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  • Search results for "Τ" in anime database

    Morio JunnaBoys Be [2000] {Episode 11}Komatsu Rika (Τ)Boys Be [2000] cast
    assistantGravitation [2000-2001] {OVA}Komatsu Rika (Τ)Gravitation [2000-2001] cast
    BunHoshi no Kirby [2001]Komatsu Rika (Τ)Hoshi no Kirby [2001] cast
    Emma BrantonThe King of Burning Desert Gandalla [1998]Komatsu Rika (Τ)The King of Burning Desert Gandalla [1998] cast
    letterMamotte Shugogetten [1999] {Episode 7}Komatsu Rika (Τ)Mamotte Shugogetten [1999] cast
    residentMamotte Shugogetten [1999] {Episode 8}Komatsu Rika (Τ)Mamotte Shugogetten [1999] cast
    ChaboOne Piece [1999-] {Episode 30-33}Komatsu Rika (Τ)One Piece [1999-] cast
    RenaRUN=DIM {Episode 4}Komatsu Rika (Τ)RUN=DIM cast
    NoburuShin HakkendenKomatsu Rika (Τ)Shin Hakkenden cast
    Fon Purin's motherTokyo Mew Mew [2002]Komatsu Rika (Τ)Tokyo Mew Mew [2002] cast
    Kaoruko's friendYuu + Gi + Ou [Yuugiou] {Episode 19}Komatsu Rika (Τ)Yuu + Gi + Ou [Yuugiou] cast
    female studentYuu + Gi + Ou [Yuugiou] {Episode 1,21}Komatsu Rika (Τ)Yuu + Gi + Ou [Yuugiou] cast

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