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  • Sotsugyou Vacation

    Sotsugyou Vacation
    Mainichi Communications
    11:00 - 11:40
    Okada Junko (Ľ)
    Okamoto Asami (㸫)
    Makishima Yuki (ͭ)

    I got to the Mainichi Communications booth just before 11:00, as I was watching the SG event right before this, so the booth was crowded, and I had to stand in the back.. It was much more crowded than the previous day, so I wasn't in a good position to take pictures. Most of the time, the people in front of me blocked me.. (;_;)

    Everything flowed the same as the other events, with just a little bit of change in what the guests talked about.

    While the director was talking, the song playing in the background was Happy Vacation, the theme song of Sotsugyou Vacation. The lyrics was written by the director, and the song was sung by the three new seiyuu.

    Then the three seiyuu guests came out, and introduced themselves and their characters.

    Okada Junko said that her character Ryoko was the older sister type, and scolds the player. She also said that the theme song was a very fun song, and it was easy to sing.

    Okamoto Asami said that she was in a chorus, and she likes to sing children's songs.

    Makishima Yuki said that this summer was very busy, but they all went to a pool. But they were told not to get a tan, so they went to an indoor pool.

    Then the emcee asked some questions, and the seiyuu had to play the same game as the previous day events.

    Q: I stay in the bath the shortest time.
    Junko and Asami raised their hands. Junko said that she couldn't stay in the bath a long time. Yuki said that she loves baths and can even stay in a couple hours.

    Q: I'm the slowest eater.
    Yuki raised her hand. Junko and Asami said that Yuki talks too much when eating, in addition to being a slow eater.

    Q: I get nervous the most.
    Asami and Yuki raised their hands. Junko said that she gets nervous too, but not as much as the other two.

    Q: I'm the fastest walker.
    Junko raised her hand. Junko said that she goes off quickly, and Asami and Yuki have to follow her. Even when she doesn't know where she is going, she walks fast..

    Then they went on to the after recording session, where they called one person from the audience to do the voice of the "player" and the seiyuu did the voice of her character.

    There were also Sotsugyou Vacation events the previous day.

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