Sailormoon Trading Collection

[information provided by Samantha Pozzobon]

This is one of the Amada series.

The Trading set contains 56 cards [numbered 1 - 56]. There are 54 regular cards, 11 prisms and 5 stickers (checklist cards). This collection is a sort of memorial collection of the whole Sailormoon "saga", infact there are 11 cards for each of the first four series and 12 for Sailorstars.

Sailormoon-1 PZ Sailormoon and Luna
Sailormoon-2 PZ Sailormercury
Sailormoon R-3 PZ Sailormars
Sailormoon R-4 PZ Sailorjupiter
Sailormoon S-5 PZ Sailoruranus
Sailormoon S-6 PZ Sailorneptune
Sailormoon SuperS-7 PZ Sailorvenus
Sailormoon SuperS-8 PZ Sailorchibimoon
Sailormoon SuperS-9 PZ Sailorpluto
Sailorstars-10 PZ Sailorsaturn
Sailorstars-11 PZ Sailorstarlights
Sailormoon-12 L Rei
Sailormoon-13 L Makoto
Sailormoon-14 P Minako
Sailormoon-15 L Usagi
Sailormoon-16 L Usagi and Tuxedo Kamen
Sailormoon-17 P Sailorjupiter, Sailormoon, Sailormars, Sailormercury
Sailormoon-18 L Usagi kissing Tuxedo Kamen
Sailormoon-19 L Sailormoon
Sailormoon-20 L Princess Serenity with the Sailor Senshi
Sailormoon R-21 L Usagi and Sailormoon
Sailormoon R-22 P Chibiusa
Sailormoon R-23 L Sailormercury
Sailormoon R-24 P Sailorvenus
Sailormoon R-25 P Usagi
Sailormoon R-26 P Ami
Sailormoon R-27 P Rei
Sailormoon R-28 P Makoto
Sailormoon R-29 P Minako
Sailormoon S-30 L Sailorpluto
Sailormoon S-31 L Hotaru
Sailormoon S-32 L Mamoru and Usagi
Sailormoon S-33 P Chibiusa and Luna Pi
Sailormoon S-34 L Sailoruranus and Sailorneptune
Sailormoon S-35 L Setsuna and Michiru
Sailormoon S-36 P Haruka
Sailormoon S-37 P Hotaru and Chibiusa
Sailormoon S-38 L Sailor Senshi and Tuxedo Kamen
Sailormoon SuperS-39 P Supersailormoon
Sailormoon SuperS-40 L Sailormercury
Sailormoon SuperS-41 P Sailormars
Sailormoon SuperS-42 L Makoto
Sailormoon SuperS-43 L Sailorvenus
Sailormoon SuperS-44 L Supersailormoon and Sailorchibimoon
Sailormoon SuperS-45 P Ami
Sailormoon SuperS-46 P Sailormars
Sailormoon SuperS-47 L Sailor Senshi and Tuxedo Kamen
Sailorstars-48 L Rei, Makoto, Usagi, Minako and Ami
Sailorstars-49 P Sailorchibimoon and Eternalsailormoon
Sailorstars-50 L Sailormercury
Sailorstars-51 L Sailormars
Sailorstars-52 P Makoto wearing a kimono
Sailorstars-53 P Minako cooking
Sailorstars-54 P Sailoruranus
Sailorstars-55 P Sailorneptune
Sailorstars-56 P Three Lights

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