Sailor Moon R Graffiti Cards set 3

The Sailor Moon R Graffiti Cards set 3 contains 42 cards. (numbered 85 to 126) There are 36 normal cards and 6 prism cards.

85 PZ all Sailor Senshi III
86 PZ Sailor Moon
87 P Sailor Moon: moon princess halation
88 P Sailor Moon appears
89 P Usagi
90 P Princess Serenity
91 P little Usagi
92 P Usagi waiting for kiss
93 P Usagi in a rain of petals
94 PZ Sailor Mercury
95 P Sailor Mercury: shine aqua illusion
96 P Sailor Mercury with goggles
97 P Ami studying
98 P Ami embarassed
99 P Ami with Luna on shoulder
100 P Ami blushing
101 P Ami and Minako
102 PZ Sailor Mars
103 P Sailor Mars: fire soul
104 P Rei: akuryou taisan
105 P Rei in miko outfit
106 P Rei in pink overalls
107 P Rei and grandfather
108 P Sailor Mars blushing
109 P Rei eating and blushing
110 PZ Sailor Jupiter
111 P Sailor Jupiter: supreme thunder
112 P Sailor Jupiter fighting
113 P Mako tasting her cooking
114 P Mako skating with Miisha
115 P Mako getting mark on her forehead
116 P Sailor Jupiter psyching up
117 P Mako in a rain of petals
118 PZ Sailor Venus
119 P Sailor Venus: crescent beam
120 P Sailor Venus
121 P Minako holding Artemis and Luna
122 P Minako burnt from CD player exploding
123 P Sailor V
124 P Minako with big eyes
125 P Minako as nurse
126 P Usagi and other girls in school uniform

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