Oshiete Your Heart

Tokimeki Memorial Oshiete Your Heart is an arcade game version of Tokimeki Memorial. Since you play at a game center each game doesn't take as long as a Playstation or Sega Saturn game, somewhere around one to ten minutes, depending on how well you play.

Between June 1997 and May 1998, I played over 400 times.. at 200+ yen each. Might have been cheaper to buy the machine. (^_^;

The best thing about this game is that at the end of the game, even if you win or lose, the player gets a postcard sized picture of the Tokimeki Memorial girls, with a "picture" background scene!

At the end of August 1997, some of the machines started giving out print club stickers instead of the postcard picture. Then in October 1997, the "Seal Plus" game was released, which greatly increased the number of pictures. There is also a "plus" version which prints cards instead of print club stickers.

The basic game play is the same for all these versions.

There seem to be two sets of pictures. The normal pictures have girls wearing the seasonal outfits, with the seasonal picture backrounds. For each pattern there seem to be up to four different facial expressions, depending on how the girl was feeling when you quit the game: a very happy face, happy face, normal face, and mad face. The poses are the same.

Then there are some other non-standard pictures. Most of these pictures have more than one girl in them, and it's seems pretty random (or very hard to predict).

In the "plus" versions, there are more closeup pictures of the girls, and pictures with the date locations in the background.


The following are my "wins" so far.

[Shiori] [Saki] [Yukari] [Shiori]
[Shiori] [Yukari] [Yukari] [Yukari]

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