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    Hudson held an event on 3/20 to announce a set of seiyuu trading cards (called ColleCarA [short for Collection Card Assortment]) which will go on sale in June. There is a trading card boom going on right now with just about every popular game and anime releasing trading cards. This boom has come to the seiyuu world.

    The guests for this announcement event were Kingetsu Mami, Takahashi Miki, and Mieno Hitomi. They talked a little about the shooting of pictures for the cards. All pictures for the cards are new, previously unreleased pictures.

    The initial set of cards will feature Kingetsu Mami, Takahashi Miki, Mieno Hitomi, Iwao Junko, and Matsumoto Rica.

    Hudson passed out a sample set of cards on 3/20, and sold some plastic card cases with a picture of the seiyuu on it (400 yen each). These cards and cases will not be sold anywhere else, and the pictures that they used were not the new pictures taken for the real cards.

    On 3/21 and 3/22, Hudson held seiyuu talk events for Ginga Ojousama Densetsu Yuna. The guests for each event were one seiyuu and Akitaka Mika, the creator of Yuna.

    3/21 10:00 Yokoyama Chisa, Akitaka Mika
    13:00 Touma Yumi, Akitaka Mika
    3/22 10:00 Takahashi Miki, Akitaka Mika
    13:00 Takahashi Miki, Akitaka Mika

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