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For each girl there are three new sets of pictures (one set meaning all the pictures for stopping at each different date). There are the "date location" pictures, the "date" pictures, and the "special" pictures.

The "date location" pictures have the same scene where the girl comes for the date. The "date" pictures have a scene of the girl inside the date location. The "special" pictures are very nice pictures, with scenes relating to the date. Some of these "special" pictures are new, and have never appeared in the game or other previous goods.

For the "date location" and "date" pictures, there are also five different facial expresssions for each picture (A, B, C, D, E). These facial expressions depend on the feelings of the girls before the date.

There might not be "date" pictures for all of the dates.

Also there are "park" pictures for each girl, if you stop the game after going to the park after the date. At the park, there is a chance to either confess to the girl, or just talk.

On confessions, if the feelings of the girl is high enough, you will "win". Otherwise, she will "reject" you, and the game will end. If you just talk, the game will continue, and you will have the option of going onto the next date, or quitting the game.

There are two "park" pictures, one at the entrance of the park, and one at the lake inside the park. The entrance picture comes out when you just talk to the girl, and then quit the game. The lake picture comes out when you get "rejected" by the girl (but not always). There are only two numbers on these cards, but the outfit of the girl will depend on the season. Also these pictures can have different facial expressions depending on the feelings of the girls (A, B, C, D, nothing).

So there can be somewhere around 150 pictures for each girl!

The pictures for each girl are as follows.

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