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    Event AGE AGE IDOL MIX! Vol.4
    Location Ebisu Live Gate
    Date 2010.08.30
    Time 18:15 - 21:55
    Cost 3500 yen
    GuestsMaru Maru Gakuen Housoubu
    Itou Asuka (ƣ)
    many others
    • Event report version 0.5 by Hitoshi Doi, 2010.08.30

    The AGE AGE IDOL MIX! event was a minor idol event, but the Maru Maru Gakuen Housoubu girls were a guest. I arrived at around 20:00, as I knew the starting time of the Maru Gaku stage. There were over 30 people in the crowd, and luckily the stage floor was completely non-smoking.

    The Maru Maru Gakuen Housoubu stage started at 20:20, and lasted for around 10 minutes. This was the first event that all ten girls appeared together.

    Everyone came out onto the stage and lined up across the stage. The stage was just big enough to hold ten girls standing close together. All of the girls were wearing their white, non-matching outfits.

    They quickly introduced themselves and sang their first song, "Ginga Senpuu Braiger". There only five wireless mikes and the girls that sang were Saori, Shiraishi Miki, Nao, Kana, Megumi. They all danced and moved around the entire stage.

    After the song, they made a couple anouncements about their future events, and got ready to sing their second song. But they announced that it was Megumi's birthday just two days ago. Everyone sang happy birthday, and in the middle of the song Itou Asuka (the producer of the group) brought out a little cake.

    After this little interruption, they sang their second and last song, "Seijuu Sentai Gingaman". For this song they rotated the mikes. Saori, Shiraishi Miki, Nao, Kana, and Kanako sang the first half, and the other girls sang the second half.

    After the event ended, the Maru Maru Gakuen Housobu girls sold some goods. They sold black T-shirts and photos. The photos of the individual girls were 100 yen each. There were 5 or 6 different photos of each girl.


    Photos and videos not allowed of the stage (talk and songs). But they allowed photos during the goods selling. It was VERY dark (around ISO1600, F2.0, 1/15).

    Itou Asuka
    Itou Asuka
    iraishi Miki
    Shiraishi Miki
    no Kanako
    Hino Kanako
    da Nao
    Ueda Nao
    shizawa Kana
    Nishizawa Kana

    gaki Yuki
    Tagaki Yuki
    ano Miki
    Amano Miki
    iotsu Saori
    Shiotsu Saori
    gumi Shinya
    Megumi Shinya
    hara Tomoko
    Yahara Tomoko
    kayashiki Haruka
    Takayashiki Haruka

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