Dream Party 2005 May

Event Dream Party
Location Big Sight West
Date 2005.05.04
Time 11:00 - 17:00
Cost 1000 yen
Guests Sakakibara Yui (縶椤)
Ohno Marina
many others
  • Event report version 0.7 by Hitoshi Doi, 2005.05.10

The 2005 Spring Dream Party event took place on May 4, 2005 at Big Sight. Dream Party is a small game show featuring mostly adult games. More than 90% of the area was taken up by "over 18" games. But there was also an event stage where they held seiyuu and idol events during the day.

I arrived at around 13:00 and walked around the "18 and over" booths first, but didn't see any cosplayers that I knew. I saw Nakase Kana and Mizuki Sanae passing out flyers for some Akihabara net radio show. Nakase Kana also had a talk show in the afternoon.

In the "general audience" booths, Yuuki Makoto and Emiri (of Cosplay Unit SAI) were dressed in Koi Koi 7 school uniforms, passing out flyers for Koi Koi 7. Sakura Fumi (also of Cosplay Unit SAI) was also there at a different booth.

Morisaki Ai and one other idol had a talk show.

Ichii Hiori was also there, participating as just a normal cosplayer. She was dressed in a white idol outfit, cosplaying as one of Momoi Haruko's stage outfits.

Saaya was also there for a short time, as she went to watch Sakakibara Yui's stage (15:00 - 16:00). I saw Saaya and Yui walking together after Yui's stage.

Oda Chieri was also there, participating as just a normal person. She gave me a sample CD of her "Odacche @ Neverland" CD, which she rerecorded in April of this year. She said she had improved as a singer since the inital recording last year. Chieri said that she didn't have any upcoming events planned..

photo notes

I used my 20D and took 75 photos, with 67 of them worth keeping.

The number of photos per girl was as follows.

Ichii Hiori 30
Emiri 17
Oda Chieri 9
Morisaki Ai 7
Ohno Marina 3

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