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  • Sailor Moon Supers Graffiti Cards set 7

    The Sailor Moon Supers Graffiti Cards set 7 contains 42 cards. (numbered 259 to 300) There are 36 normal cards and 6 prism cards.

    259 P Sailor Senshi graffiti VII
    260 PZ Sailor Moon
    261 P Sailor Moon: moon gorgeous meditation
    262 P picture of baby Usagi
    263 P Usagi wearing pajamas, talking on the phone
    264 P Usagi reading a book and crying
    265 P Ami, Rei, Mako, Usagi, Minako, Chibi Usa
    266 PZ Sailor Chibi Moon
    267 P Sailor Chibi Moon: calling out for Pegasus
    268 P Chibi Usa and friend
    269 P Chibi Usa with a checkered ribbon in hair
    270 P Chibi Usa with stars in her eyes
    271 P Double Moon (Moon and Chibi Moon)
    272 P Moon and Chibi Moon
    273 P Moon and Chibi Moon very close, eyes closed
    274 P Moon and Chibi Moon powering up
    275 P ninja Usagi and Chibi Usa
    276 P Moon and Chibi Moon, dots for eyes
    277 P SD Sailor Senshi
    278 PZ Sailor Mercury
    279 P Sailor Mercury
    280 P Ami fixing car
    281 P Ami smiling with yellow shirt
    282 P Ami blushing, eyes closed
    283 P SD Senshi, street clothes
    284 PZ Sailor Mars
    285 P Sailor Mars
    286 P Rei arguing with ninja Usagi
    287 P Rei in miko outfit
    288 P Rei thinking about her future (business woman, singer)
    289 P Tuxedo Kamen and Sailor Senshi
    290 PZ Sailor Jupiter
    291 P Sailor Jupiter
    292 P Sailor Jupiter using supreme thunder
    293 P Mako
    294 P Mako studying
    295 P Mars, Venus, Jupiter, Mercury
    296 PZ Sailor Venus
    297 P Sailor Venus
    298 P Minako reading a book
    299 P Minako holding Artemis
    300 P Minako

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