Chara Fes 2005

Event Chara Fes 2005
Location Big Sight West
Date 2005.07.03
Time 10:00 - 17:00
Cost 1200 yen
Guests Sakakibara Yui (縶椤)
Cosplay Unit SAI
many others
  • Event report version 0.7 by Hitoshi Doi, 2005.07.11

Chara Fes is an event for PC based games (and releated stuff). But it's mostly adult animated games.

The "over 18" section, which was about twice the size of the "general" section was almost deserted. I have never seen it this empty before. Of course there were huge lines when one of the booths were passing out games and other goods.

The "general" booths were also pretty deserted, except when they had seiyuu events. The main stage (which was located in the general section) was very crowded. At the 12:30 stage (featuring Sakakibara Yui), they had a separate line to seat the crowd. There were several hundred people watching this event.

I just went to take pics of girls I knew. Many of the SAI girls were working at the entrance. They were wearing the standard Chara Fes maid outfits. This time, they didn't open the Creamy Cafe.

Emiri and Yuuki Makoto were wearing the Koikoi 7 sailor fuku, and working at the Koikoi 7 related booth in the general section.

The Koikoi 7 seiyuu (I didn't recognize any of them) had a song stage on the main stage in the afternoon. But this wasn't as crowded as the 12:30 stage. Then they had a talk/handshake event at the booth. All of the seiyuu were wearing the Koikoi 7 sailor fuku.

About an hour after their song stage, Sakakibara Yui and three other seiyuu (or singers) went to the "over 18" section to pass out illustration books for their game. They were wearing the school uniform for the game. There was a HUGE line for this. I just watched from a distance.

The Mint Ranger girls were selling the Mint Ranger song CD. They also had stage events, but that was in the morning before I arrived. Mint Ranger is a cosplay sentai team made up of Kayasaki Ryouko, Imari Kiyoa, and one other girl. I don't know if there's going to be a game, anime, or something..

I also saw Oda Chieri. She came with some people of her production to watch some of the events. There was a seiyuu audition on the main stage for an upcoming game, and some of the girls who auditioned were from Chieri's production (I think).

I also saw Andou Natsu, Mizuki Sanae, Minami Chiharu, Renka at the various booths.

photo notes

I only brought my 20D and one cheap zoom lens and one flash. I took 56 pictures, with 51 of them worth keeping. The number of photos per girl was as follows.

Emiri 27
Yuuki Makoto 11
Tarama Yuko 11
Mizuki Sora 6
Takamiya Aoi 6

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