Sailor Moon [megadrive]

The Sailor Moon game for the megadrive is a one player, side scrolling, fighting game where you control one of the senshi.

[A description of the game by Arthur David]

I have the Sailor Moon video game for the MegaDrive (that's the Sega Genesis here in the States in which I use with a special adapter). I don't know if the original voice actresses were used, but you can hear their transfomation speeches such as "Moon Prism Power Make Up!", "Venus Power Make Up!", and "Oshiokiyo". They even scream in agony when they are hurt (Sailor Moon yells "ITAI!").

It plays similar to that game Streets of Rage (called Bare Knuckle in Japan) only that it's a one player game. You control only one of the five senshi that you choose before you begin the game. Each have their attack from the first series as well as some other unique attacks, such as Sailor Moon's sonic cry which was used once in the very first episode. But I mostly prefer Sailor Venus, because she as a unique attack (nearly similar to those of Kamen Rider X) in which she picks up her opponents, sommersaults with them a few feet (or meters in your country's case) in the air, and then drops them. This kills most youmas (depending on how much strength they have) instantly.

The game has five levels, some with three scenes each. The end of each level is a battle with one of the Dark Kingdoms Generals; however, at the end, Queen Beryl is the final boss, and she is very tough to defeat since she throws energy bands that rapidly circle the area.

Zoisite will attack disguised as Sailor Moon.

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