My Sweet Valentine

My Sweet Valentine

Konami KICA-7753
2000 yen
released 1997.02.14

This is the first album by Fujisaki Shiori.

The tracks are as follows.

  1. My Sweet Valentine
  2. Oshitete Mr. Sky (教えて Mr. Sky)
  3. Signal (シグナル)
  4. Yume wo Akiramenaide (夢をあきらめないで)
  5. Kaze to Issho ni Ikou (風と一緒に行こう)
  6. Sotsugyou Album (卒業アルバム)
  7. Yume wo Akiramenaide (夢をあきらめないで) -karaoke-
  8. Sotsugyou Album (卒業アルバム) -karaoke-
Songs by Kingetsu Mami (金月真美).

The first pressing comes with a deluxe cardboard case, which can hold the normal plastic CD case. There is a monochrome picture of Shiori in her sailor suit on the inside of the case. The outside of the case is just a white and pink checkered design.

Also there is a set of "print club"-like stickers of Shiori. There are 4 stickers of Shiori with Mio, 4 stickers of Shiori with Ayako, and 8 stickers of Shiori alone.

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