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  • Sailor Moon S Graffiti Cards set 4

    The Sailor Moon S Graffiti Cards set 4 contains 44 cards. (numbered 127 to 170) There are 38 normal cards and 6 prism cards.

    127 PZ Five girls and Chibi Usa
    128 PZ Haruka and Michiru
    129 PZ Sailor Moon
    130 P Sailor Moon, moon spiral heart attack
    131 P Usagi in white and red shirt, in pose
    132 P Usagi talking to Unazuki
    133 P Usagi and Minako
    134 P Sailor Mercury
    135 P Sailor Mercury, close up of face
    136 P Ami in blue blouse
    137 P Ami swimming
    138 P Ami thinking, close up of face
    139 P Sailor Mars
    140 P Sailor Mars, fire in background
    141 P Rei with motorcycle helmet
    142 P Rei shocked after Usagi discovers her books
    143 P Rei blushing
    144 P Sailor Jupiter
    145 P Sailor Jupiter, close up
    146 P Mako in green shirt, pink ribbon
    147 P Mako side view
    148 P Mako getting close to Haruka
    149 P Sailor Venus
    150 P Sailor Venus, fighting
    151 P Minako in mirror, wearing pajamas
    152 P Minako in volleyball uniform
    153 P Minako blushing
    154 PZ Sailor Uranus
    155 P Sailor Uranus, world shaking
    156 P Haruka in school uniform
    157 P Haruka in motorcycle uniform
    158 P Sailor Uranus, close up of face
    159 PZ Sailor Neptune
    160 P Sailor Neptune, deep submerge
    161 P Michiru in school uniform
    162 P Michiru with violin
    163 P Michiru close up of face
    164 PZ Sailor Chibi Moon
    165 P Sailor Chibi Moon, pink sugar heart attack
    166 P Chibi Usa in school uniform
    167 P Chibi Usa holding Luna-P
    168 P Chibi Usa smiling
    169 P Usagi going after Chibi Usa, with other girls watching
    170 P Haruka and Michiru

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