Sailorstars Hearts

[information provided by Samantha Pozzobon]

I called this series by Bandai "Hearts" because each card has four detachable little hearts on its edges. The hearts of the lightning cards are adhesive.

It contains 18 regular cards and three lightnings. These cards also have a special feature, because they all deal with the theme of "marriage": on the back there is the description of something related to a wedding day. The figures on the cards represent the Sailor Senshi dressed as if they were wedding-guests at the marriage of Usagi.

I'm sorry I could not translate all the backs properly, but my knowledge of the japanese language is quite scanty.

1 [SP] Eternal Sailormoon & Chibichibimoon - Youfuku ni niau kamikazari
2 [SP] Eternal Sailormoon - Wedding veil
3 [SP] Sailorteam (SD) - Pearl Necklace
4 Eternal Sailormoon - Bride of June
5 Eternal Sailormoon & Chibichibi - Wedding dress
6 Sailormars - Initials embroidered.
7 Sailormercury - Bouquet toss.
8 Sailorvenus - Exchange of the ring
9 Sailorjupiter - Sweet drages.
10 Sailorstarloights - Wedding cake
11 Sailorpluto - Virgin road
12 Sailoruranus & Sailorneptune - Bouquet & butonia (?)
13 Sailorstarlights - Good luck of sugar and coins
14 Chibichibi - Good luck of the bride of the fourth day (?).
15 Sailorstarfighter - Fashion coordinate
16 Sailorstarmaker - Bouquet and Hangbag.
17 Sailorstarhealer - Brushing.
18 Eternal Sailormoon -ko no tashinami of the woman.
19 Chibichibimoon - puchisukafu (?).
20 Chibichibimoon - Soap parfum
21 Sailorstarlights (SD) - Image change.

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