Hero Collection 3

The Hero Collection 3 set contains 84 cards. (numbered 313 to 396) There are 144 normal cards and 12 prism cards. There are also 16 platinum cards and 3 double gold prism cards.

313 P SD Sailor Mars
314 P SD Sailor Mercury
315 P SD Sailor Jupiter
316 P SD Sailor Venus
317 P SD Sailor Moon
318 P Sailor Uranus
319 P Sailor Neptune
320 P Mamoru in white suit
321 L Usagi smiling, with mouth wide open
322 P SD Sailor Uranus
323 P SD Sailor Neptune
324 L Sailor Moon, Tuxedo Kamen, Ami
325 L Sailor Venus
326 L Naru
327 L Sailor Neptune and Sailor Uranus
328 L Usagi thinking about Rei
329 L Sailor Moon
330 L Usagi and Minako
331 P Luna and Artemis
332 P SD Professor and Kaolinite
333 P SD Tuxedo Kamen
334 P Sailor Moon
335 P Haruka holding Usagi
336 P Sailor Neptune
337 P Sailor Venus
338 P Unazuki
339 P Sailor Moon
340 L split screen Ami, Minako, Mako
341 L Ami and Rei playing with cats
342 L Mamoru and Usagi sitting on bench
343 L Tuxedo Kamen and Usagi
344 L Sailor Uranus
345 L all seven Sailor Senshi
346 L five Sailor Senshi blushing
347 L Minako and Usagi blushing
348 L Haruka and Mako
349 P Michiru holding school bag
350 P Michiru playing violin
351 P Usagi in pose
352 P Kaolinite
353 L Rei, Ami, Minako
354 L Michiru and Haruka
355 L Umino and Naru
356 L Haruka and Mako
357 L Michiru
358 L Princess Serenity
359 P Sailor Neptune doing attack
360 L Mako, Minako, and Rei asking Ami
361 P Sailor Moon
362 P Michiru and Haruka
363 P Haruka
364 P Sailor Neptune
365 L Sailor Uranus
366 L Sailor Mercury, Sailor Mars, Sailor Jupiter, Sailor Venus
367 P Michiru
368 P Tuxedo Kamen and Sailor Moon with spiral heart moon rod
369 P Usagi holding cat
370 P Michiru sitting in coffee shop
371 P Sailor Moon
372 P Sailor Uranus
373 P Sailor Neptune doing attack
374 P Tuxedo Kamen
375 P Sailor Moon in moon spiral heart attack
376 L Sailor Uranus and Sailor Neptune
377 L five Sailor Senshi in pose
378 L Sailor Neptune and Sailor Uranus looking at heart crystal
379 L split screen Tuxedo Kamen and 5 girls, Luna and Artemis
380 L Tuxedo Kamen and seven Sailor Senshi
381 L Michiru and Haruka
382 L five girls studying
383 L Sailor Venus and Sailor Moon
384 L Rei shocked, Usagi holding her picture book
385 PZ Sailor Mercury
386 PZ Sailor Uranus
387 PZ Sailor Mars
388 PZ Sailor Neptune
390 PZ Sailor Jupiter
391 LZ Minako and Mako in robes
392 LZ Ami and Rei in robes
393 PZ Sailor Moon
394 LZ Tuxedo Kamen
395 LZ Princess Serenity
396 LZ Michiru and Haruka in robes

PC-29 Minako
PC-30 Rei
PC-31 Sailor Neptune
PC-32 Sailor Moon
PC-33 Mako
PC-34 Sailor Mercury
PC-36 Sailor Moon
PC-37 Sailor Mars
PC-38 Haruka
PC-39 Kaolinite
PC-40 Ami
PC-41 Tuxedo Kamen and Usagi
PC-42 Haruka
PC-43 Sailor Jupiter
PC-44 Michiru

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