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  • Increment P (TGS 1999 Autumn)

    [Increment P booth] There were two public recording events for Inoue Kikuko and Yamamoto Maria's Hexamoon Guardians radio show at the Increment P booth, on Saturday and Sunday at 14:00. The Increment P booth, which was stuck in a corner, was packed. Being stuck in a corner helped attack and keep the crowd, as a huge arc formed around the stage. This was probably the most crowded seiyuu event of the entire TGS this time.

    The events lasted for about one hour each, and there were even guests. The guest on Saturday was Imai Yuka, and the guest on Sunday was Suzumura Ken'ichi. The event flowed just like a normal radio show, with the "tuiterune notterune" corner, Maria's "tsuki!" corner, the Kiku Mari Kagekidan musical, songs, the Hexamoon information corner, and the ending.

    During both events, Kikuko and Maria (Shiawase Croissant) sang two songs, Kira Kira Kirari and Yumemiru Tegami. Both of these songs are on the recently released Shiawase Croissant CD, Shiawase-san. When singing Yumemiru Tegami, Kikuko and Maria both wore cute aprons over their clothes.

    Also the singer for the Hexamoon Guardians OP came, and sang the song.

    They also announced that the radio show will continue in October, but the time slot/air date will change.

    Also they were giving away a two sided SD Hexamoon Guardians card, for those who brought the special ticket that was included in the Dengeki Ou magazine.

    [Tokyo Game Show 1999 Autumn]

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