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  • Anime Star Paradise [Animedia November 1995]

    cover Anime Star Paradise [Animedia November 1995]
    on sale 1995.10.10
    This month's Radimedia (seiyuu radio show corner) features Sakura Tomo,
    for the Kimagure Orange Road radio drama.

    The Anime Star Paradise booklet is all color and printed on glossy paper.

    seiyuu content pages color
    Midorikawa HikaruGundam Wing interview5 P COLOR
    Seki ToshihikoGundam Wing interview5 P COLOR
    Kasahara HirokoRayearth interview3 P COLOR
    Yoshida KonamiRayearth interview3 P COLOR
    Shiina HekiruRayearth interview, Hummingbird report3+1 P COLOR
    Inoue Kikukorecording report1 P COLOR
    Mitsuishi KotonoHummingbird recording report1 P COLOR
    Amano YuriHummingbird recording report1 P COLOR
    Tamagawa SakikoHummingbird recording report1 P COLOR
    Hikami Kyokoalbum report1/2 P COLOR
    Iwao Junkorecording report1/2 P COLOR
    Sakurai TomoMacross live report1 P COLOR
    Hayashi NobutoshiMacross live report1 P COLOR

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