Sailor Moon Supers movie

劇場版 美少女戦士セーラームーンSupers
Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon SuperS The Movie
The Fabulous 9 get together! Miracle in the Black Dream Hole!
played in movie theaters
  • Translated by Valirianus Lam (
    Organized into a synopsis by Hank Chen (
A few bubbles blow by, then a view of the starry night sky is shown. A young boy's voice says, "When you have a pretty smile, the world truly becomes much sweeter than the best candy."

A shooting star streaks through the sky. Under the clouds, we see a sleeping town. Then the sound of a flute appears playing a nice melody. As the music plays, we move into a girl's bedroom. The window suddenly opens itself following with some wind. The sleeping girl opens her eyes which look blank. We see a couple more children "waking up".

A person with a very detailed outfit is shown playing a strange looking flute. As the flute continues playing, all the doors of the village begin opening and the children walk out on to the street following the music.

They begin singing a song, san ji no yosei (3 o'clock Fairy).

When I listen carefully, what a sweet melody!
The 3 o'clock Fairy calls me to follow the melody!
You knock on the door firmly, jump up in a hurry to the melody!
We'll all get on board to the children's world of candy!
Oh! We're full of dreams, of mint pies and apple pies.
Let's go with lots of cheer, let's go with lots of joy!
Have a mouthful of pudding, just have a piece of chocolate!
The 3 o'clock Fairy is looking at me with lots of joy!

As they sing, the strange figure with yellow streaked green hair leads the children onto a strange looking airship with his hypnotizing music. We see lots of children on the ship singing and waving also with blank eyes. The other children begin getting on board the airship and the door closes. Then the figure stands on the front of the ship that rises in the air. He continues playing the music and the children continue singing. Another figure watches behind a wall as the airship disappears in the air. Leaves blow in the air in front of his face....

Pretty Soldiers SailorMoon SuperS
"The Fabulous 9 get together! Miracle in the Black Dream Hole!"


As Moonlight Densetsu plays, we see a little Usagi-chan skipping with her school bags. A puppy follows her and when she bends down, it licks her face. That scene becomes a snapshot.

A little Ami-chan is in the kitchen with her mother making cookies. She cuts some shapes into the dough and puts them in the oven. That scene becomes a snapshot.

A little Rei-chan poses in front of a camera man. She is wearing a kimono with her hair up. Then two young boys pop up in front of the camera making faces and run away. Rei gets angry and bashes their heads with a baseball bat. She smiles triumphantly as the camera man twitches in dumbfoundness. That scene becomes a snapshot.

A little Mako-chan pops up in the tall grass with a butterfly net trying to catch a dragonfly. The dragonfly sits on a piece of grass and Mako jumps it but it lands on her head. That scene becomes a snapshot.

A little Minako-chan stands next to the TV and imitates the person on TV. First a singer, then a volleyball player, and then a cowboy from a western movie. She pretends to get shot and makes a funny face. That scene becomes a snapshot.

We see all of the 5 snapshots and then another page of pictures of when they are teenagers and then a big picture of everyone including Haruka, Michiru, and Setsuna, and Usagi who trips in the picture.


We see Mako-chan's apartment building and then her name tag on her door. Usagi-chan says, "Smells good! I guess it's ready now..."

She begins to grab open the oven when a wooden spoon smacks her hand away. "OUCH! What's wrong? I'm just trying to check it!"

ChibiUsa says that her book helps her check better than Usagi's eyes. The two of them growl at each other. Mako-chan comes between them and checks the oven herself. She says to Usagi that they are almost done and she'd better wait until the edges become nice and brown.

ChibiUsa smugly says, "You see?" Usagi becomes very steamed.

Then we see Rei, Ami, and Minako at the counter along with Mako and Luna, Artemis and Diana. A frustrated Minako-chan is mixing cookie dough in a bowl and mutters, "Come on" a few times. Mako suggests to her that it looks like the dough will become hard and she shouldn't put sugar in to early.

Mako also says, "Don't rush too hard or you'll stumble on the road of life."
Minako says, "You can say that again!" and begins eating the chocolate chips.

Rei tells her that there are only a few chocolate chips left. Minako says that she couldn't stop eating them and quotes, "We cannot control the tongues of ours!"
Artemis corrects her, saying, "It goes, "We cannot control the tongues of others"."

Rei says "We better give up on chocolate chip cookies shouldn't we?"

Then we see Ami-chan making imprints on her cookie dough using the bottom of a glass. Everyone watches in amazement and comments her on how well she is doing.

Ami says that she learned from her mother. "Although she's always been busy and hard to find at home, she often made cookies like this whenever I was depressed in my school days, saying, "Here you are Ami! My special cookies to make you hundreds of times more energetic!"."

Everyone smiles, then the cuckoo clock alarms everyone. Mako says, "Oh! It's already the 3 o'clock Fairy!"
Luna asks, "The 3 o'clock Fairy?"
Then Usagi asks what it is. Mako says it's nothing special but ChibiUsa presses her to explain what it is. Mako said that her mother often made cakes or something for her when she was a child also. "Once when I asked her why she made cakes at 3:00, then she said, "That's because of the 3 o'clock Fairy!" The Fairy comes to tell every mother who has children to make sweet snacks for them."

But since she didn't understand what the 3 o'clock Fairy was, she thought that the small bird coming out of the clock was the Fairy.

ChibiUsa smiles and Mako says that her mother's cakes were really something special.

Ami says, "I know what you mean. I always thought that getting depressed isn't really a bad thing while having my mother's cookies."

ChibiUsa says how much she envies the both of them. "That's because my mom even in the future can't make anything but specially burnt cookies!"
Usagi gets annoyed and says, "Why are you always saying such unnecessary things?" ChibiUsa plugs her ears.

Everyone laughs and says to Usagi, "As expected Usagi!" "It's true!"

Diana says, "I'm very impressed to hear that, sweet snacks are like sweet memories aren't they?"
Rei-chan says, "But the most important thing is future happiness rather than the simple memories!"
Minako-chan says, "On this coming Valentines day, I'll snatch my happiness by giving my handmade sweets."
Diana asks, "Hey can you snatch happiness if you succeed in making good sweets?"
Minako replies, "Of course! That's why we're all getting lessons here."
Usagi adds, "As we all know, Mako-chan is a genius in making sweets!"
Mako blushes and says, "Well I'm not so sure about that."
Diana asks, "So Makoto, you have already snatched your happiness, haven't you?" Everyone is shocked and then they get sweat drops. Diana is confused.

Mako says, "Happiness becomes real while you're chasing it."
Minako and Usagi put their hands on Mako's shoulders and say, "Mako-chan, your words are so convincing that they really sound good." Mako drops her head and agrees.

Then the oven bell rings. Usagi and ChibiUsa take their cookies out of the oven. Usagi begins to laughs really funny and triumphantly says, "Look how beautiful my cookies are! And in contrast, how UGLY yours are!"
ChibiUsa defends herself and shots back, "Shut up! My cookies can beat yours by their superb taste! They are special enough so that one bite makes you energetic and powerful hundreds of times over!"
Usagi smugly says, "I'm not so sure about that, my cookie must taste better than..."

She takes a bit of one of her cookies and then......her face turns sour. Everyone gets sweat drops and they all sigh.

Minako says, "Oh! What ChibiUsa made tastes good!"
They all agree and Rei-chan adds, "Even though they don't look pretty, they taste perfect!"

ChibiUsa faces Usagi and taunts, "Now, you see?"
Usagi gets tears in her eyes and says, "Hey, come one you guys! Fine! I'm sure that Mamoru would enjoy mine!" She takes out a handkerchief. Everyone gets sweat drops again.

ChibiUsa is walking down a street with her "special cookies" in her hand and Diana perched on her head. ChibiUsa says, "I guess I almost won the match."
Diana says, "Match?"
"Yeah, if I give Mamoru these cookies, I can definitely get his attention!"

ChibiUsa suddenly sees a sparkling figure standing in front of the Sweet House mirror wearing a white robe with colorful wings. She blinks and then the figure wore a red suit. ChibiUsa continues staring and Diana asks her "What's wrong, Small Lady?"

ChibiUsa approaches the figure who turns out to be a boy with gray hair and blue streaks in it, looking through a window of sweets. She walks around him, observing him and staring at him. He looks at her and she frowns. Then Diana meows.

The boy says, "Hi! What a cute cat!"
ChibiUsa replied coldly, "She's Diana."

He leans forward and says, "Hi! Nice to meet you Diana."

Diana hops onto his shoulder and starts licking his face. He starts laughing saying how ticklish it feels and ChibiUsa starts to laugh also. The two of them smile at each other and Diana hops back onto ChibiUsa's head.

"Say, what are you doing here? Are you waiting for someone?"

A girl and her mother walk out of the Sweet House and the boy says, "I'm watching the children come out of the store, they look so happy..."

ChibiUsa says, "You can say that again! That's because this is a sweet snack store!"
The boy says, "Yeah, this city is really nice! Every mother looks really gentle."
ChibiUsa says, "However there are some exceptions." She goes on telling about how her "mother" is slow, clumsy and also a crybaby. "She even steals my snacks....but I sometimes do the same thing!"

The boy laughs and says she is funny. He says, "It's really a hearty city here! The snacks even look happy!"
"Do you understand how they feel?"
He says, "Look! They almost start dancing to make children happy."

Both of them look through the window. ChibiUsa looks around and says, "To me, they just look delicious."

The boy takes a flute out and starts playing it. Bubbles appear and then several pieces of cookies form a moving, dancing figure. ChibiUsa and Diana are shocked. Then when the music stopped, the cookies returned to normal.

ChibiUsa sticks out her hand and introduces herself. The boy on the other hand looks surprised for a minute by this action and then sticks his hand out and introduces himself as Peruru.

An instrumental version of Morning Moon is playing on the radio. We are now in Mamoru's apartment and he is reading a magazine. The doorbell rings a few times and it's Usagi saying, "Delivery Service! I've brought the best of my love to you!" Mamoru smiles.

Usagi bends down under Mamoru's bed and says, "I guess that annoying kid is hiding somewhere here." Mamoru is wearing slippers with Tuxedo Mask glasses on them.

"Are you talking about ChibiUsa? You shouldn't call her that. She's not here today."
Usagi looks around. Then she bursts, "She is an absolute disturbance isn't she? All the time even!"

Then Usagi looked at Mamoru's purple shirt and asks when he got it. Mamoru said that the other day when he went shopping with ChibiUsa. Usagi disapproved. They sit together on the couch and Usagi grabbed Mamoru's hand. She asks him, "I have been trying to ask you this, but who do you feel is more important? Me or ChibiUsa?" Mamoru gets nervous.

"Tell me the truth! Who do you think of most?" Mamoru doesn't answer. Usagi is upset that he doesn't reply her and then in a funny background, she is on the ground with a handkerchief in her mouth and it's raining on her.

"Now I see how much you like ChibiUsa. Even with the best homemade cookies in the world, what an unhappy woman I am!"
Mamoru says, "Wow, you brought cookies? Let's have a cup of coffee!"

Then the news comes on the radio.

"The midday news. Something strange is happening in cities of the world. All the children have been disappearing during the night. This strange occurrence has been confirmed in 43 cities in 27 countries. The authorities have no information regarding the whereabouts of the missing children."

Mamoru and Usagi look at each other.

ChibiUsa hands her "special cookies" to Peruru. He asked her what they were and she said they were her handmade cookies. He stares at them for a while and ChibiUsa says, "What? Even though they don't look beautiful, my cookies will win with their superb taste! They are special enough so that one bite makes you energetic and powerful hundreds of times over!"

Peruru asks if he could keep them. ChibiUsa nods her head. Then she says good bye to him and waves her hand from a distance. He waves back, little does he know what it means...

Soon the whole town became dark. It was nighttime and the same mysterious flute music started playing again. This time, ChibiUsa's window opened and her eyes opened eerily. Meanwhile, Usagi was asleep halfway on the floor and halfway on the bed. She kept laughing and drooling. Then Diana came and tries to wake her up. Usagi said in her sleep, "I love you Mamo-chan..."

Diana shouts in her ear, "PLEASE WAKE UP USAGI!!" Then Usagi crashes on the floor.

ChibiUsa was walking outside barefoot in her pajamas. Diana and Usagi were watching her.

"What on earth is she doing?" Then everyone else appeared. Artemis says that ChibiUsa wasn't the only one acting like that. Minako pointed to all the other children on the other side of the road. Usagi was shocked.

Ami said, "All the children in this city seem to have left their homes."
Minako said, "I wonder what kind of night time plays are popular nowadays..."
Rei-chan said to her, "No way!"

Ami points out that there was a news report about children disappearing from their homes. Mako-chan said that this must be related to the story in the news report. Rei could hear a flute playing.

"Hey! Can't you hear something like the sound of a flute?"

Everyone listens carefully for a moment and hears it. Ami-chan uses her mini-computer to analyze the sound. She says that, together with the sound of the flute, some sort of unusual energy is spreading.

We see the children again who begin following the sound and singing the "3 o'clock Fairy" song. Everyone follows them and they spot the strange airship that the children were boarding.

Luna says, "We can't leave the children like this."

Everyone agrees. Usagi grabs ChibiUsa and tries to get a hold of her. ChibiUsa mumbles, "Let me go, let me go." Diana tells Small Lady to be strong and Usagi says, "This should wake you up!"

Usagi lifts her up and spanks her a few times. Diana flinches and then ChibiUsa wakes up.

"OUCH! Why did you do that stupid Usagi? Oh!--where am I?
"Oh no, you don't remember anything?"
Rei, Minako, Ami, and Mako try to stop the other children.

"Everyone, let's go home!"
"Don't go on that strange ship!"

The children just reply, "Let us go, we are going to the world of sweets."

Then Rei saw the person playing the flute. He stops playing and stands up and then all the children fall asleep on the ground. He was on top of the airship saying, "Don't disturb us!" Rei asked who he was.

He just said that the children were gathered by their own will. "So don't disturb us!"

Minako said he forced them here and Mako said they wouldn't let him continue.

"Damn...what a nuisance tonight." And with that he smiles evilly and throws some "candy" at them. He says, "Puppyyots!"

The stranger then played a small tune on his flute and the "candy" unwrapped themselves in front of everyone. They were blue blobs that moved around and then grew hands, feet and a head.


More of those blue blobs grow alive and then the stranger said, "Go and get them BonBonBaddies!"

A bonbonbaddy heads for Rei. She elbows it but it bounces off a street lamp and rams into her. Minako kicks one but it bounces off the airship and hits her. Ami ducks one but it heads for Mako-chan. She struggles to push it away.

At the same time, Usagi and ChibiUsa are running away from one bonbonbaddy.

"Don't come this way! No! Hey, ChibiUsa stop it!" They keep fighting with each other while running around a jungle gym set.

"You stop it!"
The stranger laughed and Luna told everyone to transform.
"Mercury Crystal Power!"
Mako tossed her bonbonbaddy in the air. "Jupiter Crystal Power!"
"Mars Crystal Power!"
"Venus Crystal Power!"
All four of them say, "MAKE-UP!"

We see all the four transformations at the same time in a four-way screen.

Meanwhile, Usagi and ChibiUsa are still running away from a bonbonbaddy.

"Venus....Love and Beauty Shock!" The attack impales the bonbonbaddy and it shrinks into a tiny round ball. Usagi and ChibiUsa stare at it and then they transform.

"Moon Crisis...Make-UP!"
"Moon Tiara Action!" SuperSailorMoon throws her tiara at a bonbonbaddy and it shrinks into a ball.

SuperSailorMercury heaves some icy water and freezes the bonbonbaddy which then shrinks into a ball.

SuperSailorMars tosses some flames at a bonbonbaddy and it shrinks into a ball. SuperSailorJupiter throws a ball of lightning at a bonbonbaddy and it also shrinks into a small ball.

The stranger says, "Just who are you guys?!"

SuperSailorMoon says, "I've been expecting that question! We are the globally famous friends of justice! We can't forgive bad guys who lure children with the mysterious sound of a flute!"

"We are agents of love and justice!"
"Pretty Sailor-suited soldiers!"
"In the name of the moon, we'll punish you!"

The others say, "In addition, SailorSoldiers won't forgive you!"

The stranger scoffs and hops to the top of the airship. He plays another tune and then the ground that everyone is standing on turns into a field of flowers.

"What? What's this?" "What's going on?"

Mercury said that she smelled something sweet. ChibiMoon then points to a house of candy.

"No way! A house made of sweets?"

Luna tries to call everyone. "What's happened to them?"

Artemis said that it's a hallucination from the sound of the flute.

Everyone starts laughing and going to the house. They go in and we see through the window that they all become ChibiMoon's size.

ChibiMoon says, "Hey, Everyone looks as small as me!" They all look at each other.

SailorMoon looks at a ring of donuts and she drools, saying "Delicious!" She starts to take a bit of one and the stranger motions for her to eat it but then a rose flies out of nowhere and almost hits the stranger.

SailorMoon opens her eyes which are normal again. The stranger looks around and we see Tuxedo Mask standing on a branch of a tree.

"Tuxedo Mask!"

He says, "Don't eat such things, SailorMoon!" Everyone looks at SailorMoon holding a playground ring. She is embarrassed and pushes it away laughing but it swings towards her and hits her in the face. She kneels down crying, "It hurts! It hurts!"

Tuxedo Mask jumps toward the stranger on the airship. They look at each other. He says, "I guess you are one of them...."

Tuxedo Mask charges at the stranger with his cane but misses and he gets blasted by him. He lands on the deck of the ship and then the stranger plays a short tune which wakes up the children and they all head toward Tuxedo Mask. Tuxedo Mask jumps on the rail and then the children grab his feet. A bonbonbaddy rams him off the ship, landing on the hard ground. Everyone rushed to him.

More bonbonbaddies surround and head for them. Then another flute sound stops the demons. Another boy stands on a mound and says, "Stop it!"

Everyone looks at him and ChibiMoon recognizes him. He was carrying her special cookies and his flute! It was Peruru in a light blue robe!

The stranger said, "Peruru, it's you! What do you mean?"
Peruru said, "Brother, when did you come to enjoy violence?"

Then a woman's voice echoed, "What is happening, Pupuran?" Pupuran kneeled down and then the two eyes of the airship lighted up an image of a woman in midair. Pupuran, the stranger, said, "Madam Vadiane."

She said, "What are you doing? I can't permit any delays to our schedule." Pupuran said that Peruru interrupted his work.

Peruru said, "Why do you want us to gather children by using violence?"

Pupuran said he was being rude to Madam Vadiane. Peruru said that he can't let this continue and he doesn't believe in her anymore.

Pupuran just said that she was doing this for the children's eternal happiness.

Peruru said, "I don't think so!" ChibiMoon runs up to Peruru. Vadiane saw her and asked if she was the one who troubled his mind.

"No, she's not involved!"

Vadiane then said to keep working and bring the girl together with the other children.

Then she shot black lightning out of her finger at the bonbonbaddies. She laughed and then disappeared. The bonbonbaddies fly around and Jupiter said, "Seems like we're back to fighting!"

Pupuran tells the bonbonbaddies to attack.

"Jupiter...Oak Evolution!"
"Mercury...Aqua Rhapsody!"
The two attacks hit the bonbonbaddies but they grew back to normal as if nothing touched them. One bonbonbaddy flew towards ChibiMoon, Peruru tried to stop it by playing a tune on his flute but didn't work. Then, Tuxedo Mask heaved himself at the bonbonbaddy just in time. He hit the sand then struggled to get up but another bonbonbaddy rammed into him. He slammed against the ship and took a nasty fall.

ChibiMoon and SailorMoon rushed toward him but ChibiMoon was picked up by a bonbonbaddy with the other children and brought on the ship.

Jupiter threw lightning at the ship but nothing happened. Pupuran laughed and started playing "san ji no yosei". The ship rose and the children started singing. ChibiMoon struggled to get past the children and SailorMoon called her name. The ship flew away into the clouds. Peruru ran away but Mars and Venus blocked his way.

"Freeze!" "We can't let you go! Who are you?!"

Meanwhile, the airship is flying above the clouds. The children are singing. ChibiMoon looks angry and upset. Then a magical palace starts forming on the clouds. 2 other ships also with guys playing flutes joined Pupuran and headed for landing in the castle.

Vadiane said, "Good job."

The doors of all 3 airships opened and all of the children ran out laughing into darkness. Then ChibiMoon saw the children asleep in little glass coffins.

Black lightning hit ChibiMoon and then she was brought to a really big Vadiane. She said, "So it's you who disturbed Peruru's mind. I see, I feel a special energy from you. You want to go to the dream coffin along with the others?"

She started telling about how the earth will be swallowed up by her Black Dream Hole. "In the middle of the castle, my Black Dream hole is now becoming bigger and bigger by absorbing the gathered sugar energy of dreaming children. Sooner or later, it will swallow the earth. In the end, all the ridiculous humans will be the residents of the dream coffins. What a beautiful scene it will be!"

ChibiMoon says, "Aren't you a fool? That's impossible! It'll never happen!"
"Oh? And why do you think so?"
ChibiMoon says, "That's because SailorMoon is on the earth!"

The black clouds cover the city. Dark pink lightning flashes across the sky. Artemis says that those aren't ordinary clouds. Everyone including Peruru is at Mamoru's apartment.

Luna says Mamoru is all right. Usagi is holding Mamoru's hand. He asks if ChibiUsa is all right. Usagi says yes.

"That little disturbance will be all right."
Peruru says, "Are you sure?"

Then everyone (transformed) is on Peruru's ship. They are heading for the clouds. He says that they have to go quickly.

"If ChibiUsa is thrown into the Black Dream Hole, we can't help her anymore."
Mars asks, "Black Dream Hole?"
Peruru says, "I have to help her anyways."
Venus says that there is a chance that they are falling into a trap. Jupiter says that the only thing they can do it believe in him. SailorMoon looks at ChibiUsa's "special cookies" that Peruru has tied to his waist.

"ChibiUsa gave that to you isn't it?"
He said, "I.....We're going into the clouds. After we're through, we'll be there soon."

They are in the dark clouds. Peruru gets a flashback:

Vadiane tells the 4 fairies (Peruru, Pupuran, Oranjiya and Bananu) hat she will lead all the children to the world of dreams where they are never hurt by anyone.

"Now fairies, let me have your powers!"

Then he thinks of ChibiUsa saying, "Bye bye! I'm sure we'll meet again!"

[End of flashback]

They rise above the clouds. Mars says, "What? I can feel this space filled with something very ghostly."
Venus says, "I don't see anything different.."

SuperSailorMercury turns her special goggles on and studies the space ahead of them. Peruru plays a simple tune on his flute which causes a huge castle to unveil itself. Everyone is shocked.

Peruru says, "That's where the kidnapped children are being kept, Magipan Castle." They head for landing when they hear the sound of a blast. Suddenly the airballoon of the ship catches fire! The whole ship is falling, and soon to crash on on the surface.

Mercury zooms in on a hole in the castle. "A cannon?!"
Bananu and Oranjiya load a cannon. "Load the cannon with a bullet!"
Pupuran says to blow them up along with Peruru. "FIRE!"

Mercury uses her "Shine Aqua Illusion!" to freeze the bullet. The ship slides across the surface and they crash into a ditch leaving the boat hanging sideways next to a pit.

The 3 laugh and say, "What are we going to do with all of you?"
Peruru says, "I'll stop what Vadiane is doing!"
SailorMoon says, "Give us back ChibiUsa and the children!"
Pupuran says, "ChibiUsa? Oh! That little girl..Vadiane likes her very much."
Bananu says that, "She says the girl would be the best kind of energy to give the Black Dream Hole!"

Peruru says he can't forgive it. Pupuran just tells him, "How stupid you are! You shall die as well." He tells Bananu and Oranjiya to watch out cause they have strange powers.

The 3 throw some bonbonbaddies at the SailorSoldiers.

"Puppyyots!" With the addition of new pink and orange colored ones, the girls were outmatched.

"Supreme Thunder!"
"Venus Love Link Chain!"

Black lightning restores the demons' forms after their attacks. Pupuran says the dark evil energy given to them from Madam Vadiane is becoming more powerful. "You have no chance against us!"

The bonbonbaddies surround the SailorSoldiers. They are near the pit. Then a familiar orange ball attack hits the demons.

SailorMoon says, "That attack is...." Rose petals blow by... and we see 3 familiar figures!

"A planet far up in the sky is my guardian deity... the soldier of sky...SailorUranus!"

"A planet with the sea of sand is my guardian deity... the soldier of embrace...SailorNeptune!"

"A planet floating in time and space is my guardian deity... the soldier of revolution...SailorPluto!"

"We three soldiers of the outer solar system are being led by a new crisis and here we are!"

"Uranus? Neptune? Pluto?" Everyone is surprised.

Pluto uses, "Dead Scream" to blast the bonbonbaddies. The 3 soldiers slide down the ditch.

"What led you here?"

Uranus says, "A huge dark and evil energy is now getting bigger in this castle."
Pluto asks, "SailorMoon, a crisis is approaching Small Lady isn't it?" She nods her head.
Pupuran says, "You still have others? Hey you! How did you find our invisible castle?"
Neptune holds her Deep Aqua Mirror and says, "My mirror can see through any tricks!"
"Submarine Reflection!"

The shiny splash of her attack showed the weakness of Pupuran, Oranjiya and Bananu which were their flutes.

"Space Sword Blaster!" SailorUranus slashes Oranjiya's flute. He turned into a pink bird, his bonbonbaddies disappeared and he flew away.

Mars said, "That's the way!"
"Mars...Flame Sniper!"

She targets her arrow at Bananu's flute and he turns into a orange bird, his bonbonbaddies disappear and he also flew away.

"Damn!" Pupuran is left. Uranus points her Space Sword at him and asks, "What are you planning by kidnapping children?"

Pupuran replies, "We want to change the world so children can stay as children! What's wrong with that?" He got angry and played a tune for the bonbonbaddies to attack but Uranus slashes his flute and he turns into a blue bird and flies away. The bonbonbaddies are gone.

Peruru looks sad.

Uranus says, "A world where children can stay as children!?"
Neptune says, "Becoming an adult makes it more fun! They shouldn't interfere should they?"

Uranus blushes and coughs.

Peruru plays his flute to open the door of his ship. He says that the ship is okay and to hurry on board. A hole in the ground opens up and the ship goes down.

Pluto asks SailorMoon who the boy is. She says, "ChibiUsa's boyfriend, aren't you?" Peruru doesn't reply.

They are at Vadiane's chamber when black lightning strikes them. The ship capsizes and everyone tumbles out.

Vadiane says, "This is a sacred place! I can't let you come in!" She stands on a weird looking platform. Venus asks where ChibiMoon and the children are. Vadiane says the children are there.

Then, the dream coffins full of sleeping children appear right under where the girls are standing.

"These children are..."
"How awful!"
Peruru says, "Stop it, you witch from the evil world!" Then he charges at her. A strong force knocks him away and he lands in Jupiter's arms.

"What a stupid boy you are, Peruru. After all my help to make the fairies' dreams for a beautiful and sweet world come true!"

He shots back, "In the world you're making, nobody can become happy at all! I want to protect the world where children can grow up with their friends and family!"

Vadiane asks, "Is this the girl who told you such ridiculous things?" She holds ChibiMoon in her hand.

"Small Lady!"

ChibiMoon calls out SailorMoon and they happily look at each other. Then ChibiMoon says, "You're late."
SailorMoon says, "Shut up."

Then the ceiling opens up to the sky. The Black Dream Hole appears with clouds and black thunder swirling all around it.

"What's that?"

Uranus says that is the true nature of the evil dark energy.

Mercury asks if that is the Black Dream Hole.

Vadiane says, "That's right! It becomes more and more powerful as it eats the dream energy of children!"

We see black lightning extracted from the dream coffins of sleeping children. She holds up ChibiMoon towards the Black Dream Hole above. A powerful jolt of black lightning strikes her! Her transformation is undone, leaving a mess of pink ribbons. She is screaming and everyone tells Vadiane to stop.

SailorMoon and Peruru jump towards them but is electrocuted by black lightning surrounding Vadiane.


The fire doesn't do anything. Mercury says that she is covered all over by a barrier.

Vadiane laughs and says, "As I expected, this little girl has the best source of energy to grow the Black Dream Hole!"

ChibiUsa is screaming and trying to hold on to her loose ribbons. The Black Dream Hole gradually grows bigger and bigger. It lifts high into the air. A flute plays and Peruru's ship rises. Vadiane asks what they are going to do.

SailorMoon and Peruru are in the ship. He says to SailorMoon, "The energy from our thoughts for ChibiUsa moves this ship, so..."

"Ok! Let's go!"

They start directing the ship toward Vadiane. "You're ship can't break through the barrier!"

Uranus motions everyone to help SailorMoon. They all start their attacks but black lightning strikes them.

Then the whole ship starts to break into wreckage as it tries to enter the barrier. Pieces of the ship fell and the girls are shocked.

Vadiane laughs, thinking that she got rid of SailorMoon and Peruru when a large piece of wreckage pops into view.

"Give me back ChibiUsa!"

Vadiane replies, "My Black Dream Hole wants this girl's sugar energy! I won't giver her back!"

Then she strikes the wreckage with her staff and flies up towards the Black Dream Hole.

SailorMoon and Peruru follow her up. They reach Vadiane and tell her to give back ChibiUsa. She says, "Get out of the way!" and blasts them.

Peruru tells her, "If you go closer, you'll also get swallowed!"

"How stupid of you! The Black Dream hole is part of my body! It'll swallow up this planet using the girl's sugar energy!"

Peruru said, "I won't let it happen!"

ChibiUsa wakes up for a moment and calls out Peruru and SailorMoon. But black lightning zapped her again. The other SailorSoldiers are also being shocked by the black lightning.

A giant piece of wreckage flies up towards SailorMoon and Peruru and knocks them. Vadiane disappears into the Black Dream Hole with ChibiUsa.

The SailorSoldiers suddenly lose their transformations!
"Oh, our transformations!"
"They're melting!"
Peruru and SailorMoon stare at the Black Dream Hole.
"Damn!" Peruru pounds the surface of their wreckage. ChibiUsa's special cookies almost fly away when SailorMoon grabs them. She takes one out and remembers what ChibiUsa said about them.

She looks at the Black Dream Hole and says to Peruru, "They are special enough so that one bite will make you energetic and powerful hundreds of times over!"

She eats the cookie and jumps into the Black Dream Hole. Peruru tries to stop her and says that she can't turn back once she's in. The Black Dream Hole continues to grow.

SailorMoon flies through the Black Dream Hole. Black lightning flies everywhere, slowing her down. Vadiane laughs and says, "How foolish of you to come here by yourself!"

When she is in, dark crystal like branches with flickering lights surround her. She looks around and spots ChibiUsa floating unconsciously. She grabs her in her arms and calls her name producing an echo.

Vadiane says, "Don't wake her up! Don't disturb her dream!"

SailorMoon looks back and suddenly they are in Mamoru's apartment! Mamoru wakes up and says, "Usagi? What are you doing here?"
"Mamoru! Is this your apartment?"
"Of course!"

She asks him is his wounds are better. He says they are nothing serious. Then she tells him that ChibiUsa won't wake up. They put her in the bed then Mamoru wraps his arms around SailorMoon. He says, "She's all right. Let her sleep. ChibiUsa is now having a wonderful dream. Let her enjoy it. There is just the 2 of us now. Nobody will disturb us."

SailorMoon says, "But we have to save the children and the others! Now they must be..."
Mamoru says, "Don't worry about the others!" She gasps.
He says, "I'm just happy when you're here beside me."
He starts to kiss her but SailorMoon asks him, "Mamoru...actually, who do you think is more important? Me or ChibiUsa?"
He says, "You of course!" She steps back and picks up ChibiUsa.
"Mamoru, you're always handsome, even in a dream."

Then the surrounding fades away.

"Crisis Power!" The silver crystal lights up and breaks their Dream Coffin."

Vadiane says, "You escaped my Dream Coffin!" Black lightning zaps SailorMoon repeatedly.

"SailorMoon, what are you going to do? Take your hands off that girl! Then you can go back to the pleasure of the Dream Coffin again! Otherwise the fire will burn you to death!"

We see a bright orange orb giving off black lightning.

"Now think! If all humans can take care of themselves as in their dreams, they won't hurt each other anymore! I am growing the Black Dream Hole for the sake of all humans."

SailorMoon thinks back when Ami-chan says, "I always thought that getting depressed isn't really a bad thing while having my mother's cookies."

And when Rei-chan says, "But the most important thing is future happiness rather than the simple memories!"

And when Mako-chan says, "Happiness becomes real while you're chasing it."

And when Minako-chan says, "...your words are so convincing that they really sound good."

SailorMoon smiles and her silver crystal gives off bright white light. It bursts through the Black Dream Hole and shines on everyone. Everyone is surprised.

"This light is..."

Vadiane covers her eyes, "What kind of light is this?"

All the girls get their transformations back. "It's SailorMoon!"

Then Peruru grows colorful wings from his back.

Vadiane says, "SailorMoon! You've got to give me the girl! Give me the girl's beautiful sugar energy!" The light fades away.

Vadiane appears in front of SailorMoon with the giant orb behind her. SailorMoon doesn't answer.

"Damn you! Then I'll have to burn you to death!" She laughs and disappears into the fiery orb. Her head mark and eyes appear on the ball of flames.

Streams of fire blast SailorMoon repeatedly, her trying to protect ChibiUsa. The silver crystal loses power and SailorMoon gets hurt badly.

She says in her mind, "Please everyone!" All the soldiers hear her cries. "Please everyone! Please lend me your power!" The pretty soldiers nod.

"SailorMoon..." Pluto's tiara disappears to form her glowing symbol. Her purple mark goes to SailorMoon.

"SailorMoon..." Uranus and Neptune's tiara disappear to form their glowing symbols. Their dark blue and aquamarine marks go to SailorMoon.

"SailorMoon..." Jupiter and Venus's tiara disappear to form their glowing symbols. Their green and yellow marks go to SailorMoon.

"SailorMoon..." Mercury and Mars's tiara disappear to form their glowing symbols and their blue and red marks also go to SailorMoon.

SailorMoon glows with white light. She is revived!

Vadiane says, "What?" and blasts another stream of flames at SailorMoon. They reflect her.


SailorMoon and ChibiUsa's compacts open up and the silver crystal feeds power into ChibiUsa's brooch. Then her transformation returns and she wakes up smiling. They look at the orb and SailorMoon says, "Let's go!"

They hold hands and BOTH of them take out Kaleid-Moon-Scopes! They fly towards Vadiane and say, "Moon Gorgeous, Meditation!"

They plunge into the orb like a bullet. After a few seconds, they burst out from the other side of the orb.

Peruru gasps, "SailorMoon! She has penetrated the Black Dream Hole!" and tears flow from his eyes.

The orb closes in on itself with Vadiane's face twisting and screaming. It explodes.

SailorMoon and ChibiMoon still circling, join hands as their Kaleid-Moon-Scopes disappear and they smile at each other.

Meanwhile Magipan castle caves in. The Dream Coffins of children are put onto the 4 remaining airships. SailorMoon and ChibiMoon stop floating in the air and they start falling, screaming their heads off. Peruru catches them and flies them on board.

Sunset rises over an ocean. The airships start descending and Magipan castle disappears. Peruru and SailorChibiMoon stand on the beach. He holds out his flute and says, "I want you to keep this."

She asks, "Are you leaving?"

He shakes his head. "I am the fairy who protects the beautiful sugar energy growing inside of children. I'm always with you."

ChibiMoon takes the flute and tippy-toes to kiss Peruru on the cheek. He flies in the air, blushing and touches his cheek. He says, "Thank you very much for the cookies and say hello to Diana!"

ChibiMoon says, "Bye bye Peruru! I'll see you again!" Then he flies away into the sunlight.

SailorMoon stands next to ChibiMoon and the other seven soldiers line up on a hill above them all looking at the beautiful sunrise.

ENDING CREDITS and Movie ED song:

MORNING MOON (sung by Pretty Cast)

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