Kagawa Hisashi

Sailor Moon characters drawn by Kagawa Hisashi (香川久) usually carry only a small signature of his art style (i.e. it doesn't really stand out). He belongs to the more consistent group of animation directors. Once in a while, his style does surface and becomes noticeable. Contrasting to Ms. Tadano's reference art style, Mr. Kagawa has a tendency to draw characters with an wider, but shorter face outline. Eyes of Mr. Kagawa's characters seems larger than others as well. In general, the forehead and chins appear smaller. For the most illustrative example of Mr.kagawa's art style, refer to episodes 25 and 38. In episode 38, his style is the most accentuated in comparison with other episodes. After becoming familiar with the character art of episode 38, it should be easier to notice the resemblance in other episodes supervised by Mr. Kagawa.

Mr. Kagawa's art style can be seen in the episodes listed below:

  • Episode 20
  • Episode 25
  • Episode 38
  • Episode 44

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