Character Festival

The Character Festival event takes place around 2 times/year in Tokyo and Osaka. Sometimes there is one event in Nagoya. It's a very small scale show featuring "bishoujo PC games", but there is a main stage with seiyuu/singers for the PC games.

The Dream Party events are similar to Character Festival.

date event
2004.04.25 Character Festival 2004 Spring in Tokyo
2004.05.04 Dream Party 2004 Spring in Tokyo
2004.10.11 Dream Party 2004 Autumn in Tokyo
2004.11.21 Character Festival 2004 Fall in Tokyo
2005.05.04 Dream Party 2005 Spring in Tokyo
2005.07.03 Character Festival 2005 in Tokyo
2005.10.10 Dream Party 2005 Autumn in Tokyo
2005.11.06 Dream Party 2005 Autumn in Osaka

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