Hero Collection 2

The Hero Collection 2 set contains 156 cards. (numbered 157 to 312) There are 144 normal cards and 12 prism cards. There are also 28 platinum cards and 3 double gold prism cards.

157 L Cooan close up
158 L Sailor Moon close up
159 L Usagi and Ami
160 L all girls in bus (from movie)
161 L Sailor Moon fighting
162 L Minako, Mako, Usagi, Ami, Rei looking down
163 L Sailor Mars side view
164 L Sailor Moon watching as Mamoru gets killed
165 L Tuxedo Kamen carrying Chibi Usa
166 P Sailor Venus
167 P Rei in red one piece dress
168 P Usagi and Naru in school uniform
169 P SD Cooan
170 P Usagi making fist with Luna on her shoulder
171 P Esmeroodo
172 P tsukikage no knight
173 P Minako in purple shirt, pointing finger
174 P Sailor Moon show figure with large head
175 P SD Rubeus
176 P SD Sailor Moon
177 P SD Usagi
178 P SD Karaberas
179 P Chibi Usa jumping out of the way
180 P Tuxedo Kamen and a blushing Sailor Moon
181 P Minako in school uniform
182 P Usagi eyes closed, red face
183 P Usagi eating crepe
184 P SD Princess Serenity
185 P Mako and Minako holding Artemis
186 P SD Beruche
187 P Mako in green shirt, grey shorts
188 P Chibi Usa holding Luna-P
189 P Sailor Mercury in pose
190 P Ami in school uniform from the back
191 P all Sailor Senshi, with Sailor Moon holding cutie moon rod
192 P Chibi Usa kissing Mamoru, after falling on Usagi's head
193 P Cooan and Rei's grandfather
194 P Chibi Usa and baby dinosaur
195 P Usagi kissing Mamoru, normal clothes
196 P Chibi Usa in aerobic outfit
197 P Usagi kissing Mamoru, formal clothes
198 P Princess Serenity
199 P Usagi spanking Chibi Usa
200 P Minako smiling, holding Artemis
201 P Karaberas in street
202 P Sailor Moon protecting Chibi Usa
203 P Chibi Usa on the bed
204 P Tuxedo Kamen holding Chibi Usa, Sailor Moon looking
205 P Sailor Mars
206 P Usagi and Chibi Usa in bath
207 P Mamoru in green jacket, black shirt
208 P Sailor Venus in pose
209 P Mamoru holding Sailor Moon
210 P Tuxedo Kamen with mouth open
211 P Sailor Mars in pose
212 P Tuxedo Kamen in pose
213 P Cooan in pose
214 P Sailor Moon jumping away from attack
215 P Sailor Jupiter in pose
216 P Sailor Venus and Sailor Mars smiling
217 P Usagi crying in telephone booth
218 P Sailor Venus and Sailor Jupiter, back to back
219 P Ail and Ann
220 L Cooan making herself up, other sisters and Rubeus behind her
221 L Cooan arm stretched
222 L Sailor Moon arm stretched
223 L Sailor Jupiter and Sailor Venus in battle
224 L Venus, Jupiter, Mercury, Mars red faces
225 L Cooan, Beruche, Karaberas, Petz
226 L Sailor Moon crying
227 L Usagi crying
228 L Sailor Mars attacking
229 L Wiseman
230 L Esmeroodo, Prince Demando, Safiiru
231 L Rei and Cooan
232 L King Endymion
233 L Minako and Mako with smily faces
234 L Sailor Jupiter, Sailor Moon, Sailor Mars running
235 L Sailor Moon holding Mamoru
236 L all Sailor Senshi
237 L Sailor Mars with hair across her face
238 P Safiiru
239 P Esmeroodo
240 P Usagi in red, yellow dress
241 P Sailor Moon winking and pointing
242 P Sailor Jupiter with a mean look on her face
243 P Beruche
244 P Tuxedo Kamen throwing roses
245 P Sailor Moon
246 P Sailor Pluto
247 P Prince Demando
248 P SD Petz
249 P Unazuki
250 P Sailor Moon in pose
251 P Karaberas and Petz with rod
252 P Mako holding bento
253 P Sailor Jupiter angry
254 P Rei in miko clothes, close up
255 P Sailor Moon fighting
256 P Sailor Jupiter, Sailor Mercury, Sailor Moon
257 P Chibi Usa and Luna-P
258 P SD Endymion
259 P Ami in striped blue outfit
260 P all Sailor Senshi and Luna
261 P Sailor Pluto holding key
262 P Sailor Mercury smiling
263 P Cooan, Beruche, Karaberas, Petz standing outside
264 P Mako with mouth open, close up
265 P Sailor Jupiter holding Sailor Mercury
266 P Chibi Usa running with Luna-P
267 P Chibi Usa close up
268 P Sailor Venus
269 P Chibi Usa with her hands in front of her
270 P Mako in flower design shirt and blue pants
271 P Sailor Mercury happy
272 P Usagi wearing red jacket
273 P Minako wearing orange shirt, green scarf
274 P Sailor Mars close up
275 P Beruche and Cooan laughing
276 P Sailor Pluto using her key
277 P Sailor Mercury close up
278 P Cooan with black energy ball
279 P Rei in purple shirt, blue pants
280 P Sailor Moon happy
281 P Sailor Venus happy
282 P Mako wearing yellow shirt
283 P Sailor Jupiter close up
284 P Sailor Moon with her hands up
285 P Prince Demando and Safiiru
286 P Cooan crying
287 P Sailor Mercury in chair with legs frozen
288 P Ami in flower design dress
289 P Chibi Usa in orange dress
290 P Sailor Jupiter happy
291 P Rei in miko clothes
292 L Neo Queen Serenity
293 L Sailor Pluto using her power
294 L Minako lying down with Artemis
295 P Sailor Moon
296 P Sailor Venus winking
297 P Usagi wearing blue and red outfit
298 P Minako wearing green jacket, blue and orange shirt, grey pants
299 P Sailor Mars happy
300 P Ami wearing light purple shirt
301 PZ Rei wearing blue, tight dress
302 PZ Ami wearing blue dress, red flower brooch
303 PZ Chibi Usa wearing red dress
304 PZ Sailor Mars
305 PZ Sailor Mercury
306 PZ Chibi Usa in school uniform
307 PZ Usagi wearing purple dress
308 PZ Mako wearing green shirt
309 PZ Minako wearing light blue dress
310 PZ Sailor Moon
311 PZ Sailor Jupiter
312 PZ Sailor Venus

PC-01 Usagi
PC-02 Chibi Usa
PC-03 Minako
PC-04 Rei
PC-05 Endymion
PC-06 Sailor Jupiter
PC-07 Sailor Venus
PC-08 Endymion and Princess Serenity
PC-09 Usagi
PC-10 Sailor Mars
PC-11 Sailor Moon
PC-13 Sailor Jupiter
PC-14 Ami side view
PC-15 Ami body
PC-16 Kisenian and Fiore
PC-17 Black Lady
PC-18 Ami and Luna
PC-19 Mako cooking
PC-20 Minako holding Luna and Artemis
PC-21 Mako
PC-22 Sailor Venus
PC-23 Mako and Ami
PC-24 Rei
PC-25 Tuxedo Kamen kissing Sailor Moon
PC-26 Minako, Rei, Artemis, and Luna
PC-27 Princess Serenity
PC-28 Minako and Artemis

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