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  • Search results for "Harada Hitomi" in cd database

    SongGWAVE 2005 2nd Impact (IMAE-00009) 2006.06.30Harada Hitomi (原田ひとみ)
    SongPure Songs @ Dream Club (D3P-D03) 2009.10.21Harada Hitomi (原田ひとみ)
    SongBaka to Test to Shoukanjuu Character Song Mini Album (LACA-15015) 2010.02.24Harada Hitomi (原田ひとみ)
    SongPure Songs 2 @ Dream Club (D3P-D05) 2010.03.25Harada Hitomi (原田ひとみ)
    TalkHidamari Radio Hoshi Mittsu Tokubetsuhen Vol.2 (LASA-5043) 2010.04.21Harada Hitomi (原田ひとみ)
    TalkHidamari Radio Hoshi Mittsu Tokubetsuhen Vol.3 (LASA-5052) 2010.06.23Harada Hitomi (原田ひとみ)
    SongHidamaring Songs (LASA-5078) 2010.12.22Harada Hitomi (原田ひとみ)
    SongGWAVE 2010 2nd Grace (IMAE-00048) 2011.07.29Harada Hitomi (原田ひとみ)
    SongPure Songs Zero @ Dream Club (D3PR-0015) 2011.08.10Harada Hitomi (原田ひとみ)
    SongAkihisa Harlem CD (LACM-15144) 2011.08.24Harada Hitomi (原田ひとみ)
    SongMakenki! Zen Ending! (COCX-37149) 2011.12.28Harada Hitomi (原田ひとみ)
    SongNamiuchigiwa no Music (KICA-3215) 2013.06.26Harada Hitomi (原田ひとみ)
    SongSTART (VTCL-35228) 2016.04.27Harada Hitomi (原田ひとみ)
    SongGirlFriend Character Song Series Vol.02 (PCCG-1592) 2017.02.15Harada Hitomi (原田ひとみ)
    SongGirlFriend Character Song Series Vol.07 (PCCG-1597) 2017.07.19Harada Hitomi (原田ひとみ)
    single SongOnce (MFCZ-1010) 2011.07.27Harada Hitomi (原田ひとみ)
    single SongWatashi to Uchi to Otomegokoro (LACM-4843) 2011.09.07Harada Hitomi (原田ひとみ)
    single SongStellina (WFCT-0001) 2011.11.24Harada Hitomi (原田ひとみ)
    single SongScarlet Emblem (MFCZ-6001) 2012.03.21Harada Hitomi (原田ひとみ)
    single SongMagenta Another Sky (WFCT-0005) 2012.08.08Harada Hitomi (原田ひとみ)
    single SongOpen Canvas (LASM-4148) 2012.10.24Harada Hitomi (原田ひとみ)
    single SongThe Idolm@ster Cinderella Master 013 (COCC-16685) 2013.01.23Harada Hitomi (原田ひとみ)
    single SongShissouron (MFCZ-1021) 2013.02.27Harada Hitomi (原田ひとみ)
    single SongAnicca (ZMCZ-8909) 2013.11.06Harada Hitomi (原田ひとみ)
    single SongMaware! Setsugekka (ZMCZ-8910) 2013.11.27Harada Hitomi (原田ひとみ)
    single SongKyoumei no True Force (ZMCZ-9539), 2014.07.23Harada Hitomi (原田ひとみ)
    single SongSchwarzer Bogen (ZMCZ-9719) 2014.11.26Harada Hitomi (原田ひとみ)
    single SongSchwarzer Bogen (ZMCZ-9720) 2014.11.26Harada Hitomi (原田ひとみ)
    single SongThe IDOLM@STER Cinderella Girls Animation Project 01 (COZC-1027) 2015.02.18Harada Hitomi (原田ひとみ)
    single SongOverdrive (ZMCZ-10274) 2015.11.25Harada Hitomi (原田ひとみ)
    single SongViewing Revolution Yes! Party Time! (COCC-17261) 2017.01.25Harada Hitomi (原田ひとみ)
    single SongCinderella Girls Starlight Master 13 Sweet Witches Night (COCC-17153) 2017.09.13Harada Hitomi (原田ひとみ)

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