-chan. He's very sick so I can't let you in." she says politely and closes the door.

"Can't let me in..." Luna thinks to herself, looking down sadly, "because I'm a cat?"

Usagi and Mamoru are sitting on a park bench by the ocean as the sun is slowly setting. Mamoru is reading a book and Usagi is hugging his arm, looking up at him.

"So, Luna has been acting strange since the day she returned," Usagi says, eyeing Mamoru. She leans back, facing him, "What do you think happened to her?"

He closes the book and smiles. "Usako, maybe Luna just needs some time to herself." he replies, "Maybe you shouldn't be worrying so much and chasing her around."

"Chasing her around you say?" Usagi says, getting a sad look on her face, "Mamo-chan, I get it.. I get it..." He looks at her confused, his mouth twitching, trying desperately to figure out where he screwed up this time. "I see, Mamo-chan. You don't want me around anymore!"

He drops the book, "Hey, Usako! That's not what I meant!" he pleads.

Luna is walking home from the observation house. "If only I were human, I could care for Kakeru.

"What made you think I was talking about you?" Mamoru asks Usagi. Luna overhears this and stops to look on from afar. Usagi and Mamoru are now standing up facing one another.

"Well, you said I was chasing around too much." Usagi replies sadly.

He takes hold of her arms. "Well, Usako, I never found your chasing around annoying." he tells her.

"Really?" Usagi asks.

"Of course." he replies.

She hugs him hard, "Mamo-chan".

"Usako." He breaks the hug, still holding her arms. He leans toward her, preparing to kiss her. She stands up on her tippy toes and receives the kiss. Luna watches on in awe and blushes slightly.

At night, Usagi lets down the odangos in her hair and brushes her hair, humming to herself as she brushes [she's humming Moonlight Densetsu of course]. Chibi Usa is on their bed asleep. Luna walks over to Usagi, sniffing the air. "Usagi-chan, that smells cute," Luna says to her.

"It's potpourri," Usagi replies, picking up the jar full of potpourri on her dresser. She opens the top for Luna to get a better smell. Luna jumps up on the dresser and sniffs it, making a happy noise of content.

"Um.. what do you and Mamoru-san talk about when you are together?" Luna asks, eyes full of interest.

Usagi laughs, "Various things. Mamo-chan is usually busy studying and doesn't have time to talk with me." She pauses for a moment, then puts her hands together and drums her fingers and smiles even bigger, "But when he talks to me about what he's interested in, he talks to me so enthusiastically." She then places her index fingers together suggestively. "And then..."

"And then?" Luna says quickly, remembering when the two kissed earlier in the day. She begins blushing.

"He always falls asleep on the couch." Luna sweat beads and falls off the dresser. Usagi looks down at Luna, "Something wrong," she says softly. Luna is twitching on the ground, her face rivaling Usagi's goofiest look. She finally stands up.

"Nothing." Luna replies, the sweat bead still on her head.

"Don't you see?" Usagi says as she walks toward her and Chibi Usa's bed, "He does it because he feels so secure with me." Luna begins to look on with curious eyes again. Usagi sits on the bed and looks up dreamily, "Mamo-chan's face is so cute when he sleeps. Just like a child's."

Luna looks down, "Um.. how does his kiss taste?" she asks, slowly looking up at Usagi.

Usagi looks down from her previous state, "Well," she says, resting her face in her hands and closing her eyes, "it tastes so sweet. Like something melting in your mouth."

"Sweet.. melting..." Luna echoes, again blushing.

A few hours later, Usagi and Chibi Usa are asleep on the bed [Words can't describe how goofy they look when they sleep]. Luna, too, is in the bed. She gets up and slowly walks over Usagi and jumps off the bed. She leaps onto the dresser and walks to the potpourri. She tries to remove the lid and almost has it open when suddenly Usagi and Chibi Usa both roll over on the bed, "Mamo-chan..." they say in unison in their sleep. Luna bugs out and falls off the dresser, the lid to the potpourri in her hands.. er.. paws. The potpourri jar spins wildly on the dresser and falls off, onto Luna's head. Potpourri rains on her body.

At the observation house, Kakeru awakens to see Luna sitting beside him. "Luna," he says, "you came to see me." She meows assent. "I used to have a dreaming of being an astronaut." he says, picturing a space shuttle. Then he moves his head slightly and continues talking, "But I had to give it up because I was too weak for such a demanding job. I think I'm getting weaker these days." The ice crystal begins glowing. He convulses in pain until the glowing fades. He reaches under his pillow for something. It is a picture of several astronauts together, with himself and Himeko together in the middle. "I must stay around Hime takes off for space." Luna looks at him with worry.

"Hime turned out to be the one who achieved out dream. Luna, please wish with me for her mission to be successful." She meows a reply. "It's funny," he says, petting her chin, "Although you're a cat, I feel like we understand each other perfectly." He leans back, pondering, "From space, the view of the blue must be so beautiful. Luna, I wish we could see it together." He pulls her close to him, "Come here," he says, "Luna, you smell so good, it makes me feel so good." [Hey, now ^_^!] He falls asleep, cradling Luna. She sits up, looking at his face.

She thinks of what Usagi told her, "Mamo-chan's face is so cute when he sleeps. Just like a child's."

'I too wish we could go to space together.' Luna thinks to herself. She walks around to get right next to his face. She leans forward, eyes slowly closing, and kisses him passionately. Her eyes open and she blushes tremendously.

Suddenly, she is running through a beautiful field of grass, with the sun slowly rising, casting its ray over the sparkling water. She is smiling happily. She continues running [Very happy BGM ^_^!].

"I saw it! I saw it!" Rei declares to the group, who is sitting around a table on pillows, "I saw Luna coming home early in the morning with a look of happiness on her face!" The others gasp.

"She must be in love," Makoto says.

"Love?" Usagi asks.

"Luna's in love, at last!" Mako declares.

Artemis gasps, and looks down sadly. Minako catches the look and says, "Ah, maybe you're just wishing it."

"Well, what about that yellow ribbon?" Makoto asks her.

Chibi Usa jumps up, "I agree!" she says. Artemis walks out of the room, looking very depressed.

"Can't you be more considerate to Artemis?" Minako yells at the others.

"Sorry..." Makoto says.

Usagi gets a goofy look on her face, "What?" Usagi asks everyone.

"Usagi-chan," Ami says, "You mean you haven't noticed all this time?"

"What?" Usagi asks, looking at everyone quickly, "What, what?"

"Artemis has a crush on Luna." Makoto tells her.

Usagi has a look of shock on her face which is replaced by a psychotic grin. "Is that true?" she asks.

"Where have you been?" Rei asks, putting her hand on her head.

Usagi leans over the table to look straight at Rei, "I just thought they were good friends." Usagi says.

"Dummy." Rei responds, causing Usagi to face fault.

Makoto leans back on her pillow, putting her hands behind her head, "Being in love, how nice it is."

"We're so busy preparing for high school exams that we hardly have time for meeting boys." Ami says. The others sigh in agreement except for Usagi.

"Except for me. I've got Mamo-chan!" she says, giving a peace sign.

"Stop showing him off," the others say together, turning away from her.

"But when I'm in high school, I'll find my love first thing," Ami says dreamily.

Makoto lays back completely on the floor, "Ah, I started thinking about him again," she says.

"I wonder what my first love is doing now," Minako says, putting her head on her arms.

"Same here," Rei says dreamily.

Chibi Usa just sighs.

Outside, it is snowing. Michiru, Haruka, and Setsuna are drinking tea at the restaurant again.

"They vanished completely," Haruka says, stirring the ice in her tea with her straw.

"It's been so peaceful lately," Michiru comments.

"Really?" Haruka asks her.

"Haruka, is something bothering you?" Michiru asks.

"No..." Haruka answers, "Just intuition."

"I feel the same, but I can't tell what it is," Michiru states.

Setsuna looks at her tea and says, "I feel like time has stopped."

Over an ocean, many snow dancers are flying around. "You foolish Sailor Senshi, keep daydreaming," the ice woman says. Underneath the water is a small ice formation. It is slowly growing.

Outside, Luna is headed toward Kakeru's house when she runs into Artemis, "It's been awhile.." he says.

"Yeah.." Luna replies, blushing.

"Luna, if there's something that's making you worried.."

"I'm sorry," she says, "but I'm in a hurry." She runs off by Artemis, leaving him behind to stare at her. 'I'm sorry Artemis,' she says to herself as she runs. Usagi spots her running and tails her.

Luna arrives at the observation house followed by Usagi. She opens the sliding glass door and Usagi stays outside, watching and listening. She sees Luna on the bed with a man as he rubs her neck. 'So that's the man Luna loves?' she says to herself. She ducks out of sight as she hears the door open. Himeko walks in.

"Kakeru, I'm leaving this afternoon," Himeko informs him.

"I see," he answers, "The big moment had arrived. I wish you success."

"Thank you," she says, timidly, "Kakeru.. when I get back from space, I'll return right away and talk care of.."

"Don't bother," Kakeru returns, "You and I are now living in totally different worlds. You see the Moon as a satellite revolving around Earth. That's not how I see it." She is shocked silent by his words. "I'm sure you'll find someone more suitable for you."

Her hands are shaking as she replies, "Oh, I see. If that's how you feel about me, I understand. I know there is nothing left between us now. Is there?" Kakeru is gripping the sheets covering him tightly, unable to answer. "You're right. I don't believe in any mysterious beings on the Moon but.."

He covers his ears and yells, "Enough!" Himeko runs out of the room in a flood of tears. Luna is shocked by the whole ordeal, unable to do anything about it. When she is gone, Kakeru gets his picture of them together out and looks at it as the tears begin to fall.

"Kakeru really loves her.." Luna thinks to herself.

Luna leaves the house and walks down the stairs to find Usagi waiting for her, "Usagi-chan," she says weakly.

"Luna," Usagi manages to whisper back, "Is he the man you.." Luna nods.

"Kakeru-san is a fool, he shouldn't hide his illness from Himeko-san. He loves her so much," Luna says with tears in her eyes, "Usagi-chan, to tell you the truth, this even more foolish cat thought maybe there was something between us. But there could never be..." Usagi gets teary-eyed, too. Luna begins crying, "I wish I were human. If I were, I would be able to be with him and I'd be able to tell him my feelings so at least I wouldn't suffer like this." Luna cries without stopping now. Usagi bends down and hugs her as they cry together.

They are interrupted as a snow dancer flies to the glass door and peeks in. It looks in for a few seconds and flies off. "Kakeru-san..." Luna says worriedly and she and Usagi rush to the door.

Inside the observation house, the crystal again glows, causing him pain. It begins snowing inside the room as the ice woman appears. "I found it!" she says, reaching for the crystal. Usagi and Luna arrive at the door to find it frozen shut and they cannot force it open. The ice woman breaks the container holding the crystal and takes it, laughing. "It looks like the crystal has absorbed your energy and become more powerful." she says to Kakeru.

"So that comet was.. Princess Kaguya was..." he demands.

"Princess Kaguya, what a wonderful name," she says, "Yes, my ship is approaching Earth. And as the whole planet freezes, you will also be a part of my beautiful collection." She laughs and disappears, causing the snow in the room to leave, too.

"So they haven't given up on Earth," Usagi states from outside the house, "I must inform everyone!"

"The cause of Kakeru-san's illness was a piece of crystal from that comet," Luna says.

"He'll be okay then," Usagi adds.

"No," Luna says, causing Usagi to look in through the door. Kakeru is still suffering.

"Why..." Usagi pleads.

"The crystal is already linked to him and will keep taking his energy." Luna explains.

Back at the ocean, the ice woman returns, "Now it is time to make this planet an eternal glacier!" she commands to her snow dancers, holding up the crystal. She throws in into the water where it touches the still growing chunk of ice below the surface. The ice suddenly grows at a tremendous pace, causing Kakeru even more pain.

"I remember now!" Artemis declares to the other 4 Inner Senshi, "I've read about this in an old story. An evil comet appeared long ago. It spread ice crystals and they covered the Earth, turning it into a dark planet of stillness. However, the power of love and friendship, Silver Crystal Power, melted the ice and saved the Earth. It's happening again!"

"An evil comet? It sounds like the comet Luna was talking about." Rei says.

"I wonder how Silver Crystal Power stopped it before?" Minako asks.

"It seems clear now that the evil comet is back after a long absence, trying to take over Earth again." Ami states.

"We won't allow it!" Mako says, slamming her fist onto the table.

At the Space Science Authority, Himeko is talking to fellow astronauts. They are wishing her luck. She turns to leave the building and Usagi is standing in front of the door holding Luna. "Oh, it's you, kitty-chan!" she says, smiling at Luna, "Is she yours?" she asks, looking up at Usagi.

"Himeko-san, please delay the Lunar Frontier Project!" Usagi demands.

"What are you saying?" Himeko asks, shocked.

"A dangerous comet is coming, "Usagi explains to her, "and there is an evil ice woman who will..."

Himeko smiles at her, "I don't understand what you're talking about at all."

"It may seem unbelievable, but she's trying to freeze the planet." Himeko ignores that and walks out of the building and gets into a car as Usagi follows, "It's too dangerous to go into space now."

"That's ridiculous! I've had enough of these fairy tales." Himeko says as the driver takes off. Usagi and Luna can only watch her go.

Back at the observation house, Usagi and Luna are looking in the back door to check on Kakeru. "Maybe," Luna says, "if he saw Princess Kaguya, his lifelong dream, he might be able to regain strength and overpower the curse of the crystal."

"Princess Kaguya?" Usagi asks.

"If I were human, I could be his Princess Kaguya..." Luna says sadly.

"Luna, even if you could become human, you wouldn't be able to..."

"I don't care what happens to me," Luna states, "I just want to save Kakeru-san. I know I may sound foolish talking like this, but I know what I'm saying. Princess Kaguya is our only hope of saving him!" Usagi is shocked to see so much emotion from Luna, "But I'm only a cat, after all," Luna concludes.

On the big screen on the MALTA building, there are huge chunks of ice covering the ground and snow is still falling. "The cold weather is reaching around the world. Even here in Africa an unprecedented snowstorm has fallen for days..." the newscaster announces. Usagi and Luna are watching.

"This is..." Usagi says.

"This is all her doing!" Luna concludes.

Usagi's communicator begins beeping. She takes it out and Ami begins talking, "Usagi-chan, we've figured out the invader's plan!"

Over the ocean, a huge chunk of ice rises out of the water. The ice woman laughs as she stands on the still-growing block of ice. A sheet of ice radiates from the chunk of ice and blankets the water. The snow dancers fly from there and begin freezing everything in sight, including Tokyo Tower [Poor Tokyo Tower, always mutilated in anime...^_^!]. The ice woman stares at Tokyo from her chunk of ice, "Everything will be mine!" she says maniacally. Suddenly, sakura petals fly in the air around her, catching her attention. On the ground by the chunk of ice are the Outer Senshi.

"Wherever trouble is, Sailor Uranus is there to clean it up."

"So am I, Sailor Neptune, here to deliver victory to the people."

"Preserving peace for all time, Sailor Pluto. We won't allow you to accomplish the evil you are plotting!"

"There you are, Sailor Senshi. But it's too late!" the ice woman says, sending the snow dancers at them, who throw ice at the Senshi. They all jump out of the way.

"Deep Submerge!" The attack wipes out a small handful of snow dancers. The ice woman laughs and holds out her arms. The ice crystal flashes and several more snow dancers are formed. Once again, they attack with ice. Uranus flips athletically a few times to avoid the attacks.

"World Shaking!" Several more die.

"Dead Scream!" Even more die.

"Quit using these cheap little tricks," the ice woman taunts. She holds up her arms and, using the ice crystal's energy, summons countless more snow dancers. The Outer Senshi cannot move from disbelief.

"Snow dancers, don't freeze them too quickly. Make them suffer!" the ice woman commands. They begin to swarm towards the Outer Senshi.

"Burning Mandala!" This successfully eliminates some of the many snow dancers as Mercury, Venus, Mars, and Jupiter arrive on the scene.

"No matter how many of you there are, it won't help!" the ice woman says. The snow dancers fly towards the Senshi.

"Shining Aqua Illusion!"
"Venus Love Me Chain!"
"Sparkling Wide Pressure!" No matter how many snow dancers they kill, there are always more coming at them. They are almost on top of the Senshi now.

Luna enters the observation house and discovers that Kakeru is gone. She runs down to the front door and finds it open. "He can't be walking around in that." she says and runs out into the blizzard.

Artemis spots her and watches her run off. "Luna," he says.

"Hime.. don't go," Kakeru says so he walks through the snow. He is ghastly pale." The princess is trying to freeze Earth. Someone please let her know." He passes out in the snow.

Neptune and Mars are knocked to the ground by the snow dancers before they can successfully attack.

Venus and Uranus are picked up and thrown violently into a chunk of ice.

The snow dancers are knocking Mercury around. Jupiter punches one in anger and destroys it, but is beat by several others.

Pluto hits at several with her staff, but two snow dancers grab the staff at either end as a third strikes her, knocking her to the ground, her staff landing at her side.

"Sailor Senshi, there is nothing left for you to do!" the ice woman says, gathering ice balls in her hands, "Here comes the final blow!"

"Stop right there!"

"Who is it?" the ice woman asks, dropping her arms, causing the ice balls to fade.

"Sailor Moon!" the Senshi shout from the ground as Moon arrives.

"Another Sailor Senshi?" the ice woman asks sarcastically. She laughs and continues, "So, what do you think? The Earth is about to become an ice planet and join my collection."

"Collection?" Moon asks, "We're not gonna be part of your stupid collection!"

Meanwhile, Luna is running as fast as she can, trying to find Kakeru.

"You will have eternal sleep in the glaciers," the ice woman says, "You will enjoy peace and tranquility without feelings of sadness or fear. Won't it be wonderful?"

"Who wants that?" Moon replies, "I'd rather be able to fall in love and be hurt."

Luna finally finds Kakeru and rushes to his side. "Hime..." he manages to say.

"Kakeru-san..." Luna says.

"Sometimes I can't sleep because I love someone so much." Moon continues, remembering Luna crying over Kakeru. "And there is always sadness in our lives. But that sad feeling keeps us going!" The ice woman looks on blankly. The Senshi all look at Moon with understanding. "If we can overcome sadness, we can hope for happiness in the future!"

"Enough of the sentimental crap!" the ice woman commands, "You will soon become ice statues!" She shoots ice balls at Moon, who jumps out of the way. "The whole universe is mine!"

"It's sad that a selfish woman like you will never know how wonderful being in love is." Moon says.


"I don't care what happens to me, I just want to save Kakeru-san..." Luna says sadly.

[End Flashback]

Moon finishes talking, her emotions too high. The ice woman prepares to throw more ice balls at her.

"Crisis, Make Up!"

"What?" the ice woman asks as Moon transforms into Super Sailor Moon.

Super Sailor Moon remembers Luna saying, "If I were human, I could be his Princess Kaguya." She looks up at the ice woman, who balks at first and finally prepares to throw ice balls.

"Rainbow Moon Heart Ache!" The attack and the ice balls collide. The balls tear through Super Sailor Moon's attack and slam her into the ground. The other Senshi become extremely worried.

"This will be the end of you!" the ice woman says.

Super Sailor Moon forces herself up, "Your beautiful icy world will be a dark land of death."

"You are in pain, let me remove it!" the ice woman declares, gathering tremendous energy.

Super Sailor Moon stands up. "How could a world without life be beautiful?" she asks. She reaches for her locket, bringing out the Ginzuishou.

"Super Sailor Moon!" Venus says, standing up, "You'll die if you use the Ginzuishou!"

Uranus also stands up, "We won't let her die!"

The other Senshi stand up. "Everyone, help her!" Mars says.

Mercury remembers what Artemis told them earlier, "However, the power of love and friendship, Silver Crystal Power, melted the ice and saved Earth."

"That's right!" Mercury says to the others, "This is the legendary Silver Crystal Power!"

The energy that the ice woman is making grows larger and larger as Super Sailor Moon holds up the Ginzuishou. The other Senshi begin walking toward her. Some snow dancers fly toward the Senshi. They are destroyed by Tuxedo Kamen, who has just arrived with Chibi Moon, "Sailor Chibi Moon, join the others to protect Sailor Moon."

"Right!" she says, joining the others. They form a ring around Super Sailor Moon as Tuxedo Kamen knocks away the snow dancers.

"Everyone..." Super Sailor Moon says. The Senshi around her lock hands. "Everyone, for the sake of this world full of like..." She holds up the glowing Ginzuishou.

"Silver Crystal Power!" they say in unison. Their clothing glows dazzlingly as they spin around in a circle. Super Sailor Moon flies above the ground and the Silver Crystal Power between them all form a pyramid of light. The snow dancers who touch the pyramid instantly die.

"Enough!" the ice woman says, releasing her energy at the Senshi. It collides with a beam from the Silver Crystal Power.

"That light!" the ice woman says, remembering, "It's the same light..." Her power rises and slowly envelops the Silver Crystal Power.

Super Sailor Moon closes her eyes. She pictures various forms of life on Earth. "Every planet in the universe in filled with energy of many vibrant lives. Listen, you can hear them, too. We were born on this small planet Earth. Each of us may just be a tiny powerless life force, but we want to enjoy our small lives as much as possible."

The Silver Crystal Power begins to overpower the ice woman's energy and envelops her, utterly destroying her. All of the snow dancers die, also. The Silver Crystal Power continues into space and destroys the ice comet. "Please, for tonight only.. turn Luna.. turn Luna into a human." Super Sailor Moon asks the Silver Crystal Power, "Grant her wish!"

The darkness in the sky parts and Luna and Kakeru are basked in light. Luna begins sparkling. Luna transforms into a beautiful woman. She has long, flowing purple hair with two small odangos on each side. Her dress is bright yellow and about the size of one of the Senshi's fukus. Two purple flowers are on the front of the dress. The yellow ribbon around her neck remains along with the crescent moon on her forehead.

Kakeru arises from the snow to see a beautiful woman flying above him. "Who are you?" Kakeru asks in awe.

"I am Princess Kaguya," the human Luna answers.

"Princess Kaguya..." he stammers.

In the blink of an eye, they are flying high in space. "Can it be? Are we in space?" he asks her. He looks down to see Earth below him. The sun is barely visible behind the Earth. "Amazing! What a beautiful sunrise!" he says elatedly, "I never thought I would see this view." He sees the crescent moon on her forehead and the yellow ribbon around her neck. "You're..."

Not far away in space, Himeko is working on a space shuttle. She looks at Earth, "Kakeru, I made it. The beautiful Earth, the beautiful sunrise." She sees a flash go by. "What? Could that be the Moon Princess? Kakeru, was that what you saw?"

"You have to keep going," human Luna tells Kakeru, "And you have to be there when your Princess returns. You have to be there for the one who truly loves you."

He nods. Her eyes get teary. "You made my dream come true," he says to her, "Thank you, Lu..."

She covers his mouth with her hand. "I can't stay here with you much longer." She kisses him deeply, "I have to go back to the Moon..."

He finds himself again face down in the snow. He gets up and looks around.

Back at the ocean, Super Sailor Moon falls to the ground.

Everyone screams for her. Tuxedo Kamen catches her. "Luna..." she whispers.

Everything begins thawing. The people once again return to their everyday activities.

Later [either that, or that was one short space mission ^_^], Himeko returns to Earth. At the airport, she is greeted by reporters, "Nayotake-san, how was the flight? Did you enjoy it? How did the Moon look?"

"On the Moon, I saw Princess Kaguya." she answers.

"What? That was a good joke." a reporter says and the reporters begin laughing. "What will you do now?"

She sees Kakeru waiting for her with flowers. He smiles at her. "Kakeru!" she yells and pushes past the reporters. They hug.

"Hime..." he says as the reporters snap pictures. From above, Luna looks on.

"He did it." Luna says.

"Luna, are you okay?" Usagi asks her from behind.

"Of course, I'm a strong cat."

Below, Himeko catches something from above. "What's this?" she asks. She opens it. "Star candies?" she asks, puzzled. Kakeru just smiles.

Luna is walking out when she runs into Artemis. She looks down. "Welcome back, Luna!" he says cheerfully, causing her to look up.

She blushes slightly, "Artemis.. why are you..."

"I've always been by your side!" he answers.

She begins crying, "Artemis!" she says and runs to him. Usagi looks on, pleased, from behind. Someone puts his arm on her shoulder.

"Mamo-chan," she says, looking up at him. They both watch and hold hands as Luna and Artemis snuggle.

[End Song, Moonlight Destiny, begins]

[Credits Roll]

Usagi and Mamoru are sitting together on one side of the screen and Luna and Artemis are sitting together on the other side. They are watching the sunset over the ocean. Luna and Artemis's tails move together playfully as the sky slowly turns to night. Luna and Artemis's tails wrap around each other and Usagi and Mamoru snuggle even closer together.

[End Song Ends]

The End

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