Hero Collection 1

The Hero Collection 1 set contains 156 cards. (numbered 1 to 156) There are 144 normal cards and 12 prism cards.

1 P Minako in orange sweater, orange pants
2 P Chibi Usa in school uniform
3 P Mako in school uniform
4 P Minako
5 P Minako in white shirt, red skirt making a peace sign
6 P Beruche
7 P Sailor Moon holding stick
8 P Usagi in green sweater, purple jacket, red mini skirt
9 P Sailor Mars
10 P Sailor Moon in pose with wand
11 P Sailor Mercury lying on ice
12 P Ami and Rei dancing
13 P Mako in pink one piece
14 P Cooan
15 P Rei in school uniform
16 P Sailor Moon and Mars sticking tongues out at each other
17 P Sailor Moon doing pose
18 P Usagi
19 P Usagi in orange blouse, pink mini-skirt
20 P Sailor Jupiter angry
21 P Minako wrapped in towel
22 P Mako
23 P Minako
24 P Usagi in sailor suit
25 P Ami eating while using computer
26 P Rei wrapped in towel
27 P Usagi eating all over Ami
28 P Sailor Moon with cutie moon rod
29 P Sailor Moon with hearts in background
30 P Minako dancing
31 P Usagi in purple ski jacket
32 P Rei kissing Yuuichirou
33 L Minako, hair blowing in the wind
34 L Usagi with big starry eyes
35 L Sailor Moon beaten up
36 L Minako with big starry eyes
37 L Sailor Moon smiling
38 L Minako and Mako
39 L Haruna mad at Usagi for eating lunch
40 L Mako dancing
41 L all Sailor Senshi
42 L Rei, Minako, and Ami wearing towels
43 L Sailor Venus
44 L Tuxedo Kamen and Usagi dancing
45 L Luna and Artemis with cat food
46 L Usagi looking at other girls dancing
47 L Sailor Mars, Sailor Venus, Sailor Mercury, Sailor Jupiter
48 L Usagi and Minako with Luna and Artemis on shoulder
49 P Mako in green dress
50 P Usagi and Mamoru with baby
51 P Minako swinging golf club
52 P Mako in black shirt, green dress
53 P Ami in blue-green outfit
54 P Usagi and Mamoru making face with baby
55 P Rei yelling at Usagi
56 P Sailor Moon and Sailor Mars sticking tongues out
57 P Usagi holding Luna, purple tint
58 P Usagi in towel near rocks
59 P Mako wearing apron, holding cake
60 P Ami wrapped in towel
61 P Minako in pink sailor outfit
62 P Usagi in light purple sweater
63 P Princess Serenity
64 P Sailor Jupiter
65 L Usagi, Ami, and Rei in swimsuits
66 L Sailor Moon and Luna jumping away
67 L Usagi blocking Natsumi from Mamoru
68 L Sailor Moon and Ami
69 L Ami, Mako, Minako, Rei
70 L Usagi in school uniform running
71 L Sailor Jupiter, Sailor Venus, Sailor Mercury, Sailor Mars
72 L Usag holding Tuxedo Kamen and Tsukikage no Knight's hands
73 L Usagi hanging onto Mamoru
74 L Minako
75 L Sailor Moon, Sailor Mercury, Sailor Mars
76 L Usagi mad, thinking about Umino
77 L Mako, Usagi, and Ami
78 L Sailor Mercury with goggles
79 L Sailor Mercury getting attacked
80 L Sailor Venus getting attacked
81 L Minako, Mako, Rei
82 L Sailor Moon with cutie moon rod
83 L Sailor Mercury, Sailor Mars, Sailor Jupiter, Sailor Venus
84 L Sailor Venus getting attacked
85 P Sailor Moon with cutie moon rod, eyes closed
86 P Minako sleeping
87 P Mako with orange and yellow sweater
88 P Rei in red tank top, purple shorts
89 P Sailor Moon, Usagi on a card
90 P Sailor Venus dodging
91 P Chibi Usa in school uniform
92 P Sailor Moon mouth open
93 P Usagi in white dress
94 P Ami in yellow dress
95 P Rei with hat
96 P Mako in school uniform
97 P Rei with green jacket
98 P Sailor Moon sitting and crying
99 P Umino giving fried shrimp to Naru
100 P Minako in pink shirt, pink mini skirt
101 P Usagi pulling Luna, Ami holding lunch box
102 P Usagi and Mamoru
103 P Sailor Moon with moon stick
104 P Queen Serenity
105 P Mako in green outfit
106 P Ami in orange, yellow, and purple sweatshirt, blue shorts
107 P Mako in school uniform
108 P Usagi trying puzzle
109 P Mako in towel sitting on rocks
110 P Rei in red sweater, tight pants
111 P Petz
112 P Endymion kissing Serenity
113 P Minako combing Usagi's hair
114 P Minako dancing
115 P Sailor Moon winking
116 P Sailor Venus on one knee
117 P Rei in ski outfit
118 P Rei concentrating on spell
119 P Sailor Moon mouth open
120 P Karaberas
121 P Sailor Mercury on knees
122 P Chibi Usa
123 P Sailor Moon
124 P Sailor Mars dead
125 P Rubeus
126 P Minako in orange sweater, orange pants
127 P Sailor Moon on ground, other senshi around her
128 P Sailor Venus
129 P Sailor Moon about to kiss Endymion
130 P Ami holding out eraser
131 P Usagi in light blue jacket, red shorts
132 P Ami very embarrassed
133 P Sailor Moon and Ami
134 P Sailor Venus in ice
135 P Usagi/Sailor Moon from OP
136 P Sailor Moon and Luna
137 P Usagi with Luna on her shoulder
138 P Sailor Venus getting attacked
139 P Minako in school uniform with Artemis
140 P Rei sitting on basketball
141 P Sailor Moon holding Luna, listening to Queen Serenity
142 P Mako hitting Ami in the back
143 P Usagi and Rei
144 P all Sailor Senshi
145 PZ SD Sailor Moon
146 PZ SD Sailor Mercury
147 PZ SD Sailor Mars
148 PZ SD Sailor Jupiter
149 PZ Sailor Jupiter, Sailor Venus, Sailor Mercury, Sailor Mars
150 PZ SD Sailor Venus
151 PZ Chibi Usa sitting down with Luna-P
152 PZ all Sailor Senshi
153 LZ SD Sailor Senshi from CM
154 PZ Rei in red singing outfit
155 PZ Sailor Moon in pose
156 LZ Sailor Moon injured, other Sailor Senshi

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