Tokimeki Memorial mints

The Tokimeki Memorial mints went on sale in the spring of 1997. Each box of mint costs around 300 yen, and the cover has a picture of Fujisaki Shiori.

This cover is a sticker that peels off to reveal another sticker underneath (which is stuck to the mint box). there seem to be around three different stickers for each girl. The first kind is a vertical one with some message about studying. The second kind is a horizontal one with a short message. The third kind is a vertical one with a SD picture.

A second set of mints came out in December 1997. These boxes have a picture of Nijino Saki on the cover. Saki cover

The ones I have are listed below. I'm not sure if there are more than the ones I got.

girl vertical horizontal special
Shiori 1 2 special
Ayako 1 2  
Miharu     special
Mio 1 2  
Nozomi     special
Mira 1 2  
Rei 1 2  
Saki     special
Yuina 1 2  
Yuko 1 2  
Yumi     special

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Tokimeki Memorial
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