Motohashi Hideyuki

Motohashi Hideyuki (本橋秀之) is a long-term anime veteran. He was well known for being the character designer for the TV series God Mars back in 1981. He is also the character designer and animation director for the OAV series Mars. At the same time, he is also the animations director for the OAV series Maps. His first participation in Sailor Moon R was as the animation director of episode 77. Immediately afterwards, he also supervised episodes 80 and 82. Mr. Motohashi has not been seen as part of the Sailor Moon R production staff ever since. It is very likely that he was drafted as special assistance during the crucial final part of R.

Mr. Motohashi's art style can be seen in the episodes listed below:

  • Episode 77
  • Episode 80
  • Episode 82

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