PP Part 11 / Hero Collection 5 - Sailor Moon SuperS

[information provided by Jason Hanlan.]

This is one of the joined Amada series. (i.e. the Hero Collection and PP collection share the same cards.)

The PP set contains 42 cards. [numbered 509-550]. There are 36 regular cards and 6 prisms.

The Hero Collection contains the same 36 regulars, but instead of the 6 standard prisms, it contains 12 LC prisms. It also adds 16 foils (PC-01 - PC-16) and 3 Double Golds (WGL1-3)

509 Z  
510 PZ Sailor Mercury
511 Z  
512 PZ Sailor Jupiter
513 Z  
514 Z  
515 P Super Sailor Moon
516 P Sailor Chibi Moon
517 P Amazoness Trio
518 P Leader of the Dead Moon Circus
519 P Sailor Mercury
520 P Sailor Mars
521 L Sailor Venus
522 P Sailor Jupiter
523 P Super Sailor Moon
524 P Sailor Chibi Moon
525 P Super Sailor Moon, close-up
526 L Luna, Diana, & Artemis
527 P Super Sailor Moon
528 P Sailor Chibi Moon
529 P Chibi Usa & the Pegasus
530 P Tuxedo Kamen & the Sailor Senshi
531 P Usagi, close-up
532 P Ami & Rei, close-up
533 P Minako & Makoto close-up
534 L Sailor Chibi Moon
535 P Moon Gorgeous Meditation (1)
536 P Moon Gorgeous Meditation (2)
537 P Moon Gorgeous Meditation (3)
538 P Sailor Chibi Moon & Super Sailor Moon
539 P Twinkle Yell (1)
540 P Twinkle Yell (2)
541 P Super Sailor Moon & Sailor Chibi Moon
542 P The Pegasus
543 P Super Sailor Moon
544 P Super Sailor Moon & Sailor Chibi Moon
545 L Super Sailor Moon
546 L Sailor Chibi Moon & Super Sailor Moon
547 L Super Sailor Moon
548 L Super Sailor Moon
549 L Sailor Chibi Moon
550 L Sailor Chibi Moon

LC-1 PZ Super Sailor Moon
LC-2 PZ Sailor Chibi Moon
LC-3 PZ Sailor Mercury
LC-4 PZ Sailor Venus
LC-5 PZ Super Sailor Moon
LC-6 PZ Sailor Chibi Moon
LC-7 PZ Super Sailor Moon
LC-8 PZ Sailor Chibi Moon
LC-9 PZ Sailor Mars
LC-10 PZ Sailor Jupiter
LC-11 PZ Super Sailor Moon
LC-12 PZ Sailor Chibi Moon
PC-1 PF The Pegasus
PC-2 PF Chibi Usa
PC-3 PF Mamoru, Usgai, Rei, Ami, Chibi Usa, & Unazuki
PC-4 PF Super Sailor Moon
PC-5 PF Tigers Eye
PC-6 PF Fishs Eye
PC-7 PF Hawks Eye
PC-8 PF Sailor Chibi Moon
PC-9 PF Usagi, Unazuki, & Chibi Usa
PC-10 PF Small Lady
PC-11 PF Super Sailor Moon & Sailor Chibi Moon
PC-12 PF Luna & Artemis
PC-13 PF Tuxedo Kamen & Sailor Senshi
PC-14 PF Sailor Chibi Moon & Super Sailor Moon
PC-15 PF Sailor Chibi Moon
PC-16 PF Super Sailor Moon
WGL-1 PW Super Sailor Moon
WGL-2 PW Sailor Chibi Moon
WGL-3 PW Sailor Mercury

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