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  • Shiroi Ring he

    Shiroi Ring he (白いリングへ)

    (also called Voice volume 1. Inoue Kikuko special)

    not for sale
    released 1994.??.??
    total time is 30:41.

    [I got this at comic market 47. - H.Doi]

    This CD is in the format of a late night radio program with Inoue Kikuko (井上喜久子) as the DJ.

    The tracks are:

    1. title and opening
    2. music Girl
    3. talk about the game with guest
      • Shiroi Ring he Twinkle Little Star, a training/simulation RPG, goes on sale in Spring of 1995.
      • voices by Hisakawa Aya and Inoue Kikuko.
      • guest was game designer Mr. Nagatomo.
      • this is a female pro-wrestling game were the player "raises" herself to be a pro-wrestler.
      • it's a multi-view story.
    4. music Beginning
    5. more talk with the guest
    6. music Burning
    7. story Shiroi Ring he
      • Kikuko read a story about this game.
    8. music Shiroi Ring he Sentou Scene
    9. Kikuko read some letters from listeners
    10. music Holiday
    11. good-bye message and music fade out
      • hitsuji ga ippiki, hitsuji ga nihiki, hitsuji ga sanbiki, hitsuji ga yonhiki..

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