しあわせさん (しあわせクロワッサン)
Shiawase-san (Shiawase Croissant)

released 1999.09.01
2548 yen

This is the first album by the group Shiawase Croissant, made up of Inoue Kikuko (井上喜久子) and Yamamoto Maria (山本麻里安).

The tracks are as follows.

  1. Shiawase no Croissant (しあわせのクロワッサン)
  2. Umi no Kaori no Candle (海の香りのキャンドル)
  3. Shiawase talk [talk] (しあわせトーク)
  4. Sha La La La.. (album version)
  5. Lu Puty La Puty (album version)
  6. Kiku Mari Kagekidan Tsukigumi Tokubetsu Kouen
    (キクマリ歌劇団 月組 特別公演)
  7. Shiawase Pan'ya-san (しあわせパン屋さん)
  8. Kira Kira Kirari (キラ・キラ・キラリ)
  9. Yume Miru Tegami (夢見る手紙)
  10. letters [talk]
  11. Kimi to Janakucha (君とじゃなくちゃ)
  12. Cry For The Moon [drama]

The first pressing comes with two color cards that are like polaroids, with scribbles on it. One is a picture of Maria, and the other is a picture of Kikuko.

There is also an advertisement for the game Hexamoon Guardians inside the package.

The lyrics booklet has lots and lots of pictures of Kikuko and Maria.

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