Fujisaki Shiori

My name is Fujisaki Shiori (ƣ). I'm 17 years old and I go to Kirameki High School (᤭⹻). I'm 158 cm tall, and my three sizes are 84-56-85.

I released my first CD single on 1996.12.05, Oshiete Mr. Sky, and my first album on 1997.02.14, My Sweet Valentine.

I have also released the following singles and albums.

I also sang a song with Kuribayashi Mie, on the CD Say Hello.

There is an official fan club for me, called Shiori Mate, and I gave some special messages on the fan club CDs, Keizoku Tokuten and Keizoku Tokuten II.

In the Tokimeki Memorial games and audio drama, my voice is done by Kingetsu Mami ().

There are some Seal Plus cards of me available in the Oshiete Your Heart game in the arcades.

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