Comic Market 47

Event Comic Market 47
Location Harumi
Date 1994.12.29 - 1994.12.30
Time 10:00 - 16:00
Cost free
  • Report version 0.8 by Hitoshi Doi, 1995.01.01
  • Report version 0.9 by Hitoshi Doi, 1995.01.12

I went to my second Comic Market on 12/30.

It wasn't HOT! But it was crowded! Since there were so many people it wasn't cold. It was very tiring..

Since I went as a seller for Kimagure Productions (located in shin-kan building, first floor, table NE-24b), I only had a few hours to go look around to buy doujinshi.

I brought lots of money and wanted to buy lots of books, but I could only manage to buy around 60 books. (At least I was able to carry it back.. ^_^;) I needed more time! (..again..)

The books I got were Megami-sama, Chacha, Sailor Moon, Ranma, Tenchi, and Marmalade Boy. Details later..

There were so many Chacha books, almost as much as Sailor Moon, both normal and ecchi. Lots of Sailor Moon as usual. There were also quite a few Rayearth books too.

I only got to look closely at shin-kan first floor. I also went to nishi-kan and B-kan, but didn't look around too carefully. Since shin-kan is where the magical girls books were, that's where I did most of my shopping.

I got lots of badges (color drawings of characters which were laminated). These were 200 to 300 yen and pretty nice! My first 5000 yen or so were spent on badges. (^_^;;)

I got several Sailor Senshi sets, a Rayearth set, various Chacha characters, and some Sasami/Tsunami badges. I did see a set of Marmalade Boy, but I didn't get it because Anju wasn't there.

Also I saw a lot of cosplay characters. I think there were more people walking around in costumes than the summer comic market. There were many Chachas, and some Magical Princesses. There was even a male Magical Princes.. Lots of Sailor Senshi, game characters, and some megami-sama. I didn't take my camera this time because I knew I would be carrying too many books. (^_^;)

There were quite a few seiyuu books this year. But I didn't see any, as most of them were sold (and sold out) on the first day. I might get my hands on two Kouda Mariko books though. (^_^)

Also one of my friends (Mr. Event107 ^_^) found a CD with Inoue Kikuko in it! He bought extras (actually all of them that were left ^_^;;) so I was able to get one!! The CD is called Shiroi Ring he.

books that I got

The following are some of the good books that I got, that I will keep for myself.

  • Aaa Megami-sama 3 (B5, 36 pages, 500 yen)
  • Muteki no Megami-sama (B5, 28 pages, 400 yen)
  • Sweet Burdundy (B5, 52 pages, 800 yen)
  • Marmalade Express! (B5, 36 pages, 400 yen)
    [Marmalade Boy]
  • Ribbon Club 1 (B5, 52 pages, 500 yen)
    Studio Mayhare
  • Ribbon Club 2 (B5, 68 pages, 500 yen)
    Studio Mayhare
  • Ribbon Club 3 (B5, 56 pages, 500 yen)
    Studio Mayhare
  • Gottani (B5, 48 pages, 500 yen)
    [Chacha, Rayearth, Sailor Moon, Megami]
  • Nihon Chacha chan (B5, 52 pages, 500 yen)
    Morishita Kaname
  • Magical Princess (B5, 64 pages, 800 yen)
    TFC Kikaku
  • Cha! Cha! Cha! (A5, 44 pages, 500 yen)
  • Cha! Cha! Cha! 2 (A5, 44 pages, 500 yen)
  • Aka Chacha Book Magical Princess (B5, 24 pages, 300 yen)
  • Aa Tsunami-sama (B5, 70 pages, 800 yen)
    TFC Kikaku
  • Kayoubi ha O Rei mairi (B5, 52 pages, 500 yen)
    Morishita Kaname
    [Sailor Moon]
  • Pure Jam 3 (B5, 68 pages, 600 yen)
    oficina Fulcrum
    [Ranma, UY]
  • Pure Jam 4 (B5, 60 pages, 600 yen)
    oficina Fulcrum
    [Ranma, UY]
The following are some of the ecchi books that I got, that I probably won't keep for myself.. (^_^;;)

  • Arigataki Shiawase III (B5, 44 pages, 600 yen)
    [Megami, features Belldandy]
  • Golden Megami Gekijou (B5, 100 pages, 1000 yen)
  • Ah! Ma (B5, 28 pages, 400 yen)
    [Megami - non-ecchi, Tenchi - ecchi]
  • Samurai Club (B5, 56 pages, 800 yen)
    [Samurai Spirits]

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