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  • Newtype December 1995

    cover Newtype December 1995
    on sale 1995.11.10
    This issue contains a booklet called "Post Card & Greeting Card Book".
    This booklet is printed on sturdy paper, and contains photos of the
    following seiyuu: Yokoyama Chisa, Inoue Kikuko, Sakurai Tomo.

    seiyuu content pages color
    Mitsuishi Kotonocv present, Say You Club article1+1/4 P COLOR
    Yamaguchi Kappeicv present1 P COLOR
    Hayashibara Megumicv present1 P COLOR
    Sakurai Tomocv present, postcard1 P, card COLOR
    Inoue Kikukocv present, postcard1 P, card COLOR
    Kouda Marikocv present1 P COLOR
    Ogata Megumicv present1 P COLOR
    Iwao Junkocv present, Shin Kaitei Gunkan article1+1/4 P COLOR
    Kasahara Hirokocv present1 P COLOR
    Hisakawa Ayacv present1 P COLOR
    Midorikawa Hikarucv present1 P COLOR
    Suzuki Masamicv present1 P COLOR
    Imai Yukacv present1 P COLOR
    Ikezawa Harunacv present1 P COLOR
    Nakagawa Akikocv present1 P COLOR
    Tange Sakuracv present, scene of CV1+2 P COLOR
    Yamadera KouichiSay You Club article1/4 P COLOR
    Seki TomokazuShin Kaitei Gunkan article1/4 P COLOR
    Nagasawa Mikinew seiyuu article1/2 P COLOR
    Kasahara Hirokorecording article1 P COLOR
    Takayama MinamiTwo Mix article1 P COLOR
    Yokoyama Chisapostcardcard COLOR

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