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  • Sailor Moon R Carddas set 4

    The Sailor Moon R carddas set 4 contains 42 cards. (numbered 113 to 154) There are 36 normal cards and 6 prism cards.

    113 PZ Sailor Moon in pose
    114 PZ Ami in school uniform, eyes closed
    115 PZ Sailor Jupiter, pose
    116 PZ Sailor Venus, leg raised pose
    117 LZ Sailor Jupiter, Sailor Moon, Sailor Venus
    118 PZ Sailor Mars, Sailor Moon, Sailor Mercury
    119 L Sailor Moon, transformation
    120 L Sailor Mercury, mercury star power make up
    121 L Sailor Mars, mars star power make up
    122 L Sailor Jupiter, jupiter star power make up
    123 L Sailor Venus, tanjou
    124 L Sailor Moon
    125 P Sailor Mercury, water BG
    126 P Sailor Mars, fire BG
    127 P Sailor Jupiter, lightning BG
    128 P Sailor Venus, orange BG
    129 P Sailor Moon, moon princess halation
    130 P Sailor Mercury, shine aqua illusion
    131 P Sailor Mars, burning mandara
    132 P Sailor Jupiter, sparkling wide pressure
    133 P Sailor Venus, venus love me chain
    134 P all Sailor Senshi, Sailor Mooon in middle with rod
    135 L Sailor Moon with rod
    136 L Ami and Minako
    137 L Usagi in bath with Chibi Usa coming out of the water
    138 P Rei in red singing outfit
    139 L Mako smiling with bento
    140 P Chibi Usa on swing
    141 L Mako, Minako, Rei, and Usagi with new pens
    142 P Queen Serenity
    143 P Princess Serenity
    144 L four evil sisters
    145 P Chibi Usa and Ami eating ice cream
    146 P Usagi crying in phone booth
    147 L Chibi Usa on Mamoru's back
    148 P all Sailor Senshi
    149 L Chibi Usa in pajamas sitting on bed
    150 P Usagi with tears in eyes
    151 P Ami smiling
    152 P Rei smiling
    153 P Mako smiling
    154 P Minako

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