Kagurazaka Yuna

Kagurazaka Yuna (ںͥ) was a girl who won the 21st Ginga Ojousama Contest. Yuna was born on April 17, 2283, in Yokohama. Her blood type is AB.

Yuna is 158 cm tall, and weighs 45 kg. Her three sizes are 78 - 56 - 82.

Yuna's hobbies are watching TV, talking on the phone with her friends, and collecting dolls.

The main heroine, and the Guardian of Light. She has already saved the Earth no fewer than two times (it depends on how many games you've played). Like Sailor Moon, she is very pure-hearted and sort of naive. She prefers to befriend her enemies rather than killing them. Almost all of Yuna's friends were former enemies.

Yuna's voice is done by Yokoyama Chisa (Һ).

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