Sentimental Graffiti goods

The following are some of the Sentimental Graffiti goods that were released in the UFO catcher machines.

I am NOT selling these dolls and goods. These pages are here just for information purposes.

[doll page]
UFO catcher dolls
[SG key 1]
[SG key 2]
Soft keychains
[SG gacha 2]
Gacha Ou "specials"
[cloth2 page]
SG cloth2

[SG gacha 1]
Gacha Ou keychains
[keychain page]
Plastic keychains

[figure page]
[mug page]
mug cups
[SJ poster page]
SJ posters

Other Sentimental Graffiti goods in the catcher machines are as follows.

[Sentimental Graffiti UFO catcher goods]

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