PP Part 12 / Hero Collection 6 - Sailor Moon SuperS

[information provided by Jason Hanlan.]
[additional information provided by Erika Passerini.]

This is one of the joined Amada series. (i.e. the Hero Collection and PP collection share the same cards.)

The PP set contains 42 cards. [numbered 551-592]. There are 36 regular cards and 6 prisms.

The Hero Collection contains the same 36 regulars and 6 prisms, but adds 16 foils (PC-17 - PC-32) and 3 Double Golds (WGL1-3)

551 PZ Super Sailor Moon
552 PZ Sailor Mercury
553 PZ Sailor Mars
554 PZ Sailor Jupiter
555 PZ Sailor Venus
556 PZ Sailor Chibi Moon
557 PZ Chibi Usa in pajamas
558 P Michiru, close-up
559 P Haruka, close-up
560 P Chibi Usa
561 P Sailor Chibi Moon, Sailor Jupier, & Super Sailor Moon
562 P Sailor Chibi Moon & Super Sailor Moon
563 P Sailor Chibi Moon & Super Sailor Moon posing
564 P Sailor Mercury
565 P Sailor Chibi Moon & Chibi Usa
566 P Super Sailor Moon & Sailor Chibi Moon
567 P Chibi Usa and a horse
568 P Chibi Usa & Diana
569 P Chibi Usa
570 P Makoto, Minako, Usagi, & Chibi Usa
571 P Mamoru, close-up
572 P Usagi, close up
573 P Ami
574 P Rei
575 P Makoto
576 P Minako
577 P Super Sailor Moon, Sailor Jupiter, & Sailor Chibi Moon
578 L Super Sailor Moon & Rei
579 L Usagi & Chibi Usa
580 L Usagi, Chibi Usa, Ami, Rei, & Minako
581 L Sailor Neptune & Sailor Uranus
582 L Super Sailor Moon & Sailor Chibi Moon
583 L Usagi & Rei
584 L Super Sailor Moon
585 L Ami & Makoto
586 L Fishs Eye, Hawks Eye, & Tigers Eye
587 L Makoto, Minako, Ami, Usagi, Rei, & Chibi Usa
588 L Rei, Ami, Minako, & Artemis
589 L Chibi Usa & a friend
590 L Artemis, Diana, & Luna
591 L Chibi Usa
591 L Sailor Chibi Moon

PC-17 F Sailorchibimoon, Sailorjupiter and Sailormars
PC-18 F Sailorvenus, Sailorjupiter, Sailormercury, Sailormars
PC-19 F Sailorchibimoon and Supersailormoon
PC-20 F Supersailormoon
PC-21 PF Sailor Mercury
PC-22 PF Sailor Mars
PC-23 PF Sailor Jupiter
PC-24 PF Sailor Venus
PC-25 F  
PC-26 PF Chibi Usa
PC-27 F Makoto
PC-28 F Minako
PC-29 PF Mamoru
PC-30 F Usagi
PC-31 PF Chibi Usa & the Pegasus
PC-32 F Usagi and Chibiusa
WGL-1 W  
WGL-2 PW Sailor Chibi Moon
WGL-3 PW Sailor Mars

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