Nijino Saki results

The following are some of the results that I got for Nijino Saki.

spring zoo 474(+3)
summer beach 109
fall movie 120
winter ski  
spring shopping 112
summer festival 115, 336
fall aquarium
winter skating  
spring concert 331
summer pool 326, 328
fall amusement park  
winter shopping 1, 17

The following is the data for the seal plus (and cards plus) game.

spring zoo 557, 674-D
summer beach 558, 675-B, 788
fall movie 676-D, 789-D, 871-D(c)
winter ski 677-C, 790-D
spring shopping 747
summer festival 679-C, 792
fall aquarium 563, 680-C, 793-D
winter skating 564, 681-AB
spring concert 565, 682-C
summer pool 566
fall amusement park 684-D
winter shopping  

(c) - confess

There are pointers to the plus cards.

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