Oshiete Your Heart game play

The basic game play is the same as the normal Tokimeki Memorial games, for example the Sega Saturn and Playstation. You go on dates, and try to make the girl fall in love with you. But since this is an arcade game, there is only one date per quarter (season).

The cost of the arcade game is 200 yen to begin, and 100 yen to continue.

The player starts out with a "full" life, and can keep playing as long as he has any life points left. The player loses life points whenever the girl becomes unhappy on a date (-1, -2, or -3). When the player runs out of life, he can put in more money to continue, and get more life points (but not full recovery).

No matter where the player finishes the game, by going all the way to the end, or by "dying" or "quitting" along the way, he will get a picture as a memory of the date.

Also in addition to the joystick and button for the controls, there is a pulse and sweat sensor. The results of the date will depend on the answer to the question, and the readings of the sensor.

For writing out the feelings of the girls, I will use the following convention.

R +3 tokimeki
R +2 happy
R +1 slightly happy
R 0 neutral
R -1 slightly unhappy
R -2 unhappy
R -3 angry

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