Sailor Stars Battle set 2

The Sailor Stars battle set 2 contains 21 cards. (numbered 1 to 21) There are 18 normal cards and 3 prism cards.

Some of the cards have battle written on them, so I just gave this set that name. I don't know the official name of this set.

1 PZ Eternal Sailormoon (Appears to be doing some move with a wand)
2 PZ Sailor Star Lights
3 PZ Sailormoon (Appears to be changing or something)
4 P Eternal Sailormoon
5 P Eternal Sailormoon (Holding wand)
6 P Mercury, Mars, Jupiter, Venus
7 P Sailor Uranus
8 P Sailor Neptune
9 P Sailor StarFighter
10 P Sailor StarMaker
11 P Sailor StarHealer
12 P Usagi
13 P Usagi (holding a sandwich or hamburger)
14 P Mako, Minako, Rei, Ami at Amusement park
15 P Seiya
16 P Taiki
17 P Yaten
18 P Eternal Sailormoon
19 P Seiya, Taiki, Yaten
20 P SD 5 Senshi
21 P SD Usagi, Ami, Rei, Mako, Minako

[information provided by Simon Ng]

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