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  • Sotsugyou Vacation

    Sotsugyou Vacation
    Mainichi Communications
    11:00 - 11:40
    Okada Junko (Ľ)
    Okamoto Asami (㸫)
    Makishima Yuki (ͭ)

    This was the first event of the day at the Mainichi Communications booth. I got there at 10:05, and sat down in the second row and waited until 11:00 for the show to start.

    The five cosplay companions came out and posed for pictures. The girls did several individual poses, and did a group pose at the end.

    Then the director came out and talked a little about Sotsugyou Vacation. The game is about 15 girls going to a Southern island to have an adventure. Until now the Sotsugyou stories have been in Yokohama with sailor fuku. This time it is swimming suits.

    The director showed a little bit of the game. There are 10 mini games. One of them was a curry rice cooking game. There was a slot machine to choose the ingredients, and after the ingredients were chosen, the curry rice was cooked. After it was finished, one of the Sotsugyou girls eats it, and comments on it. The demo had Nakamoto Shizuka (Hisakawa Aya) saying, "Itadakimasu."

    The director said that the characters acted slightly different during the day and night. At night, they would come to your room..

    After the director, the guests were the three seiyuu: Okada Junko (voice of Minami Ryoko), Okamoto Asami (Itou Yukie), and Makishima Yuki (Tozuka Izumi). They all introduced themselves in their character voices.
    [Not that different from their own voices..]

    They talked about their characters. Ryoko was the leader type, Yukie was the spoiled child type, and Izumi was the care-free type.

    Junko: There are lots of cute girls, but the story is good too.

    Then the emcee asked some questions, and the seiyuu had to play a sort of game. They had to raise their hand, if they thought they were the one who was most fitting the question.

    Q: I'm the most tone deaf.
    Junko raised her hand.

    Q: I'm the most spoiled.
    Yuki raised her hand.

    Q: I eat the most.
    Junko raised her hand.

    Q: I'm the one who moves the most in my sleep.
    Junko raised her hand, and Yuki said that she got kicked by Junko when they were sleeping.

    Q: I play games the most.
    Asami raised her hand.

    Q: I'm the quietest.
    They all raised their hands..

    Q: I'll get married first.
    Nobody raised their hands.

    Then they went on to the after recording session, where they called one person from the audience to do the voice of the "player" and the seiyuu did the voice of her character. They did this three times, one for each seiyuu. The actual game screen was being shown as the lines were being said. After doing the voice, the person got a Sotsugyou Vacation drama CD, a signed poster, and a polaroid taken with the seiyuu.

    There were also Sotsugyou Vacation events at 14:00 and 17:00.

    [Tokyo Game Show 1997 Autumn]

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