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  • PP Part 7 - Sailor Moon R/S

    [information provided by Jason Hanlan.]
    [some information updates by Helen Turner.]

    This set contains 54 cards [numbered 315-368]. There are 48 regular cards and 6 prisms.

    315 P Sailor Venus, close-up
    316 P Rei, profile
    317 P Esmeraude in the bathtub
    318 P Usagi in pink dress
    319 P Makoto in a floral blouse
    320 P Sailor Mercury, close-up
    321 P the 5 Inner Senshi
    322 P Rei in shrine robes
    323 P Minako and Makoto
    324 P Minako in ornage sweater
    325 P Black Lady
    326 P Fiore possesed by Kisenian
    327 P Ami in a white sweater
    328 P Chibi Usa in a red dress
    329 P Sailor Moon attacking w/Cutie Moon Rod
    330 P Ami in floral dress
    331 P Rei, Ami, and Chibiusa looking at flowers (from R movie)
    332 P Sailor Mars - 'Fire Soul'
    333 P Tuxedo Kamen & Sailor Moon kissing
    334 P Sailor Venus & Sailor Jupiter
    335 P Makoto in a yellow blouse
    336 P Chibi Usa in orange dress
    337 P Esmeraude
    338 P Minako in a blue sweater and green shirt
    339 P Sailor Mars, close-up
    340 P Chef Makoto samples her cooking
    341 P Sailor Pluto
    342 P Serenity holding up Ginzuishou (from R movie)
    343 P Sailor Mercury & Sailor Jupiter
    344 P Usagi in red jacket
    345 P Rei in a purple and blue plaid shirt
    346 P Usagi and Mamoru looking at flowers (from R movie)
    347 L Fiore attacking the Moon Princess
    348 L the Four Inner Senshi
    349 L Usagi and Ami at the beach
    350 L Ami, Makoto, Usagi, Chibi Usa, Rei and Minako on the bus
    351 PZ Sailor Moon
    352 PZ Sailor Mercury
    353 PZ Sailor Mars
    354 PZ Sailor Jupiter
    355 PZ Sailor Venus
    356 PZ the Five Inner Senshi
    357 P Sailor Moon winking
    358 P Rei w/anti-evil charm
    359 P Sailor Jupiter
    360 P Sailor Moon in a Sailor-V pose
    361 P Sailor Venus, close-up
    362 P Sailor Mercury attacking
    363 P Usagi in a blue dress
    364 P Makoto in a green blouse
    365 P Rei in a deep purple dress
    366 P Minako in a light green dress
    367 P Ami in a blue dress
    368 P Usagi smiling

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